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Philips SHQ3200BK/28 ActionFit Sports Earhook Headphones

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The perfect set.
I bought these at a local CVS because I had recently got back into being active and listening to music while I walked was a given. Regular headphones just didn't stay put- so I needed a new pair. I ended up choosing these (in grey and red) because they looked sturdy and comfortable for my (female) ear size.
Not only are they comfy and sturdy- they're magical.
I literally stepped on them the other day after I dropped them, and there was no damage. I figured they were just THAT sturdy and took it for granted. But-
When I tucked them into my jacket pocket after my last workout, I didn't remember I did so. I literally JUST found them in the washer- after putting in a full load of clothes in cold water for an hour. I was freaking out because I adore these headphones and I was terrified that I'd have to throw them away. And that's when I remembered them saying something like "waterproof" on the packaging... and lo and behold they still work like a charm! Like I said- MAGIC.
If you're active and need a pair of seemingly indestructible headphones- these are the the ones for you. ; )

i first purchased these headphones at my local radio shack. before this set of headphones i was going through headphones about every week to 3 weeks becasue my sweating while i workout would short them out. i initially picked this pair because 1) they said this headphone was extremely sweat resisitant, and 2) this headphone came with a warranty where if it broke any time for any reason within the first year i could return them to radio shack and get a new pair free. well i never had to take this pair in because they didnt break until about 3 weeks ago which would be around a year and a half of heavy use during my workouts. i am extremely pleased with the sound quality and durability of these headphones.

after my initial pair had broken i went to best buy to look for another pair. i could not fina any so i settled for a pair of sony sweat resistant headphones. i wore them 3 times and halfway through my 4 mile run the right side wouldnt play music and shorted out. so now i have purchased this set again over onlineshopdealer and am anxiously awaiting there arrival.

overall i would recommend these to everyone. the sound quality isnt the best but it is slightly above average. they fit over your ear as best as any of them, are comfortable, extremely sweat resistant!, lightweight.

Probably the best headphones for active sports!
I probably have tried no less than 10 headphones/earbuds for my various outdoor activities. I ride 3,4 times a week and power walk for most days of the week. So I constantly on the look out for a good headphone! A few years ago, I found this Phillips Action Fit headphone. It is the perfect headphpne for your sports! The first pair lasted me a year and a half with heavy use (everyday), and I am on the second pair now, almost 2 years. They are simple, and work great.

I am not an audiophile, so can't tell much about bass level or things like that. All I can say is it sounds great with my iPhone, and when you are riding I am not sure you care much about that stuffs. The Phillips headphone beats all my others for riding: Bose, Senheisen, some Bluetooth Sony..It worked great, comfortable fit and most importantly, stay on your ears!

I highly recommend this headphone. They are inexpensive, but high quality and very durable.

Love them and use them almost every day!
These are by far my favorite headphones, even compared to more expensive brands. I have very small ears and most headphones HURT! The apple earbuds are unusable to me. I run and my ears get rather sweaty, so earbuds without the hooks don't stay in my ears.

With nearly daily use, these usually last me about 6 months. Then one ear will stop working, then the volume isn't as powerful. Still, for the price, I don't mind.

Sound quality is not super important to me - I'm not the best judge. But I don't have any complaints in that department. I use them for listening to music and recorded books.

Not perfect, but an amazing value at this price!
I have used many different sports earbuds and headphones over the years. I run typically 4 - 8 miles at a time, so comfort is of paramount importance. Second is sound. Durability is probably third. These don't seem to be the most durable - I expect the cord to fray or wear at the point where it connects to the ear piece itself. One big plus is that the earbuds do allow for ambient noise to be heard - important when you are outside running (gotta hear that horn honk!).

Overall a good value earbud with decent sound. I will update with any notes as to the durability as I continue to use them.

Great For Workouts
The adjustable philips Action Earhook makes listening to music during a workout easier. They stay put and have an antibacterial agent that keeps them safe to wear. Philips make them washable and water resistant so sweat doesn't stand a chance. If you need a strong beat for your workout, the bass on these ear phones is exceptional. These were very comfortable and a good value.

Five Stars

Great sound but wire maybe too short.
They work fine and have a real good sound. Comfortable, flexible, easy fit. The only "small" downfall is that the length of wire is only 45 inches which is almost a bit too short when plugging it in some treadmills and trying to run. My other wire that had broke after years was at least 18-24 inches longer.

Very impressed
I never liked earbuds or in-ear headphones. They always sound terrible and for whatever reason, just the shape of my ear, they never stay in, even when I am sitting down, let alone running. I joined a gym so I wanted something practical to listen to my music with.

So far, these seem great in every way. They fit well, are very stable (I ran down my hall with them and no movement), they are not too easy to see on your head, and best of all, they sound amazing for such small things. They advertise having bass and they really do! The sound is very comparable to my over-ear headphones. I am a bit of an audiophile but I can really enjoy listening to music with these. They play your songs sounding the way they should.

Also, they are very noise-cancelling, so be careful if you are jogging in the street. Can't wait to test these bad boys out on the next gym day!

Perfect running headphones
These are perfect for what I wanted. They don't budge when I run and they sound good. They don't have great bass, but you can only get so much out of headphones this small. I recommend them for running.


Technical data

  • 3 choices of ear cap sizes for optimal fit
  • Cable clip and protective pouch for easy use and storage
  • Reflective stopper in the cable
  • Sweat resistant and rain proof - ideal for any workout
  • 8gm headphones for superb fit and ultra lightweight comfort
  • Anti-slip rubber ear caps keep the headphone in - always
  • 13.6mm drivers deliver powerful sound


Product Description

3 choices of ear cap sizes for optimal fit. Cable clip and protective pouch for easy use and storage. Sweat resistant and rain proof - ideal for any -slip rubber ear caps keep the headphone in - always.13.6mm drivers deliver powerful sound.

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