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Hydro Flask Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle, Standard Mouth, Lychee Red, 21-Ounce

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Product Reviews

I am a skeptic when it comes to claims that bottles can keep water/liquids cold for hours and hours, but I read all of the reviews on this bottle and decided to buy one and try it. I live in Saudi Arabia where it is 115-120 degrees right now, and I thought there is no way this will work. I was wrong! I even had the bottle out in the desert on a shooting range for 5 hours under the scorching sun and my water was still ice cold. I'll admit that the ice melts in about 5-6 hours, but the water still remains very cold. The longest I have tested it so far is 15 hours, and I have not been disappointed-even after that long the water was still very cold. I love this thing-best purchase I ever made! I highly recommend this bottle to any skeptics that are like me.

Great insulation & heat retention
On a recent project, I measured the heat loss on various size stainless steel insulated containers (Thermos bottles, coffee cups, etc.). I started by filling each container to its capacity with 200 degree water. Below are the temperatures for containers in the 16-24 oz. range after a 3 hour & 10 hour period - numbers shown after the item are: temp. after 3 hrs and temp. after 10 hrs. The list includes this item as well as the others listed. I also included a pretty much standard (larger size) 32 oz. Thermos bottle and a "no-name" 16 oz. insulated container with sealing cap & cup/lid that I got free for subscribing to a magazine for comparison. Items are listed in order of the content temperature after 10 hours.

32 oz Thermos 193,178
24 oz Thermos Direct Drink 180, 152
16 oz Thermos Backpack bottle 177, 143
16 oz No-Name publication give-away bottle 178, 142
21 oz Hydro Flask 177, 139
16 oz Thermos Cup rotating seal 169, 130
20 oz Kleen Kanteen 167, 125
24 oz Oxo Good Grips LiquiSeal 150, 104
16 oz Kleen Kanteen 151, 103
16 oz Starbucks Cup 144, 100

Over time, heat loss occurs through the double stainless walls with a vacuum between them. However, most heat escapes due to poor design, location, and sealing of the lid and/or stopper. Specifically the lid or stopper should seal at or below the upper end of the double wall vacuum section of the stainless portion of the container and the lid/stopper should have some kind of insulation itself, if only an internal air space.

For instance the stainless steel Starbucks cup itself has pretty good insulation qualities on its own and the lid seals just at the upper end of the double wall vacuum section. But the cap is a single piece of plastic that just bleeds heat off the surface of the liquid inside. The Oxo is even worse in that it has the same lid configuration the Starbucks cup has but in addition has a band of about an inch between where the lid seals and where the vacuum insulation starts - BIG heat loss here.

A note on the measurements: some have commented that they would never have coffee at 200 degrees, a certain temperature is hot enough, etc. The point of the measurements is not to infer that we need 200 degree coffee, but to show relative heat loss over time from the various insulated bottles. The starting temperature could have just as easily been 190, 180, 165, etc.

The Bottle of my Dreams
I like my water bottles like I like my men: frigid and able to keep everything bottled up inside. This water bottle is like my Prince Charming! It never leaks, keeps water just as cold as it was when you put it in, and is very durable. I'm assuming these characteristics aren't just specific to the green color, so I'd recommend you buy this in whatever color suits your fancy.

Best purchase ever, my favorite drinking container I've ever owned.
This is the second Hydro I've bought and I can't get enough of it.
The larger mouth size makes so you can fit ice in easy, and the size is perfect.
I use it for coffee in the morning, water all afternoon, and then my beverage of choice in the evening.
Warning: If you don't leave the cap off when you first get the coffee, the coffee will take a very very long time to cool down to drinking temperatures.
Yes they are expensive, but long term they are entirely worth it.
No more buying water bottles and having warm water,
no more wasting coffee cups and having cold coffee.


A Really Great Bottle That Lives Up to its Promises
This is a great insulated bottle at a reasonable price. I own two of the 12 oz narrow mouth (for the car, the office, or around the house) and two 21 oz narrow mouth (for hiking or working outdoors). So far I have used them for cold drinks, and they really work. I have tested the bottle's insulating capabilities repeatedly: If you put a pre-chilled cold drink in the bottle with one ice cube, then leave it capped, some of the ice cube will still be unmelted 24 hours later. Even when I left a 12 oz bottle in my car's dashboard cup holder throughout a long hot sunny day, the contents were still chilly when I returned to the car.

The powder coat finish really does prevent condensation the way the manufacturer claims. Also, the rim of the bottle is a smooth metal insert that is easy on the lips when drinking.

I like having a sip cap when driving or hiking, but the Hydroflask's cap did not get good reviews. I tired the Klean Kanteen Sport Cap 3.0 (available on OnlineShopDealer) and it fits perfectly. Screw it down firmly, and you have a no-muss, no-fuss cap that does its job very well. It fits the 12 and 21 oz narrow mouth bottles (the 18 oz narrow mouth has a smaller opening for some reason, nor will the cap work with any of the wide mouth bottles).

everything i was looking for in a flask
i wanted an insulated flask that was compatible with klean kanteen sport caps. this flask fit the bill perfectly. i ride my bike everywhere even in extreme cold or hot and need my water to maintain its temperature rather than taking on the temperature of the ambient air. so far this flask has done the job well. i'm very pleased.

If you want a good cold water bottle for outdoor activities, this vacuum bottle will do it.
I had never heard of Hydro Flask before seeing them on OnlineShopDealer...glad I did. Living in south Florida, anything you do outside in the summertime can cause you to loose a lot of water. This bottle is the answer. It will easily handle standard icemaker "half moon" cubes. I fill it full of ice and add water. I can refill it once again from a tap or water fountain and have cold water. Ice lasts for at least three hours in it. No plastic bottle will perform like this one. I bought a cheap plastic water bottle cage for my bicycle to carry it. After curting off the top hold down tab with a hack saw to make a straight path into the cage, the bottle fits like the cage was made for it. It won't sweat so you can carry it in a golf bag or gym bag with no problem. The bottle seals well, no leaks. I'm surprised I have not seen these in retail stores. Sometimes it pays to check OnlineShopDealer first.

Orange is the New Black
I'm obsessed with the color orange and quality products. This is a very high quality bottle. We'll worth the price.

Best Flask on Earth
These are the best Flasks on the planet. They hold ice and water for days. I have filled mine up with Ice and then water and left it in the car for 3 days. When I checked it , it still had ice in the water and the water was very cold. That is important to me, as I like everything that I drink to be very cold. They are the same, if you want it hot. They keep it for days. Great for a work lunch box for coffee or soups or any hot or cold meal item.
I would recommend these to anyone who is the same way. If you want an insulated Flask, this is the best flask on the market. I also buys "Built Neoprene 20-30 oz water bottle totes", because they stretch over these 40 oz flasks perfectly for a carrying case and an additional insulator. They say they are for a 20 to 30 oz , but don't pay attention to that. They fit perfectly on the 40 oz Hydro Flask, and the 20 oz too. Can't beat this combination.

Great product
I first learned about these water bottles when my sister brought one to Moab, when we were hiking in the Canyonlands. It kept icy water cold for 3 days in 104* weather. Amazing. Great color. Great buyer.


Technical data

  • Double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottle keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours
  • Premium grade 18/8 Stainless Steel BPA free Sports Bottle
  • High quality colorful powder-coated matte finish exterior that never sweats
  • A great way to give back Hydro Flask donates 5% back to a charity of your choice
  • The Lifetime Warranty makes Hydro Flasks the best water bottles


Product Description

hydro Flask's insulated water bottles are made of high quality food grade 18/8 stainless steel. The bottles have no liner (like most aluminum bottles) and are BPA free. Unlike plastic water bottles or single wall stainless bottles, Hydro Flask will keep your beverage of choice at your preferred temperature for hours, whether you choose hot, cold or room temperature liquids. All Hydro Flask products feature a lifetime warranty and are double wall vacuum insulated. They are designed to be lightweight, making them great for long hikes, days on the beach, hot yoga classes, golf, long road trips or everyday office use. Even when filled with ice, the exterior of your Hydro Flask will never leave a puddle on your desk, drip on your shirt, or sweat in your bag.

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