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Hair Tamer Black "Ergo" Detangling Hair Brush Teezer

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Product Reviews

Finally, one I like!!!
I can't believe it!! Finally, a detangler that actually detangles my hair!! My hair is long, thick and course and before using this
particular brush, I had practically given up hope. Most brushes have bristles that are too soft and does absolutely nothing and serves no purpose at all. But this one literally made me smile. My only issue with it is that it slipped out of my hands a couple of times. It would be great if it had a band of some type through the handle so that I could wrap it around my wrist or even some type of texture on the sides of the brush which makes it easier to hold on, make the brush less slippery. Regardless of the slips, I'm extremely pleased, finally, and I give it the full five stars!! I would recommend this with no problem!!

Great Brush
This is a great brush to use after a shower to help detangle my daughters hair. As with any brush on wet hair, you should start toward the bottom and work your way to the scalp. When using this technique, no tears were shed. Another plus for me, was that the bristles were long enough to comb through her think hair. The "Ergo" design was perfect for both my hands as well as my daughters. Great Brush!

I think I found one of my new favorite brushes
I am really glad Salon Guys sent me this product for review because I have tried other danglers and was not as pleased as I am with this one. The design is cute and eye catching as well as functional. The brush itself is lightweight and easy to use. I only wish the handle was slightly longer. The bristles are made to be very flexible and I found myself comfortable using it even on fragile wet hair. in fact I think it pulls less on wet hair than it does when brushing dry hair. If you have never tried a detangler I highly recommend it because it significantly cuts down on the tugging you experience with a regular brush.

Love this brush
I have very course hair. I've done the big chomp 3 times and am finally letting my hair grow out natural. I am a African American with very thick (in places) and course hair. I was happy to get this brush as it makes untangling my hair at shampoo time easier. I also use it to brush my son's hair dry and it seems to not be as difficult of a task. I like the brush and would recommend it to others with natural hair. It helps me to keep my TWA tame. I wish someone would have told me about it sooner.

Untangles AND Teases!
This might be my favorite go to brush for sorting out my curls when I cave to the weather and let my hair go natural. I've used it with conditioner in the shower and it does a great job of untangling any knots without pulling out a lot of hair. And it's easy to clean when I'm done. It's also fabulous for back combing when I straighten my hair and want to get extra height and volume around the crown without generating a lot of static. I love the design of the handle, it makes it easy to use. And, in a drawer full of black brushes, the bright color makes it quick to spot.

Great Brush
I love this brush for many reasons. First of all I love the colors of this brush. The black and pink two toned brush are popular. I gave it to my mom and she loved the way it looked and feels. She said that the way it fits into her hand it perfect and she thinks that the brush maker actually used her hand for the molding of this brush. She wishes that there was a hole towards the bottom to hang this brush on a hook, but other than that this is a great brush. I hope it will last her for the years to come.

Great detangler with a handle for longer hair
Nice black and hot pink color. Many of the detangling brushes are like horse brushes, you have to hold them straight on top. That can get a little unwieldy with long hair. This one is nice because it has a handle. The curved design flows well over the curves of your head. Works best on wet hair, but not too shabby on dry hair either.

Nice Detangling Brush
This brush is made well and the color is great. The brush is made with flexible bristles that are kind of like little fingers combing through your hair. It feels good in my hand and is very comfortable to use. It works well to detangle hair so I would say it worked as I expected it to. It is way better than trying to comb out tangles with a comb or brush them out with a regular hair brush which just isn’t as easy to do. I am providing this review as part of a market research program. I recommend this product.

love these brushes!
I love all of these brushes! The shape is so comfortable in hand, they are so cute and colorful, and that’s not even to mention the excellent results. I usually hate brushing my hair because it makes it frizzy and undoes my natural wave but this brush is perfect for my thick, dry hair! I love that I can use it on my hair whether it is wet or dry. The only thing I wish was different about it would be that it matched the colors of all my other Hair Tamer brushes.. But that is barely even a problem! I received this product free of charge as a part of the Salon Guys Market Research program in exchange for an unbiased review.

Great for Detangling Not Only Other People's Hair but for You to Also Use on Your Own Hair!
This is the second of three detangling brushes that I have been sent free of charge for the purpose of review. The first was the Hair Tamer No Knot Detangling Brush Teezer. I love both of these detangling brushes and have to rate them equal to each other. The plus to this specific detangling brush that I like compared to the Hair Tamer No Knot Detangling Brush Teezer is that the grip of this brush makes it easy for me to hold while I use it on my own hair. The No Knot Brush is great to use when working on someone else's hair or for someone else to work on your own hair but this brush is definitely superior when it comes to you having to brush through your head of hair by yourself.

The bristles and their design hold up and make short work of detangling hair, even thick hair when it's wet. So no complaints there. The handle is just the right size for my hand making it comfortable to hold as I work it through my hair. The handle isn't to thin or to thick so should be comfortable for most adult hand sizes.

I used this brush on my own very thick and long hair as I mentioned above. I also used it on my two daughters' hair, one who has short, fine hair that's not thick at all, and my other daughter has long thick hair though it's finer than mine. It detangled all three heads of hair quickly and easily without a single "ouch"! I would recommend this brush to anyone and think it is a great value for the money.


Technical data

  • The Hair Tamer brush made for all types of hair whether it be normal or curly, there will be no tangles
  • Special bristles that separates the knots and tangles that will work on wet or dry hair
  • Light weight and ergonomic to fit in the palm of your hand to continuously brush your hair as long as you need
  • Specially designed to fit adult or children hands and shaped for every type of head size
  • A must buy to keep your hair tamed and looking healthy. No more frizzle hair after showering or after blow drying


Product Description

Hair tamer  professional detangling hairbrush is designed for professional hair salons. It's a super smooth operator that works the minute hair is lathered and rinsed. Glides through wet, vulnerable and color treated hair with no pulling, tugging or yanking. Hair peace at last!

Try the Hair Tamer and you'll be amazed by the ease of brushing, as well as how it virtually stops breakage and split ends.

Ergonomic designs.
Fits right into the palm of your hand.
Detangles hair with ease.
Works on even the curliest, most knotted hair.
Hair slips through the unique bristle configuration.
Gentle & painless.
Virtually stops breakage & split ends.
Conforms to shape of the head.
Handle provides added control.

Height: 7.5
Length: 2.5
Width: 1.5

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