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Buy Hammermill Paper, Laser Print Poly Wrap, 24lb, 8.5 x 11, Letter, 98 Bright, 2500 sheets / 5 ream Case, (104640C) Made In The USA

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Hammermill Paper, Laser Print Poly Wrap, 24lb, 8.5 x 11, Letter, 98 Bright, 2500 sheets / 5 ream Case, (104640C) Made In The USA

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Customer Reviews

Worth the extra expense in multiple ways
When I worked in an office, I had the luxury of being able to get a service technician to come and fix a laser printer when it failed. I am now retired, and don't have that luxury, but still do work that requires printing. I used to have problems with my printers until a technician came and shared two bits of wisdom with me. One of them was to not scrimp on paper. He said half of his service calls were to undo the damage from the lint that came off of cheaper paper. He explicitly recommended Hammermill Laser Print. It is a very smooth paper with a great feel to it, and somewhat more weight than standard copier paper. They also make a 32 lb version if you need even heavier stock. Once I switched paper, the frequency of printer repairs went way way down. Was it coincidence? I don't think so, and I am not going to do the experiment. I have been a loyal Hammermill customer for many years.

Great printer paper. Elegant white. Nice semi-heavy stock.
This is first time I have used Hammermill paper products and I can honestly say, WOW!

I've tried other brands out there but this is hands down the best Laser Printer Paper. Images are smooth and text comes out really sharp. It reliably feeds thru Laser Printers without jams. You can't beat it for 2 sided copying or duplexing. Both sides are very white and smooth.

- 24 lb instead of the typical 20 with a polished smooth surface gives your work a quality look and feel
- The 98 brightness is not blinding bright but elegant bright
- Smooth surface makes for precise printouts

Don't let the weight fool you - it feels and looks like much heavier stock but will run thru any laser printer.

This paper is REALLY designed FOR Laser printers so it withstands the heat without curling, sticking etc. and more importantly it doesn't glug up your laser printer.

I highly recommend this product plus you can't beat the price here on OnlineShopDealer!

Go-to paper for topnotch documents
This is our go-to paper for laser printers where we care about the output quality. For less important work, we use a lighter, recycled paper that costs much less but certainly doesn't look as good. The Hammermill is just the right weight and has a wonderful finish that really makes laser print and graphics pop off the page. It's not quite as pure white as some other brands we've tried, but the combination of price, quality and reliability is just about perfect for us.

Definitely will give your documents a much more professional look if you're using cheap, recycled 18-lb paper.


  • Extra-smooth sheet specially formulated for superior color images and text
  • 98 brightness for excellent print contrast and true color reproduction
  • For all laser printers
  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)certified
  • Made in the USA


hammermill Laser Print is capable of producing sharp, clear images at up to 2,400 dpi resolution on both color and monochrome laser based equipment. The variety of sizes and weights available make Laser Print a must have for everyone from home office to design professionals.

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