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Minisuit Clipster Kick Stand Holster Case + Belt Clip for iPhone 5/5S (Black)

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Product Reviews

Great case!
Snug fit, unobtrusive, and really well made for such a low price. I originally thought of this as just a temporary case to buy me time to figure out the real case that I wanted. Now I think it's a keeper.

Great product and great price
I am absolutely delighted with this product. It consists of two parts -- a case which fits on the back of the phone, and a belt clip. When the phone is in the belt clip, both the back and front of the phone are protected.

The back of the case has a kick stand. When you pop it out, you can set the iPhone on a table and view it. Then the iPhone and case slide into the belt clip facing inward (toward the belt clip), so the face of the phone is protected.

The case is light and thin, and is made of a non-slip rubbery material. It makes it easier to hold the phone without dropping it. When wearing the phone on your belt, it is fast and easy to remove the phone if you need to answer a call.

Price and quality are excellent so I gave it 5 stars. There is only one small drawback that I can think of. It is a little difficult to pop out the kick stand. You need to use your fingernails, or a sharp tool like a knife or screwdriver. I do not anticipate using it very often, so it isn't a big deal for me.

Best IPhone 5 case!
I have had cases for all my IPhones going back to the 3, 3gs, 4, 4s and this one is by far the most innovative and reasonably priced. It doesn't protect from dropping like others but is nice and light to complement the IPhone 5. I also really like the "sticky" back and Kick stand as ways to hold it without dropping it. And to top it all off, you can carry it in the belt clip when traveling.

And, its only 1/3rd the cost of the ATT Store cases and does not much more. Highly recommend it and I am very particular.

MiniSuit iphone 5 Combo Case
The product arrived within a week of ordering. It fits the iphone5 like a glove and has a very nice tactile feel. The iphone5 is a very light phone with a slippery surface so I was very concerned about dropping it. With this case on it, it feels much more secure in your hands. Also when it's in the holster it's very convenient to carry and always within reach. Overall the product is excellent with a price that's only 1/4 of the closest similar item I could find in a store. Very happy with it!!

It is a Keeper
Pros: Perfect fit, and looks like it will protect my iPhone well. Has a textured grip which was a must have for me. Kick stand is nice and not noticeable when folded. Phone slides into belt clip perfectly. Plenty of room on bottom edge for all sizes of headphone cables. Easy to access the buttons

Cons: On first impression I am worried about how long the stand will hold up with regular use. Having a stand makes the case ever so slightly thicker on the back than on the edges of the case which is a little unusual.

This is the 3rd case I have tried for my Iphone 5 and it is a keeper. It is nice to see a well thought out product.

Fantastic Belt Clip!
I purchased this belt clip for my iPhone 5 and I absolutely love it! It fits perfectly on my waist and protects the phone very well.

For the price, I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes to have their phone ready at a moments notice!

Just received my MiniSuit Clipster Combo Case and Holster. It arrived promptly and is exactly as advertised. I already have a Khomo Slider case which I also bought from OnlineShopDealer for less then $10.00. The Khomo case has more top and bottom protection and a wider bevel around the glass but no holster clip which i really like. I find the Khomo case fits perfectly into the MiniSuit holster so I have the best of both worlds. Nothing wrong with the MiniSuit case, actually has more grip, but the Khomo is much eaiser to remove the phone from and i feel offers better protection.

I waited a while before reviewing this case. Have been using/wearing this case for several months now, and I love it! I like the convenience of being able to clip my I-phone on my belt and it has held up nicely for the past several months. The retention of my phone is very good, the clip rotates and continues to function flawlessly. For something this cheap, I didn't expect it to last this long, but it's holding up very nicely and I'm satisfied. The case is slim and not bulky, and I luv that. It's not going to protect your phone from drops like an Otterbox may, but I'm careful with my I-Phone and have only dropped it once (from 3 feet) and had no problems. If you're prone to dropping your phone, then you will need more protection than this.

Best holster I've found for my Phone 5
My new iPhone 5 was too tall and too thin for the leather Griffen belt-clip holder I'd been using for my iPhone 4, so I needed to find a new way of carrying the new phone around. I wound up buying and trying a half-dozen different holsters, and this one wound up being my hands-down favorite and the one I think I'll wind up sticking with. It's the lightest, simplest, most elegant and most secure of all the iPhone 5 holster solutions I've tried. And the price is unbelievably low. Five stars for sure.

Iphone 5 case
Very sturdy Iphone5 case, dropped the phone few times but still no problems. Fast delivery. Well worth every dollar spent. The stand for the casing is ideal for my work environment as it allows me to stream videos and watch it in an angle while working.


Technical data

  • This Clipster Case is Compatible for: Apple iPhone 5/5S. Device not included. Does not fit iPhone 5C 2013.
  • Material: Hard molded polycarbonate wrapped in durable rugged rubberized polycarbonate material giving your mobile phone the ultimate protection it deserves. Subtle Grid design provides not only style but also improved non-slip grip.
  • This ingenious case has built-in collapsible kick stand. Interior of holster is lined with microfiber to keep screen free of fingerprints, lint, and dust. Subtle Grid Design: provides not only style but also improved non-slip grip.
  • Case is removable from holster for lightweight convenience. Versatile rotating belt clip keeps phone on your body to deter loss or theft of phone. Be smart and keep your phone where it belongs - in your hands!
  • Please note: This case will fit only the iPhone 5 or 5S. Looking for a case for the iPhone 5C? We have that too! Be sure to select the correct size upon check-out!


Product Description

Slip your new Apple iPhone into this amazing Minisuit Clipster Case + Built In Stand + Removable Holster and be instantly smart, stylish, and sleek while giving ultimate protection to your new mobile phone. Inside, this robust case is removable from the holster for continued lightweight protection. Also has a built-in collapsible kickstand that props up, perfect for hands free movies and reading. Outside, the subtle grid pattern on the case cover is a rubberized polycarbonate for improved non-slip grip.

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