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Grading Calculator - E-Z Grader Teacher's Aid Scoring Chart (Purple) - 8-1/2" x 4-3/4"

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Customer Reviews

Best invention for teachers since the copy machine that staples
I recently gave away a pretty old and used green EZ Grader to a new teacher at the school I work at since she didn't have one (and interestingly didn't seem to know that such a thing existed...doing her grades by hand with a calculator...shock, horror!). I needed to replace the one I gave away and saw this charming purple one at a decent price. Frankly, the EZ Grader is the best invention since sliced bread (for a teacher anyway) since I have actually done grades with a calculator for an entire year once early on in my career and now shudder to think of ever going back. The EZ Grader carves off dozens of minutes off of the drudgery of grading. Plus the purple color not only is cute, but easy to spot in my bag (though blaze orange or even cheetah print might be cool someday). I need another one for home and will probably buy it from here too soon.

Making the grade easier...
When you are in a crunch and want to knock out those grades, this is the best tool. No calculator needed, simply align the reference tool to the total number of questions, skim down the side to locate the number of incorrect answers and find the intersection to determine the earned grade! It takes less than seconds and you can conveniently carry it inside your grade book. The print could be larger but there are options that are printed with larger text.

Original E-Z Grader
Arrived quickly and is just what I needed to make grading papers at home for my son's teacher easier. A MUST have for teachers, assistants, and parent volunteers, really for anyone who will be grading. The construction of the slider is heavy duty card stock and will last through several school years.


  • Computes percentage scores on all tests, quizzes and homework
  • With one easy step score any number of questions up to 95
  • A real time saver.
  • Size: 8-1/2" x 4-3/4" inch
  • Purple


E-Z grader Purple computes percentage scores up to 34 problems wrong on tests, quizzes or homework with up to 95 total problems. Can be used by educators to help save time and effort. Two simple steps.

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