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Philips Flexible Earhook Headphones SHS3200BK/37

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Works great for me
I owned a pair of these for about 4 yrs and used them on a daily basis; really put them through the ringer and finally they started to break. I am now buying my second pair. They fit well, and because I had the black colored ones they were invisible with my brown hair - which is helpful when trying to ignore people who are talking to you and you don't really care about what they are saying. The sound quality was good. Even when I was working out and sweating they felt like they were not even there.

Ultimate buds
Like other reviewers, I've tried a couple of dozen different head/ear phones, some very pricey. None are as comfortable or sound better than these. They are highly efficient, extending battery life of your player. Most importantly, they stay postioned even during rigorous activity. Ok, they're not the prettiest. They still get all my stars.

For the price, greater than some higher priced headphones
Just bought these yesterday at Walmart for $10 as my current headphones were cutting out at the right ear. The previous ones were big, the bass was better, but it was so quiet. These on the other hand, deliver really loud sounds - which is what I been looking for.
I'm not a great reviewer but here's what you can expect.

Comfort - these things do hurt after a little while, which is expected. They do not fall out even if you are shaking your head violently (of course, who would do such a thing...) and they stay snug no matter what. Only downfall is the fact you have take them off to relieve pain.

Sound - I've never seen such earphones get so loud. My laptop needs only 1 volume bar and even then, its loud yet perfect to listen to music with. I'm a fan of loud music, so bare with. On my PC, however, they soften up and it requires me to put them a little higher up in volume. One thing: do not expect much bass. The bass is lower than my previous headphone, but it was designed for bass boost anyways. This is a perfect, temporary replacement until I get my gamecom 367 headset (I have desktop mic which I use for online gaming and headphones to listen).

Misc - I'm a pretty tall person, or average height (6'3''), the cord seems a little too short but maybe just enough for me to work out with. However, I feel as if I may yank the cord if I start jogging again. This is just speculation based on what I noticed from yesterday and today.

All in all - good for the price.
Do not expect superior bass quality.
Do expect loud but great sound quality.
Cord may be too short for some people.

Best earphones
Sounds silly, but if you want the absolute best, loudest, most comfy earphones, these cheap Philips units are it! I've tried everything from A to Z and nothing is better, most are much worse!

Great performance for a great price!
I've tried several headphones, different brands, different models, but from all those these ones are the best, I wish I would have found them before I bought so many others... Get them, you won't be dissapointed...

great for running and durable
After my expensive nike earhooks broke after a couple months I bought two different models of sonys, neither stayed in place during strenuous workouts. I tried these inexpesive phillips. Big thumbs up! I have run nearly everyday in the same pair for the past two years. They stay in place comfortably and the sound quality is equal or better then the sonys. My experience has been great with these and they've lasted longer then I could have hoped. When they do break, I'll order them again without hesitation.

Great headphones that stay in!
I have also tried several different headphones, and none of them would stay in my ears while running. They also didn't have the best sound (probably because they were falling out all the time). These headphones stay in while I run (even when the cord gets accidentally yanked), they are super comfortable, and the sound is really excellent for such a cheap pair of headphones. I'm hearing things that I didn't hear with my other headphones. The earpiece is really soft and flexible, so it isn't uncomfortable. The earbuds are shaped to stay in and don't have the foam on them. Everyone's ears are different, but these work best for my husband as well, so I'm getting him some.

Great Earphones despite the price!
$10 for this pair of earphones is an absolute steal. Initially, I was only looking at alternatives from the usual suspects, Sony and Seinheisser.

Style: simple, inobtrusive - definitely not as flashy as the sonys and seinheisers.

Sound: with the caveat that i'm no audiophile - these sound great and are very loud (i.e. i don't have to crank up my mp3 player like i had to do with other earphones). Those who appreciate more bass may find these earphones lacking. i'm more of a pop/hardrock guy and the earphones handle these songs well.

Fit - it might take a little while to get a hang of putting on those earclips but once that's settled, it's well fitting and comfortable. I also wear glasses and they will work well together (you'll have to put on your glasses _after_ putting on the earphones). The cord is of average length - I do like the fact that the V-shaped wire design of the wire extending to the earphones are short and compact (no dangling wires).

For your reference, I was looking for a pair of earphones that were not earbuds. I purchased a pair of Sony MDR-Q22LP for my sister and tried them out (great sounding earphones, more bass, stylish and comfortable). I decided against them b/c they were kinda bulky and the over-ear design, while comfortable, leaked sound (not into making myself a public niusance). Sennheiser does have the Sennheiser OMX50 which looks to have good reviews - would have purchased this if not for finding the philips for $20 less.

Perfect For The Gym
Over the past 7 years I've tried several earphones for the gym and I've always come back to these. Others fall out while running or dont stay in my ears comfortably or both. These stay in my ears while running and generally stand up to the sweat and grime of the gym. I'd say I get about 6 months of use 3-5 days a week before they start to fail. These sound great, are durable and cost less than $10. Highly recommended!

Sooo Goood!
These headphones have lasted me years, getting used all the time. They provide phenomenal clarity of sound, while the bass piping doesn't blast my eardrums with bass. Rather, they seem to propel the bass away from my eardrums, pushing away other sounds. So, they deflect sounds coming in (such as the local high-rise construction torrents), while providing me with great range, even for full-powah psytrance (blisargon demogorgon). They are comfortable, stay in place when i'm running, and have a price tag that can't be beat.


Technical data

  • Philips Flexible Earhook Headphones SHS3200/28 Black (replaces SHS3200/37)
  • Bass pipe emphasizes low tones for a clear, realistic sound Enjoy best-in-class performance and optimum sound quality
  • 15mm speaker driver optimizes wearing comfort 3D flexible earhook ensures secure fit in all ear sizes
  • Ergonomically-shaped headphone enhances user comfort Contoured earhook increase wearing comfort and stability
  • A 1.2m long cable that is ideal for outdoor use Stays comfortably in your ear when you are on the move Extremely durable


Product Description

Ultra-comfortable for active use, these ergonomic ear hook headphones bring fantastic quality music reproduction straight to your ears.

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