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iPhone 6 Screen Protector, Tech Armor Apple iPhone 6 (4.7 inch ONLY) High Defintion (HD) Clear Screen Protectors -- Maximum Clarity and Touchscreen Accuracy [3Pack] Lifetime Warranty

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Customer Reviews

Tech Armor iPhone 6 Clear Ballistic Glass Screen Protector
I've been a long time OnlineShopDealer review reader, but never a review writer. Have always wanted to write here we go...

This is my first glass screen protector. I've used skin-type protectors (wet installs) and more frequently PET-type (dry install) screen protectors. I gotta say, I really, really like this screen protector. It's much better than I expected.

There are a lot of reviews before me. I don't want to invent the wheel. So here are my high points:

1. Yes, the screen protector doesn't completely cover the face of the phone due to the curves. Knew this going in. I'm just glad that the LCD screen portion is covered fully (unlike a different brand that was too narrow).

2. The protector around the home button is U-shaped. There is a cutout for the front facing camera. There is a U-shaped notch that exposes the speaker and the sensor above it. I understand Tech Armor is working on a more precise cutout. I don't think the one I have is the improved one, but I can't say. The fact that they'll provide the improved one to those who ask is awesome. That and the lifetime warranty.

3. The curved edges of the protector make swiping a nice feeling. My fingers don't catch when swiping.

4. The feel of the glass protector is much better than the wet or dry install protectors I've used in the past.

5. Installed it very easily on the first try in a steamy bathroom (to help avoid dust particles).

All in all, a great product backed up by a great lifetime warranty.

Awesome screen protector!
I love this screen protector... It was really easy to apply to my phone. My favorite part is that there are no air bubbles and I can't even tell that there is a screen protector on it!

Thanks Tech Armor!

Great results x 2!
I bought two of these, for my wife's and my new iPhone 6. I read a lot of reviews and while most of the ballistic glass protectors seem pretty similar, the Tech Armor appeared to have slightly better feedback and people seemed to like the company in general.
Tonight I put both protectors on the new phones within about 20 minutes. The process was simple and the results are excellent. On my black phone, the glass doesn't seem to be fully adhered to the very edge but this is only noticeable if I'm really looking for it. On my wife's white faced phone, the installation is absolutely perfect. The case I've ordered for my phone hasn't arrived, and I'm thinking that with the case slightly overlapping the phone screen, the "flaw" will not be an issue at all. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good screen protector.
BTW-- earlier reviews for this screen protector had mentioned that the cutout for the reverse camera and ear speaker wasn't cut very close, but this problem has been resolved and the fit is great.

UPDATE-- it's around 12 hr later, and that edge issue I noted on my black phone has at least partially resolved. I really have to look closely at the phone, and at an angle, to see it at all.

The protector does exactly what I wanted it for: protect the screen
The product covers all of the viewable areas of the screen. Please DO follow the instructions (and available online videos). Dust is in the air even when we don't see it even on a clean surface. They tell you tips on how to apply the product. They give you all the needed tools to apply the product. After a few minor adjustments, mine went on flawlessly.

The protector does exactly what I wanted it for: protect the screen. I like it. No need to be nervous, once it's on, you'll like it too, and won't even notice it. The fact that it doesn't cover the *curved* sides of the phone is better since I also have a case on mine that covers part of the sides and would interfere with the screen protector if it were to extend to the curved sides. No need to remove stars for that. I recommend the product.


It is Invisible!!! Except where I left a small thumbprint trying to reposition it. Follow Instructions Closely!
I ordered a Tech Armor SlimProtect Case for my new iPhone6 and even though the product information said that the “Raised Edge Protects Screen from Scratches”, I decided to order the Ballistic Glass Screen Protector at the same time, just to be sure.

I placed an order for both the Slim Protect and the Ballistic Glass protector by Tech Armor on December 28th. and the order arrived on the 30th, just as I was heading out to dinner. I quickly opened up the box, opened up the SlimProtect case, snapped it around the iPhone - it fit perfectly - and off I went to dinner. I decided to leave installing the Screen Protector to the next day.

Early the next morning, I received two emails from Tech Armor, thanking me for my purchases, and to contact them if I have any issues, or questions about their product. In all my buying history (63 orders in the last 6 months from OnlineShopDealer), no other company ever came close to their customer/purchase followup protocol. It is impressive that they have the system in place to get an email out to me within 12 hours of my receiving my order.

As for the product itself, it came bundled with instructions, directions to their installation video, a packet containing microfiber cloth, a double strength Cleaning Wipe, in a foil packet, and a squeegee/burnisher for getting bubbles out. Very thorough and very thoughtful. I won’t get into the details of how to install this, because their instructions are spot on. Please follow them closely. However, there is something you should be very careful about if you ever have to re-position the screen protector after you put it on the phone.

I watched the video, followed all the steps, and after I laid down the glass the first time, I noticed that the speaker hole at the top did not quite align. So I carefully lifted off the glass, inspected for dust specks, and re-positioned the glass. This time I noticed a big old dust speck, (must have attached itself to the bottom of the ballistic glass, which I was holding in my left hand, while removing the dust speck with the Dust Removal Tape, with my right hand. I made sure there were no more dust specks and positioned the glass protector again, and followed instructions to make sure it seated just right. So far so good. However, this time I noticed that where I lifted the ballistic glass, top left corner, I had left a small thumbprint on the adhesive side, and that area would not affix itself to the iPhone surface anymore.

Their instructions are impeccable, with the exception of suggesting a way of removing the ballistic glass without leaving fingerprints on the edge. Their instructions merely say “gently lift immediately, and adjust”, but does not quite spell out how best to lift the ballistic glass. Perhaps using the squeeze card – instead of using my nail and its attached thumb – or perhaps a tweezer, or even using a cotton glove, so as not to get fingerprints on the adhesive side. Obviously there is nothing wrong with their product, just my ineptitude in placing the screen protector right on the first time. So, if you have to reposition the glass, DO NOT USE your finger nail to lift off the screen protector. Use something else.

That said, when the screen protector is on, you hardly notice that there is something on top of your iPhone screen. It is invisible, with the exception of my thumbprint at the top left corner. It does not alter the sensitivity of the touch screen in any way, and works well under many circumstances.

So far, I am very impressed by the company and their products. I did write to them about the thumbprint issue, but it being a few hours before New Year, I don’t expect to hear from them just yet, but I felt compelled to write a review and highlight my mistake in case someone out there was about to install one of these Ballistic Glass Proctors

Regardless of any response, I will certainly look at their products before I purchase anything else.

Installed 5 of them without a single bubble
The whole family upgraded to iPhone 6 so I ordered and installed 5 of these units. Have always used plastic screen protectors but these are far superior. Looks cleaner. Fewer fingerprints and oil smears. Installation much easier and forgivable. One of these I had to pry off and realign 3 times to get it where it was supposed to go (my fault) and it still sealed to the screen without a single bubble or blemish. Try that with a plastic screen protector! Do they fit? Yes. Do they cover the edges of the phone? No, but that is clearly because the edges are curved. Reviews that complain about this are not taking into account that the iPhone 6 has a totally different design from previous models. Also, I did not have to use them, but I have never had a company send so much information to me to try and ensure that I was happy with their product. I will be buying from Tech Armor again.

Perfect Fit. People don't like that's it doesn't fit the screen fully. It's does! It just doesn't line up over the face of the phone which fits the sleek design of the iphone 6. For this price. It's awesome. My wife had to install tho because I'm fumbly with my hands. But it's perfect for the 6 and feels natural.

If you are buying this screen protector for your brand new iPhone 6, do not settle for the HD clear protector. I bought the glass and can honestly report that it has saved the screen of my phone. Last night my iPhone 6 fell about four feet off of a lofted bed face down, and was spared by the screen protector. I don't think I could have made a better buy for my phone. A large crack and a few chips on the sides are all that is damaged, but anything beats an almost $200 insurance deductible. DEFINITELY WORTH THE BUY!!

Satisfied customer, very happy
I have to say, I've never bought a screen protector ever before, but with the new iPhone 6 and the bigger screen I just felt like I needed some extra protection. For $6, why not see what happens.

The packaging includes a lot for $6. 3 screen protectors, microfiber cloth, dust tape, instructions, rubber squeegee. The works. And I don't know if tonight was just my lucky night or not, but I got the protector on absolutely perfect the first try, no issues. I mean, I had some air bubbles here and there, but they squeegeed out really easily. So I'm very happy with this and would recommend it to anyone.

One tip: Watch the videos online before you install it, VERY helpful. They even recommend this in the packaging when you get it. And if you screw it up, you got 2 more in the package. And if you're lucky like me to get it on the first time right, well then maybe give your spares to some friends. I put one of my extras on my neighbors new phone.

Hope this helps


  • Tech Armor is the #1 trusted online resource for screen protection with the industry leading NO-HASSLE LIFETIME WARRANTY
  • Preserve your resale value- Protect your iPhone 6 Screen from scratches, dust and daily wear and tear.
  • Bubble-free easy installation Guaranteed. Tech Armor TruTouch Flawless Touchscreen Accuracy. Made from the highest quality Japanese PET film available
  • Please Note: The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus screens have curved edges that our screen protectors do not cover 100%, as they would peel over time causing customer frustration. We designed our screen protectors so you will have maximum coverage on your device with ease of installation and durability. For more complete protection, we recommend pairing the screen protector of your choice with a Tech Armor iPhone 6 or 6 case.
  • Additional Note: Since we did not have pre-release specifications, we have a U-shaped cutout at the top (for speaker and camera) to ensure your iPhone 6/6 has the protection it deserves at time of launch. Now that we have the physical phone, we have changed the U-shaped cutout to be more precise but it will take a few weeks before this version is shipping.



DID YOU KNOW - A screen full of scratches will lower your resale value!

PRESERVE YOUR INVESTMENT AND MAXIMIZE RESALE VALUE - The Tech Armor HD Clear screen protector pays for itself as your first line of line of defense against scratches that reduce the resale value of your iPhone 6!

If you only accept the BEST for your iPhone 6, look no further:

BEST Protection from Scratches

BEST Way to Maximize Resale Value

BEST Bubble Free Installation

BEST Touchscreen Accuracy

BEST Hassle-Free Lifetime Warranty

You may be able to pay for an entire upgrade fee and get a new phone just by keeping your screen in its original, flawless condition with a Tech Armor HD Clear screen protector.

HD Clear will compliment the visuals of your apple Retina HD Display display and TruTouch technology provides 99.99% touch accuracy.

COMPATIBILITY: Apple iPhone 6, All Carriers, All Models

The TECH ARMOR HD Clear Screen Protector Kit Includes:

- Three (3) Screen Protectors

- Installation Instructions

- Smoothing Card

- Microfiber Cloth

- Dust Removal Tape

- Retail Packaging

- Tech Armor Lifetime Replacement Warranty

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