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Instantly AgelessTM By Jeunesse 1 Box Comes with 25 Vials

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Customer Reviews

Yes it works, but on the right skin. See review.
Short Version: If you have smooth skin with bags under your eyes or are an older person with deep wrinkles, puffy eyes, crows feet etc. this product will work for you. If you are someone with only fine lines/wrinkles or small under eye bags this product may not be your saving grace.

Unlike what others have posted this product does work but you have to be the right candidate. If you watch videos on youtube the people in the video demonstrating the product all essentially have the same skin problems: large bags under the eyes, deep wrinkles or large pores. This is the target customer for this product. I am 33 years old with only slight bags/fine lines under my eyes. When I used this product I could feel it tightening as described. My results weren't as I had hoped. The small bags under my eyes were reduced but the fine lines were greatly accentuated. My eyes looked much older than without the product. On my forehead where I have two deeper wrinkles it worked perfectly to make them almost invisible. I also tried some on my large pores and their size reduced by 50% or more. Does this mean I feel the product did not work? No it does not. I tried it on my mother who had a completely different experience. She is 64 years old with large under eye bags, deep wrinkles and large pores. Her results were exactly like the video demonstrations on youtube. Her eyes smoothed out and looked much younger, her wrinkles were greatly reduced as well as her pore size. She loved the product and ordered herself a box. Just to see if it was a fluke we tried some on my father who is 66 years old. He only suffers from large under eye bags and crows feet. His bags were gone and the crows feet barely visible. This is what lead me to discover you have to be the right candidate for the product, as I was not but my parents were. Those who say they end up with white patches is because they are applying the product too thick. Applying the product thick will result in the white patches or make the area appear to be very dry (like your skin could flake off at any second). As they say less IS more. Be sure and apply any moisturizers or sun screens before this product. If the product gets wet again it loses it's hold. They say you can apply makeup on top of it but I would be leery of this unless you are using an airbrush style makeup (meaning you're actually using an airbrush to apply it) or a powder style mineral makeup. Do not massage this product into the skin. Lightly apply it in a dabbing motion on the area leaving it wet. You must remain expressionless as to prevent false wrinkles forming from the product tightening the skin. This product is said to last 8 to 9 hours but that also depends on your skin type. If you have dry to normal skin your hold time will be about that length. Those who have slightly oily to very oily skin will see a shorter hold time. I have very oily skin and noticed it did not hold as long as described but I did not time it to get an estimate of the hold time either. So this product DOES work but it may not work for everyone. It's like shopping for a shirt. Just because you like how a shirt looks on the hanger doesn't mean you'll like how it looks when you put it on. What works for one may not work for another. So if you're interested in this product and have read my review, before ordering take the time to look in the mirror. If your skin type is similar to mine this product probably isn't for you. If your skin type is like my parents then you may have great results and be surprised at how well it does work.

Try purchasing through jeunesse Global
First, the product does work and does have a lasting effect up to 8 hours. Second, there are ways to modify application of the product to achieve optimal results. For instance, if you're in a dry climate, you'd need to apply it to dampened skin. There are other tips to help with applying it over make-up. If you actually purchased the product directly from a distributor, he/she might advise you of ways that you can get better results. There is also a 30 day money back guarantee when you purchase direct. But you are purchasing it from an OnlineShopDealer seller. You don't know if the product is old, has been stored improperly or if it's a bad batch that should've been discarded.

Try communicating with a distributor who will work with you. If you're wondering, YES, I am a distributor and I strongly recommend that you purchase through a distributor's Jeunesse Global site.

It works for reducing puffiness, and bags. Not ...
It works for reducing puffiness, and bags. Not sure why people buy for wrinkles. Once you have wrinkles, nothing can fix em. Use this for eye bags only. Also, just a tiny bit. Don't even use the size of a pea or it will get crackly. Maybe about the size of a grain of dry rice is all you need to pat on each bag. This amt really works!

Less is More
This product does work. You only apply a bb size amount, GENTLY MASSAGE in and let dry. Less is more with this stuff. If any residue is left, gently wipe clean with wet cloth. If applied correctly it does reduce the bags under eyes remarkably.

Received shipment approximately one week after ordering. Prompt and courteous service.

Ageless is amazing!!!!! It works....I applied it before applying my make-up and even after make-up and it works both ways...I no longer look sleepy....just like advertised...made me look younger! I will continue to purchase this item.
I'll be 53 on the 20th of Feb....Ageless took 10+ yrs off my age.

Fantastic product was amazed by the results. Expensive due to shipping and handling fees which were additions. Worth bearing in mind adding on these costs. Great product though

amazing results. for sure I'll buy more
This product really works as they say.
amazing results.
for sure I'll buy more.

In an instant my puffy eyes were gone and the fine lines around them diminished! This is not a permanent fix but it is great when you want to look your best for a special day.

... my husband who has large eye bags and were delighted how well it works
Bought this for my husband who has large eye bags and were delighted how well it works! It lasts 8-12 hours depending on how much you use.

Works just as advertised!!
Wow, wow wow, this stuff is amazing! I don't understand the negative reviews, it does exactly what it says to do. I do think it works better on moisterized, not too dry skin, and I don't think it looks great with a ton of foundation over it, but if you don't wear a lot of base, or have a light touch with it, this stuff is AMAZING. and the box it came in is very nice, not chintzy at all like one reviewer claimed. I can't wait to share it with some of my friends, we bought a box together to try out and I got to do it first, and IT IS GREAT!


  • Visibly diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Immediately Erases the Appearance of Dark Circles and Puffiness Under the Eyes
  • Minimizes the Appearance of Pores and Acne Scars
  • Helps to even skin texture
  • Mattes skin for a flawless finish


instantly AgelessTM is a powerful anti-wrinkle microcream that works quickly and effectively to diminish the visible signs of aging. The revolutionary ingredient is argireline: a peptide that works like botox-without the needles. Instantly AgelessTM revives the skin and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and pores for a flawless finish.

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