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Glowing in the Dark Stars Wall Stickers Adhesive 200 Stars and 1 Glowing Moon for Kids Bedding Room,Ceiling Decors

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  • Magical Glowing Star Wall Stickers : The glow in the dark stars appear normal during the day light but start to become fluorescent. The wall stickers set gives you all you need to build a beautiful sky. They offer a real star and moon-like simulated effect at night which is nothing but close to magical.
  • Super Bright Night Glowing Stars, Long Lenght of Glow : Our glow in the dark wall stickers come in 200 pcs stars and 1 bonus moon. They are made up of non-toxic, waterproof, pressure resistant and durable fluorescent PVC and paper,sure to give amazing performance.
  • Self-Adhesive, Easy to Apply Or Remove : Our glowing stars wall stickers could be easily sticked to any flat, clean and non-textured surface (be it a wall, ceiling, locker, metallic surface or any other similar surface) & are equally easy to remove & reposition without damaging the surface on which they are applied.
  • Best Gift, Loved By Both Kids and Adults : The luminous stickers also make for an ideal gift for little kids, or family members. Not only are these glow in the dark stickers loved by kids but even adults. With this glow in the dark galaxy set, it adds the look of a real night sky. They help create an intimate space for a romantic evening.
  • Multi-functional Glowing Stars : The glowing stars not only can be used as kids toys, but also beautiful kids room decoration, wall stickers, ceiling decor and your great party favor for wedding, anniversary, birthday, etc.


Put the glow in the dark stars on the wall or ceiling where your kids could see when he or she is lying down, the glowing moon wall decal creates a relaxed and comfortable enviroment, it will helps kids fall asleep and no more afraid of the darkness. Do not understimate these small stars to be just a piece of small luminous board, it can make your home sky feel magical and no longer empty. The creative glow in the dark stars wall decals seem like a magic, these stars need to absorb some light to work, you can put them in the sun, flashlight, lamplight illuminate, only need 5 minutes, they will create a romantic room for you. It's harmless to our body. It can be luminous at night to create a quiet and soft atmosphere through your imagination. This glow stars set makes a special gift as it comes in a funky starry box. These stars glow in the dark in all their glory. So, Saying goodbye to boring and simple room, making your children's room full of children's naiveness. Turn any ceiling into a stars ceiling, whether it's a romantic mood-setter or a child's wonderland.

Each package include:
---100 medium stars (diameter: 3 CM)
---100 large stars (diameter: 3.8 CM)
---1 moon (diameter: 8 CM)
Multi use removable wall stickers.
---Funny toy for children.
---Great helper to expel darkness.
---Cheap and fine wall stickers and ceiling decoration.
---Great party favor.
---Not for children under 3 years.

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