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Skip Hop Zoo Safety Harness, Owl

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Customer Reviews

I never imagined that I would be one of those people who put a "leash" on their toddler but after an exhausting and frankly scary experience at the airport, I decided to try this harness. I love skip Hop products because both moms as well as kids love them. And this harness is no different. My 18 month old loves wearing it because it is so cute and attractive and makes her feel like a 'big shot'. I don't use it that often, but in those situations where you prefer not to have a "runaway" baby this really does the trick. And now grandma can feel comfortable walking out doors without worrying that my very active toddler might get away from her. We even keep her sippy cup and snacks in it.

Super cute & does the trick!
I got this for my 2 year old (extremely active) son - it does just the trick! I've been through several harness backpacks & all of them are either cheap & ultimately break, or the chest strap rides up on my son when he walks. The wrist strap is reinforced so it's nice & sturdy. The chest strap does not ride up since it's reinforced on both sides. The backpack doesn't hold much which is fine with me. Oh, & it's ridiculously cute ;) Order it!

Lightweight, roomy, convenient and helpful! Love this little backpack!
This little backpack has been very helpful and is suprisingly roomy. It easily holds a change of clothes, suncreen, juicebox/snacks and a loose diaper and little pack of wipes - if you want your kid to carry it all! :)

Normally I just have him schlep his spare clothing, wipes and snacks for easy access and keep the rest in my tote or the stroller. But the point is.. . you could fit a lot into this if you so desired. I have not had much success with sippy cups fitting - but juice boxes fit well, germie gel containers, sunscreen, a pair of sunglasses for your child, fit nicely into the side pockets.

The tether is removable but is less than 3 feet long. You child has the freedom of walking alone but won't get very far. It works for us but I think a LITTLE longer would be nice. You could easily replace this with a nylon dog leash in red or brown and it wouldn't be obvious at all.

The harness and straps are slightly padded for comfort. Also, I like this canvas much better than some of the plush backback/harness options. I think this is cooler on the skin / back. Plush would be hot and sweaty, especially if you are using this at theme parks or on vacations in the Summer.

Excellent for active toddlers!
My son is very active, and also very independent. He doesn't like to be cooped up in his stroller if he can help it, and this backpack is exactly what we needed! The backpack is adorable, and we can store some pull-ups and wipes and the occasional sippy cup in it no problem. The latch on the harness is nice and thick, as is the D ring on the backpack. I'm not afraid of anything snapping or ripping when my little man tries to run off on us. The build quality of the backpack is excellent, and the zipper runs nice and smooth.

I'm looking forward to bring this on vacation with us, so my son can be independent but still safe in a crowd.

We highly recommend this backpack!

Worked perfectly for a toddler at Disneyland!
We purchased this backpack before we went to Disneyland, as we have a rambunctious two year old that I wanted to make sure stuck with us. The bag is adorable, and our son really liked that it was a monkey ("like monkey George!"). We were a little nervous that he would get really bothered by the harness aspect, but once he tried it out he was totally fine. The strap across his front was positioned well, so even if he started running away while you're holding the harness, it never seemed like it was choking him (like some other reviewers were worried about). The bag was the perfect size for a variety of snacks, which was perfect for Disney. Whenever we would wait in line he would always have his backpack on, and we could distract him with food. It's small enough though that it didn't seem to bother him to continue wearing it while on the rides. This aspect was awesome because we didn't have to carry anything extra with us while we waited in lines, we could just keep the rest of our stuff with the stroller. Overall, this backpack is both cute and functional: the perfect combo!

Perfect for my needs and the needs of my toddler.
I looked at several different products before deciding on this one. The ones with the fuzzy animals were cute, but we live in San Antonio and I could just imagine my poor little one's sweating back, not to mention that the fuzzy ones don't have much in the way of storage. This pack is easy to use, difficult for chubby toddler fingers to escape, and had plenty of storage for her needs - a couple of Pull-Ups, a small sippy cup, and whatever the toy of the day is at the moment. The lead is just long enough to give her a bit of freedom while keeping her close. Our first outing with it was at the zoo and we received many compliments. Though she does adore bumblebees, I also chose this design due to the bright color so that in the event she did manage to pull the lead out of my hands, she would be easier to track.

This is a great little backpack for our two year old! It's made of sturdy materials, and it fits just enough of his little toys & books to keep him occupied while we're out and about.

Adorable and does exactly what I need for it to do - keep up with my grandson in the yard. It doesn't look anything like a harness leash, but instead is an adorable little backpack that he loves. The only thing is that the strap is much, much too short. I've had to remove that and replace it with a retractable leash. I was a little self-conscious using it the first time, but he's already much faster than I am and getting faster as he grows and I'm not getting any younger. He's much safer with me being able to keep him out of the street or running into the woods until he's old enough to understand and obey about boundaries.

Great little pack for a toddler
We love this little harness backpack for our two-year old. We have only used the harness once or twice, but we use the backpack on a daily basis. It's small enough for my toddler to carry himself with some wipes, diapers, sippy, and snacks- we use it as the diaper bag and he loves to carry his own stuff for us! The material is sturdy and it's very durable. The harness is clipped to the bottom, and we just leave it attached and tuck it in the side mesh pocket. The backpack is really quite small, so if you're looking for a lot of storage, choose the regular backpack the next size up (those don't have harnesses, though). All the designs are as cute in person as they are in the photos. The selection is great...I'm always looking for more reasons to own more Skip Hop Zoo products!!

I never thought I'd be "that mom"
This thing is amazing. My son LOVES to go outside and roam around without anyone holding him. I try not to be the paranoid mom who is in antsy mode when her child is with someone else. My mom, mother in law, husband, and anyone who takes my son out to play (I am 9 months pregnant so I have zero energy to take my lovable but oh so active 15 month old out) uses this and he doesn't try to break loose or anything (which is what I worried about!). No complaints about it being too short (at least not yet). I love that the harness comes off because my son loves to wear this all day in the house (no strangle hazard and nothing he can trip over). It's a good size to fit some snacks, a juice box, and diaper/wipes inside. You can probably fit more but I wouldn't stuff it if my son is going to be wearing it. I also like that where the harness connects is metal and not plastic. It feels very sturdy. It's super cute and gets the job done.


  • Signature Skip Hop Zoo characters
  • Remove tether to become a mini-backpack
  • Zippered main compartment
  • Remove tether to become a mini backpack


Zoo pal keeps little ones safe and close during journeys. Zoo Harness is a mini backpack with a detachable tether for the smallest travelers. Friendly zoo faces, adjustable pack straps, a top grab handle and the secure easy to attach tether all keep walks in crowded spaces relaxed. Take off the tether and your little one will feel like a big kid with his own mini backpack.

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