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Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses, Set of 4 FDA Approved Pink Salt Glasses

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Bright HD Projector For Man Cave
Over the past 10 years, this is the third and best projector I have installed in my basement recreation room.
Previous projectors included an XGA LCD projector displaying on a 92" diameter, fixed frame, 16:9, zero gain screen. I did have black bars top and bottom that became annoying so I updated the projector to a DLP model with an anamorphic lens. The second projector was great - much better ANSI contrast and more realistic color display than the LCD model. Over seven years, brightness faded and I decided to buy a new projector instead of purchasing a replacement lamp for $450(!).

I was torn between the Optoma HD25 and HD25-LV knowing that with higher brightness color fidelity would suffer a bit. In my recreation room I often leave reading lights on in the seating area (away from the screen) and full lights on in the back room, so the higher brightness projector made sense. Also, if I ever decide to view 3D videos or play 3D games a brighter projector helps to offset brightness lost when wearing 3D shutter glasses.

I am totally thrilled with the purchase. Contrast, color and brightness are HUGE improvements compared to my last projector.

Bright, really bright image
Contrast is amazing
Colors are good
Set up was easy, compared to previous projector with anamorphic lens

With lights off - image is too bright, but there is a setting that allows brightness to be dimmed
Fan can be heard during quiet scenes, but not as noticeable as my last projector - I did not notice the buzzing noise mentioned by another reviewer
Set up would have been easier with vertical and horizontal lens shift - I know this would add great expense to the projector so I opted to save $$$

So far, so good. I highly recommend the HD25-LV.

3D on this projector has to be seen to be believed
I bought this projector strictly for 3D use as I am still content with my Mitsubishi HC3800 for 2D. After much research, where I seriously considered projectors such as the BenQ W7000, the BenQ W1070, and the Acer HD6510BD, I settled on this one because of the extra lumens. I'm glad I did! The quality of the 3D is superior to my (much-loved) Optoma HD66. I can say with confidence that the 3D experience with this projector exceeds the movie theater experience. I've loved 3D movies for almost five decades, currently have more than 80 3D Blu-rays, and I'm now tempted to watch every one of them again. I highly recommend the Optoma ZF2100 RF glasses for use with this projector, as the RF glasses never lose sync, even in very bright scenes, a problem I occasionally had with DLP-Link glasses. (I understand that the eStar ESG6000 glasses, which are less expensive than the Optoma glasses, are also highly regarded.) As mentioned elsewhere, be sure to purchase glasses that support 144hz.

I've watched six 3D movies from beginning to end thus far and I can only describe the 3D as flawless. Zero crosstalk, perfect sync, and the emitter even figures out the correct 3D polarity so I have not needed to "flip" the left-eye right-eye sequence (normally something that is only needed at the very beginning of viewing). I took a long time to figure out the best projector I could get for a reasonable price, and I could not be happier!

Bright, Crisp
I held off reviewing this projector for a few months because I wanted to put it through some paces.

First off, the projector comes with built-in setup screens, one of which is a grid system that made getting the screen mounts on the wall significantly easier than it would have been with just a blank white screen. Also, the projector allows the source to be locked- which is nice to keep family members from being confused about how to power the entertainment system on.

At first, I was really impressed by how bright the projector is. The color spectrum does really well even with the strong brightness, especially compared to any other projector I've come across. The picture overall was pretty good, we have it projected at 103" diagonal size with 720p "HD" cable signal.

Then we finally got around to playing a bluray movie through our PS3 (1080p HD)- and we were really impressed. Maybe I'm getting old, but I'm both impressed by the detail that can be seen in 1080p definition and the detail that this projector can throw 12 feet onto a wall at 103" across.

After a few months, I'm still surprised at how bright this projector is- and we have it in "eco" mode to extend lamp life. But now, I got to test the newest piece of technology- 3D. I purchased DLP 3D glasses ("True Depth 3DŽ Firestorm XL Premium Quality DLP-LINK Rechargeable 3D Glasses") and the projector was quick to get going in 3D mode.

All of the features we were looking forward to enjoying with this projector have been as we expected, and there have been some other nice surprises.

Our overall entertainment system:
-Nyrius ARIES Pro Digital Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver System for Laptops, HD 1080p 3D Video (NPCS550) - to transmit all HDMI signals from the receiver to the projector without cables
-Onkyo HT-S3500 5.1-Channel Home Theater Speaker/Receiver Package
-Elite Screens Electric100H-A1080P2 Spectrum Acoustically Transparent Electric Projector Screen (100 inch Diagonal 16:9 Ratio 49"Hx87.2"W)
-True Depth 3DŽ Firestorm XL Premium Quality DLP-LINK Rechargeable 3D Glasses with SteadySync (TM) Technology (2 Pairs)
-Roku 2 XS 1080p Streaming Player (Old Model)
-An original PS3 - games and bluray movies

Perfect entertainment for the price!
I was searching for a substitute to my Optoma HD20, looking for a 3D projector (even not being a 3d fan) with a decent price. I was prepared to buy the Optoma HD33, but reading the yellow advertisement from onlineshopdealer, resolve to get an Optima HD25-LV.
Some people here said it is a bit noisy...sorry fellas, but it's not noisy, it's perfect. The 3D has no crosstalk and the effect is better than the cinema, keeping a great high resolution feeling. The image passes thru my Onkyo 616 and it is projected direct on the wall, painted with an appropriate ink for projection.
If you are in doubt about it, please, don't be worry because you will be 100% wow with the 3D image.
About the 2D? It's looking like a giant LED screen. Very bright and with excellent contrast.
My wife is shocked with the image and don't stop to rent 3D movies! LOL!

Amazing picture; VERY BRIGHT.
Wow! This projector is great. It is very bright even with lights on. I'm projecting 120" image on a painted wall from about 12 feet away and it looks great. I used the Sherman Williams paint that recommended on their article for "under $100 screen" (just google it) and it looks amazing. So far no complaints at all.

Great Projector
Had an Optoma EP39 for over 10 years. After 4000 hrs bulb & fan failed and i decided to get new projector. Have been looking for 6 months & decided on the Optoma HD 33 until the HD25-LV came out. I wanted to try a 3D projector. I bought the LV because we don't have a totaly dark media room & Optoma recommended the HD25-LV over the HD25. I also bought Optoma 3D DLP glasses. Instructions for setting up the projector, glasses & Directv were easy & I had it all working in a couple of hours. The image is bright, clear, detailed & I see no rainbow effect. For my installation I was considering the less expensive HD25 and am glad i spent the extra $ and bought the LV. I plan on using this HD25-LV for the next 10 or 15 years. The only negative thing I have to say is it looks like there is very little 3D material on Directv or Netflix. This is no fault of the projector & probably the 3D source will improve over the years. As usual OnlineShopDealer is great. All products I ordered arrived on time & in perfect condition.

Excellent Home Theater Projector!!
Before buying this (great!) projector, I have been dubbing around because I found it hard to choose between this projector and the BenQ projector listed here:

Both seemed to be amazing projectors but in the end I’m very happy I bought this Optama projector. The setup of this Optama is super easy, the image looks great just by using the presets, or you can tweak the color setting yourself (I haven't done that yet). Placed it onto the wall and I am getting a gorgeous 130" diagonal picture at a 16' throw. The colors are amazing and the contrast is surprisingly crisp for a projector in this price range. The projector is able to blast through all ambient and artificial lighting in the theater and even on a sunny noon day I only have to close the curtains (haven't touched the blackout shades in weeks now!) to get a theatre quality image. The fan is whisper quiet while running and from pressing power off the cool down period is a mere 10 seconds. Overall a great projector and I surely would recommend this!!

Upgraded from the HD33 optoma, to this one to get the brighter screen and better contrast.
Not much to really say if you already have an HD33. THe HD33 had a red tint when in 3d mode and the fan was on high, so a bit of noise going on.

The HD25-lv is relatively quiet when in 3d. The fan is bit noisier, not much to worry about, but compared to the HD33 which is nearly silent in normal mode. So a bit of a trade off.

Definately worth the money, however one problem, i had to purchase optoma's dlp-link glasses, the high end ones to work on it, my RF glasses which worked on the HD33 wouldn't work on this one.

sooo, a bit pricey until i can find some low end ones that will work.

Yeah to keeping the blinds open!
I struggled with dropping it a star because for the life of me I can't figure out how to get 3D enabled but than thought NAAWW...I love having my living room windows open and having a clear picture from anywhere in the room to much to care about the 3D. I love the minimal noise it emits when it is running and I have just been completely happy with just about everything else concerning it. It has been a good solid investment. The ONLY time we have to draw the drapes is when the sun is shining directly on the screen but we have a very cheap screen to start with AND live in Washington State...we seldom have direct sun anything :-)

Worth it.
Excellent brightness, contrast and clarity. Avatar looked as good as the 3d theater and playstation games are crisp. Envy of all my friends. Buy it.


Technical data

  • Includes four 3" pink Himalayan salt shot glasses
  • FDA approved and all natural, hand carved
  • Naturally adds salt flavor to your shots
  • Naturally resists the growth of bacteria
  • Wipe clean and store in a cool, dry place


Product Description

himalayan Salt Shot Glasses, Set of 4 FDA Approved Pink Salt Glasses: These unique shot glasses are sure to add a festive note to your party. Hand carved from the purest grade of Himalayan salt, these shot glasses are all FDA approved and hand carved from all natural pink salt. Best of all, they allow you to add a salty flavor to your tequila shots without the mess. These glasses naturally resist the growth of bacteria. To clean, simply wipe dry and store in a cool, dry, place. Includes four shot glasses, 3 tall. Made in Pakistan.

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