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Sennheiser Flex 5000 Digital Wireless Headphone

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This makes a major improvement in understanding TV dialog. Use with RHA IEMs & their treble filters.
I suffer from age-related reduction of higher frequency (above about 2kHz) hearing. I am not ready to buy hearing aids while I wait to see what the new law regarding FDA regulation of OTC HAs does to lower prices. Meanwhile, this makes a major improvement in the one context my hearing troubles me: understanding TV dialog. I use this with RHA IEMs which have bass, balanced, and treble filters--I need the treble filters.

AMAZING product. My wife can now listen to the ...
AMAZING product. My wife can now listen to the TV at the volume she prefers and I can hear all of the dialogue clearly at my preferred volume. The receiver is extremely lightweight and attaches easily to clothing for hands free mobility. But the ability to use the headphones of your choice is what really makes this product a game-changer! I can wear my Bose on-ear noise cancelling headphones, Sennheiser over the ear cans, or a lightweight pair of in-ear buds if I wish. This is SO MUCH better than being tied to one particular style of headphones as with the TV Ears or the other Sennheiser RF systems. If you already have headphones laying around the house (which most people do) - the FLEX 5000 is the way to go!. It's all about the FLEXIBILITY! Thanks Sennheiser!


  • Crystal clear digital wireless transmission for freedom of movement (up to 200 ft.). Connectivity Technology : Wireless


sennheiser Smart Listening products are created for those that don't want to compromise on listening enjoyment as their hearing needs change. The compact, ergonomically designed flex 5000 provides crystal clear sound delivered by cutting edge digital wireless technology. The Flex 5000 is used with your choice of wired headphones to intensify the TV audio experience. Features include the choice of three hearing profiles to enhance TV, movies or music. Easy to operate volume and balance controls make it simple to tailor the sound for an individualized listening experience. The Flex 5000 also feature a unique Speech Intelligibility function that makes dialog easier to understand by dynamically reducing TV background noise that may interfere with dialog.

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