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Hydro Flask Narrow Mouth Drinking Bottle, Lychee Red, 24-Ounce

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Customer Reviews

24 oz has a smaller opening
I love Hydro Flask; we have four of them in our house, so I would never give them fewer than 5 stars, but I do want to point out that the 24 ounce model has a smaller opening than the 21 ounce model. It's too small to add regular size ice-cubes, so if you plan on using it as a workout bottle, you probably don't want the 24 ounce one. I point this out because they sell out of the 21 ouncer at times so you might think (as we did) that you'll get an extra 3 ounces of H2O and everything else will be the same, but that is not the case. Lucky for us, OnlineShopDealer's return policy and procedures are awesome so it was no problem returning our little error and getting the 21 oz bottle on order.

24 oz opening aside, these bottles are great! I use my 21oz bottle on my bike and it fits snug as a bug in my bottle holder. I have dropped it twice onto concrete (at about 12 mph) and it survived just fine!! A couple of scratches on the exterior but no damage or loss of effectiveness.

I routinely fill it up with water and ice in the morning, go to work and leave it in my car all day in the Florida heat, then come out to my car at the end of the day ... the car is 100 degrees inside but my water is still cold ... usually still has ice in it. That's a strange sensation, picking up a water bottle in a hot car after 9 hours in the sun; your brain just knows that's going to be hot water but you tip it back and get an ice cold drink. Trust me, it'll take your noggin a while to get used to that!

I feel naked without it.
Keeps things steamy, keeps things chilly. Don't get much better than Oregon's own Hydro Flask. Buy this water bottle and your life will be filled with waterfalls, mustangs, and magical trees.

Love this bottle
Feels solid in your hands. The paint does not peel easy. Liquid beverages say hot for at least 8+ hours and cold for at least 24 hours. I am planning on buy few more of these for my friends.

Dependability is an Understatement
Prior to purchasing this product I read through the customer reviews very carefully; I was impressed but doubt was present due to past purchases from other companies for dependable thermos. Once I received my order from Hydroflask I tested the product for several days before making a final decision.

I have found this product to exceed my expectations; my family LOVES IT!!!! We'll be odering more of these soon and referencing them to others.Hydro Flask narrow Mouth 24 oz. Insulate

After years of use in extreme desert heat... I still love these bottles
**Fully updated review 2014.05.03**
I take 6 of these bottles with me when hiking in the desert. They fit neatly into a cloth wine bottle carrier (free at Whole Foods with wine purchase) that I put in a backpack.

I've been using these bottles for over two years and have been thoroughly impressed with them. I have not had any problems other than the small center cap (round piece of metal) on the bottom falling off. The center cap isn't essential and not having it won't cause any problems with the insulation or leaks. Aside from that bottom center cap that will inevitably fall off, these bottles are tough and extremely durable. I dropped one from about 12 feet onto rocks, it got a few dings in the metal but still works great.

The caps seal tightly with a silicone ring above the threads. It works very well, none of my bottles leak.

The vacuum insulation on these bottles is amazing. During the summer months I take these bottles where the temperature reaches more than 110f/43c. Despite the heat, these Hydro Flasks keep my water cold. If I put ice in them, I will still have ice in there after 8+ hours in the heat.

The insulation also allows this flask to be used with hot liquids. I have used them for tea on occasion and they keep tea piping hot for hours.

These bottles are heavier than non-insulted bottles, so if you are looking for the lightest bottle possible, you may wish to consider a non-insulated Klean Kanteen or similar. I personally don't mind the extra weight if it means I can have cold water.

Hydro Flask bottles have a smooth finish, all the steel edges have been rolled and smoothed out, the corners are all rounded. They easily slide in and out of a bag or backpack without catching on anything and feel great in your hands.

The mouth of this bottle has a smooth flush top edge, there is no seam or rolled steel where you drink like many other steel bottles. The smooth lip on the Hydro Flask makes it easier to clean, but it's also more comfortable to drink from and less prone to spills.

There is no metal taste at all with these bottles, even after several years of use.

To keep these bottles clean you will want to find a high quality twisted wire bottle brush. I found a perfect brush for these bottles online from a company called Justman Brush, unfortunately I couldn't find anything that worked on OnlineShopDealer.

Summary / TLDR:

+ Vacuum insulation keeps drinks cold or hot, even in extreme conditions
+ Extremely tough and durable
+ Caps seal tightly and do not leak
+ The stainless finish is awesome
+ Smooth lip, no seam or rolled steel there
+ No chemical liner, just stainless steel
+ No metal taste
+ Last for years

Cons / Considerations:
- Heavier than non-insulated bottles
- The small metal "center cap" on the bottom falls off easily, doesn't seem to affect anything though

Final thoughts:
The price might seem a bit high, but you can get years of use out of these bottles. Try one and you will probably end up ordering several more.

This bottle is great when you want cold beverages to stay cold! I drink a lot of water and I like it cold.

Best water bottle
My dad introduced me to the HydroFlask bottle while we were walking around DisneyWorld in the summer. The water bottle I was carrying was already warm (yuck), and I kept stealing sips from his bottle that somehow was magically staying ice cold. I work part-time retail and unload trucks, which require a lot of heavy lifting and running around, both inside and outside of the store. In the middle of the summer in DC, it can get pretty hot and humid and I need to have ice cold water available, but if I left the bottle outside it would be warm after a short while. I bought the HydroFlask and it is quite literally the best bottle ever. I fill it up with ice and water and it will stay cold for far longer than the 2 hours I require of it. Even if it's sitting in a hot car, it can stay cool, but in normal conditions it will keep ice frozen for over 24 hours. I was watching my brother play in a tournament in July, and even sitting out in the sun the water stayed cold. The bottle is also indestructible. Since I often have it sitting out on cement, it gets knocked over and dropped relatively often but only has a few cosmetic dents and scratches. Most impressively, it was run over by a van the other day and despite having a much flatter appearance, it did not crack or break- it still holds water without leaking!

Best. Water Bottle. Ever.
My water bottle is practically another appendage. It goes with me everywhere: to work, in the car, on a plane, beside my bed, in the bathroom. I take aggressive hydration as seriously as breathing (and peeing, obviously). My water bottle is my adult security object. I have tried many water bottles: Nalgene (mouth too wide, spills all over my face; & even without the BPAs, what's in there, really?); Sigg (that weird green/black slime under the cap despite frequent washings; the denting; again with the BPAs); Klean Kanteen (Oh! the denting! looks like the Leaning Tower of Pisa after week one); pretty glass ones (If I'm denting my Klean Kanteens so readily... Good God, glass?!). And in addition to all of the parenthesized problems detailed above... all of them get so hot! How is tap water so good cold and so awful warm?! Finding the Hydro Flask was like finding an oasis after years of trudging through a bleak, luke-warm watery desert (just let that one slide). I want to shout from the mountaintops about my Hydro Flask. I want everyone to have one. It's got everything: a perfect-sized mouth (no more embarrassing spills all over my face!), no BPAs, no slimy cap, no denting even after many moons of punishing service, no shattering (how is glass even a semi-viable contender, ever?), and CRISP, REFRESHING, COOOOOOL TAP WATER All. Day. Long. Even after long, hot car trips! Insulation, what a miracle! Admittedly, I've never had water in there longer than 12 hours, see aggressive hydration above. But I don't doubt this puppy can keep all its claims. I just bought the Jade one for my dad. And guess what everyone is getting for Christmas this year?! You will love this water bottle.

Excellent quality, worth the money.
These flasks are more $$, but you get what you pay for. I've owned two for over a month now. I use them to keep freshly juiced veggies and fruits. I've had no problems with the flask retaining the taste or smell of the previous day's juice. They're really great!

I needed a bottle to take with me wherever I went as I ran errands throughout the day. This bottle fits well in a cup holder and the handy handle on top makes it easy to carry. Not the easiest bottle to sip from while driving since it has a wide lip, but you get used to it. Water stays cold all day! I love it!


  • Double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottle keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours
  • Premium grade 18/8 Stainless Steel BPA free Sports Bottle
  • High quality colorful powder-coated matte finish exterior that never sweats
  • A great way to give back Hydro Flask donates 5% back to a charity of your choice
  • The Lifetime Warranty makes Hydro Flasks the best water bottles


hydro Flask's insulated water bottles are made of high quality food grade 18/8 stainless steel. The bottles have no liner (like most aluminum bottles) and are BPA free. Unlike plastic water bottles or single wall stainless bottles, Hydro Flask will keep your beverage of choice at your preferred temperature for hours, whether you choose hot, cold or room temperature liquids. All Hydro Flask products feature a lifetime warranty and are double wall vacuum insulated. They are designed to be lightweight, making them great for long hikes, days on the beach, hot yoga classes, golf, long road trips or everyday office use. Even when filled with ice, the exterior of your Hydro Flask will never leave a puddle on your desk, drip on your shirt, or sweat in your bag.

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