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Maxi Cosi Mico AP Infant Car Seat, Grey, 0-12 Months

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I love it, but here is what to expect...
All in all I love this carseat. I got this as soon as it came out because I was due the same month and there were no reviews. I have now owned it for almost 9 months and figured I might be able to share some things that will help prospective buyers. Here is what to expect -

1. Compliments - I got this carseat in all black and it looks great. It is super plush and padded and much nicer looking than the previous maxi cosi model. My daughter had the flu this week and vomited in it several times. It was very easy to remove cover, machine wash cold, dry on low heat, and put back on. It looks like new everytime I wash it. The only thing that can't be machine washed is the canopy and straps, but those can be spot cleaned with some shout brand wipes (lifesaver btw!).

2. Coziness - I have a large baby. She is almost 9 months old and weighs 22 lbs (thats like 98th percentile - we get "healthy baby" jokes a lot!). Everyone remarks that she looks quite cozy in her seat. Personally, I like this fact, I feel like when they are so small and lack muscular strength you really want something that will cradle them and support their little bodies. With my first daughter we had a Graco Snugride which was more spacious and she flopped around quite a bit in it. There is very minimal flopping with this car seat. The only con to this is that the seat runs a little warmer because it so plush and cradles the baby more. It took a little trial and error but we quickly learned that you cannot put your baby in microfleece pajamas and then in this carseat for long periods of time. We did this a couple times in the beginning and found her sweaty when we would take her out afterwards. Its not a big deal though - She frequently wears cotton footed pajamas with no issue.

3. Base Size - We liked how the seat clicked in and out of the base, but unfortunately the base did not fit comfortably in any of the back seats in my Mercedes ML550 SUV. It fit in the middle seat but logistically it was difficult to reach the lever on the back when removing the seat from the base because the two front seats were blocking access. It could be done with a great amount of difficulty, but it was quite a hassle and just not doable on a daily basis. Fortunately for us, however, this seat can be used without the base. It is a little difficult to secure with a normal seat belt the first couple of times, but you quickly the hang of it until it becomes second nature. I was disappointed in the beginning, but it really is a small thing and I don't even notice the extra step anymore. Of course, I could have returned it, but I liked everything else so I decided to just deal with it.

4. Weight - This carseat is light - At the time I bought it I think it was the lightest car seat option available! The whole point of getting an infant car seat is to have something to carry them around in that they can sleep in - as opposed to a convertible seat where you would have to wake them up every time you get in and out of the car. When you are buying something to carry them around in, you really want it to be on the lighter side, especially if your baby turns out to be a chunky monkey like mine.

5. Canopy - Occasionally the carseat canopy will pop off. This doesn't bother me. Its easy to pop it back on. No big deal, in my opinion. The canopy is fairly long and does a good job of shielding baby's eyes from the sun.

6. The tracks on the bottom - On the bottom of the car seat are these 2 rubber tracks that act like "grippers" and keep the car seat from sliding around on hard surfaces. To me, this is the biggest issue with the car seat. The tracks keep coming off on my seat and, unfortunately, I have now lost one of the tracks. They are difficult to put back in as they need to be pushed inside these little holes. The tracks can be removed, however, at your discretion. If you decide to just take the tracks off entirely you will need to be careful where you put your carseat down and be mindful that the carseat is more "slippery" than it was with the grippers. Now that I have lost one set of my grippers I do not put the carseat on any high surfaces because I do not trust anyone around me to be careful enough not to accidentally push the baby's car seat off a table, counter, etc.

7. Stroller compatibility - We have the Uppa Baby Vista Stroller. We frequently use the car seat with that stroller. Its a little challenging to get the car seat in and out of the attachments, but its doable. Unfortunately, this is one of those things that doesn't get easier with time. Its just not a smooth transition from car to stroller. In addition, it is awkward to remove the seat from the stroller because it requires two hands to push in the side buttons, where the graco snugride was much easier to get on and off (one hand on the back, one hand on the handle). I suppose the Graco Snugride spoiled me a bit in that respect, but aesthetically I just couldn't get that brand again. I think those things are ugly!

Overall, I think this is a great carseat and would not do it any other way. It is aesthetically pleasing, plush, comfortable, and lightweight. It has its quirks, but I am still happy with my purchase. Of course, there is no perfect car seat - there is only the best car seat for you! For me, the pros outweigh the cons. I wanted something that looked good, was functional, and a decent price. This was that carseat for me!

Light, Chic, Safe
My number one priority in searching for an infant car seat/carrier was weight. I wanted it to be easy for me to lug our sweet baby girl around in it while she (hopefully) dozed through errands.

This car seat is both wonderfully light (seriously, I picked up a friends Chicco the other day and almost pulled my arm out of it's socket), good looking in it's simple design, and EASY to clean (all upholstery is removable and machine washable except for sun shade).

Super light
I liked it a lot! It is sooooo light to carry it! I assambled it on a Bugaboo Cameleon 3 and it's so easy to put on and off! Once you set the base on the car, it's very easy to get it on!
Fabrics are very soft and loved the fact that the handle bar to carry has different positions.

Very Light
Truly the most light infant car seat!
Easy to install and carry on.
Recomed a spare base for two cars.

I JUST recived this car seat and I love it.
OMG.... I JUST recived this car seat and I love it.... it is perfect for my baby girl

Great carseat
I very pleased with the car seat. It is way softer than the previous maxi cosi I owned and gas a lot more cushion in it. Fast shipping too!! Also it is super light!

Light weight and very protective
Ideal if you need to carry your little one up a lot of stairs or long distances since the carrier itself is so light weight.

Love love love!
I bought this seat in blue and love it for my baby girl. The padding is so plush that I'm jealous of her ride. The two complaints I have are that you have to buy special adapters for everything for this seat and I do not like how easily the fabric stains, or looks like it is stained. Even water leaves a mark. However, this car seat is easy to remove the covers and wash. It will attach to my stroller with the adapters. My baby only lasted until she was 6 months old in this car seat because she is tall. I bought the Maxi-cosi pria next.

Five Stars
I like it a lot, it's comfortable for baby and easy to carry for me.

I love it!
I love it !! It includes a car base and fits perfectly on my bugaboo bee stroller (with the adaptors)
The material is classy and perfect cozy for my newborn baby.
It is very safety


  • Lightest premium infant car seat available
  • Superior side impact performance with air protect technology
  • Premium fabrics and padding for a comfy ride and flip-out visor on canopy for extra protection when needed
  • Adapters to use mico as travel system included with compatible maxi-cosi and quinny strollers; Adapters for many other premium strollers available from the stroller manufacturer
  • For children rear-facing from 5-22 pounds and up to 29" in height


Happy travels are ahead with the maxi-cosi mico ap infant car seat. The mico ap features air protect advanced side impact technology for a safer ride. The patented air protect cushion system protects around your baby's head, where it's needed most. The comfortable premium fabrics and padded 5-point harness covers keep baby secure and cozy during the ride, and the included cozi dozi head insert is true to its name and perfect for the extra support needed by infants. Each mico ap also comes complete with a multi-position sun canopy with a flip out visor to help protect baby's sensitive eyes from bright lights. The mico ap infant car seat is the lightest infant car seat in its class. Transferring from the stay-in-car base to a maxi-cosi or quinny stroller is a breeze, making the mico ap infant seat a great solution for parents looking for a complete travel system they can use from birth.

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