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Graco Highback TurboBooster Car Seat, Ladessa

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All good. Narrowest booster seat around with good rating
I bought it because it is recommended by Consumer Reports and also it is probably the narrowest booster seat out there with good test results. My child is happy with it. Oh, and the price is right too, much cheaper than Britax which I also have for my other child. Comparing between the two of them, the Britax probably has slightly better fabric, but in terms of cushioning, I find them pretty much the same.

Comfortable, good-looking, (and they say safe) CARSEAT
First I checked for the safest seat. This came up as one and it was reasonably priced too. I loved that it was available in different colors but the Spitfire was my favorite - dark so any dirt from use won't show up but the green contrast. The instructions are very clear and detailed with accurate diagrams.

My daughter was happy to get carseat - she had another one but she it was stolen. She sat in it and wiggled around a bit with a smile on her face. She complained about the head 'cushions' were touching her ears. But within 10 minutes on the road she was sound asleep. Her head fell forward a bit but not as much as in the other chair. What made me give 5 Stars was what happened when I was taking her from the car: she was still sleeping, when I lift her out she cried out and said "Put me back in the seat"!! I put her back in the seat and she adjusted herself as if to continue sleeping there instead of on her bed!! (100% honest)!!!

If I had to change one thing I would make the arm handles moveable - i.e. able to move from horizontal to vertical. This feature facilitates easier entrance and exit to and from the seat.

Well, this was the maiden voyage (first ride). Will update if anything further develops.

UPDATE 08/17/13: 2 years later we are still using this car seat. She is about 50" and 60lbs, so she will outgrow maybe in a year. Still comfortable. Have it with the back upright still. Very Durable! Nothing is wrong with it and she rides it 6 of 7 days every week. Long trips and all.

It's safe. It's been tested. It's a booster NOT a child safety seat.
First let's make this clear as most of the 1 or 2 star reviewers seem to not understand this vitally important point. A child's car safety seat is anchored to the main car seat using either the LATCH system or, in older cars, using the car seat belt itself, and the child is then restrained by the harness of the safety seat. A booster seat should NOT be anchored to the main car seat. A booster's function is as the name suggests, to boost the child into a position that allows the car seat belt to restrain the child. As the belt is running through guides on the booster, if the booster is anchored then this restricts the seat belt from operating safely and will actually delay the point at which the seat belt locks in a collision and is potentially lethal to your child. A booster MUST be allowed to move with the child for safety's sake. That being said, this Graco Turbobooster I have now owned for 2 months and it's money well spent. I wanted a seat with a removable back so that when my daughter gets a little bigger we can remove the back and just use the base to elevate her to the correct height for the seat belt to safely restrain her. The arm rests despite being an extremely tight fit also have screws to fix them in place, not only to stop the child from removing them but they also serve as the lower seat belt guides. The head "wings" section is also adjustable for growth and seat belt alignment. Each front corner of the seat has a retractable cup holder that can be pushed back into the base, tucking them out of the way. The seat belt guides, (by the head and under the arm rests hold the car seat belt in the perfect position across the shoulder and across the lap for paramount safety. ..... and my daughter loves it. Now, these reviews are all very well, but as I pointed out earlier, some are reviewing it without truly understanding how it functions. This particular booster is one of only six, (of which Graco make three), that is considered "Best Bet" by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, (IIHS), in both backless mode and highback mode, ( THAT is the review that is most important. The point it is making is that those six seats tested are the only ones that in both modes position the child so that the seat belt is in the correct and safe position in almost all cars, minivans and SUVs. You can get others that are "Best Bets", but they will be recommended in either backless only or base only modes. If you want one which you can remove the back later as your child gets bigger then this Graco Turbobooster is a solid, sound choice and one you can make with confidence. Considering all the safety aspects first, (the only things that should be considered when buying safety equipment), the fact that this is also completely affordable is the icing on the cake, and made my choice a no brainer!

This is a great booster -- I've had it for 2
This is a great booster -- I've had it for 2.5 years and it's still going strong! A response to the negative comments regarding belt positioning boosters: guys, when using five point harness boosters, PLEASE pay attention to the weight limit on your car's LATCH anchors (there is one) AND the weight limit on the booster seat's connections to the LATCH (again, there is one, and in both cases it may be only 48 pounds). A five point harness is only as safe as the connections attaching the seat to the car are strong -- just like a chain is only as strong as the weakest link. And the worse the crash and the heavier the kid, the stronger the forces deforming those anchors and anchor connectors will be. There is a lot of false advertising out there, and because this is an issue that requires some engineering knowledge, or at least some common sense, it is easy to be fooled. For example, I also own a popular five-point booster for my smaller preschooler. Right on the box it was advertised as a five-point harness booster rated for kids up to 100 pounds. Months after installing it I was horrified to discover that for use with LATCH it was only rated to 48 pounds. I had been putting my five year old in it on occasion, thinking he was actually safer riding in his sister's seat than he was in his booster -- wrong! In a crash he might have stayed securely attached to the seat, but since he was over the weight limit the seat might not have stayed securely attached to the car. The seat alone doesn't protect your child. The seat needs to stay attached to the car to work.

Parents, you know your kids. If they are cautious in the car and aware of safety, and don't unbuckle themselves or fiddle with the belts, or otherwise do anything to mess with the belt positioning, this is a great seat for kids within the age, height and weight limits. It is durable, sturdy, and doesn't show wear. The covers wash. The cupholders are easy to clean. And it will last and last and last, even after your big kid grows too tall for the back. You just take the back off and voila -- backless booster. Best of all, they are more or less held directly against the car by a correctly positioned seatbelt in a crash.

If you do have a kid over the weight limit for LATCH who won't stay in their seat, or unbuckles the seatbelt, or what have you, then please, remember to attach a seat with a five point harness to the car using the seatbelt and not the LATCH.

Highly recommended.
This is a favorite carseat in our house. It seems well made, extremely easy to use, and appears to be a comfortable fit for our daughter.

Great Product, Great Price
I'm not too sure what some of the low star reviews are talking about. Some mention that the seatbelt slips out of the holder that is supposed to keep it from choking the child. Really? What's your seatbelt made out of? Yarn? I had no problem with this whatsoever. Assembly was a breeze, putting it in the car and getting it out was a snap, and getting the child into and out of the seat is just as easy. For this price, the quality is excellent. The seat is comfortable, with plenty of padding, and my son (5 years old, just under 4 feet tall) liked it quite a bit. He also liked the cupholders, which was nice to put his drinks in while we were going to the zoo this past weekend. All in all, I'd recommend this car seat to anyone who needs the high back booster seat and doesn't want to spend $100 or more on one that probably only works as well as this one does. I have no complaints about this product at all.

So good we've bought 3!
This is the 3rd Graco Turbo Booster we have purchased for our children. When our first born was originally transitioning from a 5 point into a booster we wanted to find a booster that was convertible, easily cleaned and narrow as we had size limitations with our vehicle at the time. The Turbo Booster met all our criteria at a reasonable price. Since that time 2 more of our children have graduated to boosters and each time we went back to the turbo booster. We are very happy with this product and feel you will be too.

+ Narrow, doesn't intrude into your neighbors seat with unnecessary bulk or compartments
+ Convertible, you can remove the back when your child is tall enough for the shoulder strap rest across their collarbone/clavicle but not tall enough to ride without a booster
+ Arm rests have adjustable height and help keep lap restraint in proper position across hips
+ Cup holders tuck away nicely and double as cubby holes for your child's carry-ons
+ Coverings are easy to remove and wash up nicely (see washing instructions) and have held up well over the years

- Padding on seat will compress over time, may want to add a thin layer of foam or padding under the cover if needed
- if back portion comes off it can be a pain to reinstall until you get the hang of it. Familiarize yourself with the instructions when you first get the seat and you won't be standing in a hot parking lot trying to fix it (the person standing in the parking lot was me)

We really like this seat and so do our children. You should be able to find the Turbo Booster most places that carry car seats but OnlineShopDealer offers more colors and patterns.

Mine survived an actual crash
Someone ran a red light last month and hit me sideways in the door next to this (empty at that time) car seat. I would estimate she drove at 45-50 miles an hour straight into the side of my car. The door and the back tire on my Honda Civic were smashed, yet this car seat did not have a scratch (plenty of glass from the window though). The broken door was pushed inwards and touched the car seat during the accident. This is truly a good car seat, if your kid is old enough to understand that they have to be tied up in it. If your kid is not old enough to understand that, it might be too easy for them to untie, and I recommend a different car seat with its own locking seatbelts over this one.

Good price
I made sure the standards were all there before I purchased this for my grandson who is 4 1/2. He says it's comfortable and does have a little more padding them some of the others at the same price.

Very good price and a good one!
We just bought this booster 1 month ago, it's confortable and pretty. My picky daughter really loves and enjoys it!!!!


Technical data

  • Top rated booster seat by leading consumer magazines and publications. You can convert to comfortably accommodate your growing child for years of use.
  • Engineered and crash tested to meet or exceed standards, including: Side Impact Tested for occupant retention with a standard vehicle harness system in Graco high back turbo booster mode.
  • Designed to accommodate children from 30 to 100 pounds and from 38 to 57 inches tall. As recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, children 4 feet 9 inches tall or under should ride in a belt-positioning booster seat.
  • This seat is built for longevity. The fully adjustable headrest and an open-loops belt guide help easily position your vehicle's seatbelt, so it's easier for your child to self-buckle.
  • Wide, padded armrests are extra-comfy for your child as he/she grows, and the integrated cup holders and storage (for small games and toys) are added features bigger kids really appreciate.
  • Rigorously crash tested to meet or exceed U.S. safety standards
  • This child car seat booster is designed with the style and comfort features that kids love
  • Easily converts to backless booster for years of use


Product Description

A fully adjustable headrest helps give your child a proper fit in her seat.
View larger This convertible seat easily switches from high back mode to backless mode, when your child is ready.
View larger The girly Ladessa pattern is one your little princess will love.
View larger graco Highback TurboBooster Child Car Seat, in Ladessa Growing Child Car Seat

Graco’s Highback TurboBooster helps keep your child safe in highback mode from 30 – 100 lbs., from 38 to 52” tall and from 3 – 10 years old. Then, when your child is ready, it converts to a backless booster for children 40 – 100 lbs., from 40 to 57” tall and from 4 – 10 years old. Plus, with lots of “big kid” features that appeal to older children, it’s kid-approved. Not only that, it’s top-rated by leading consumer magazines and it’s been given the coveted “Best Bet Booster” designation by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. As a parent, you’ll know it’s a great choice to help protect your child.

Comfort Ride

This toddler car seat booster features a multi-layer head rest that will help keep your child comfortable. It also features full coverage back support (in highback mode), for comfort and support as your child grows. Whether you’re going on a short errand or a longer road trip, comfort is essential and this car seat really delivers.

Convertible Convenience

Busy moms (just like you!) love that the Highback TurboBooster is so easy to convert from high back mode to backless mode. You can convert to comfortably accommodate your growing child, for years of use. This child car booster seat is really built for longevity.

Adjustable Headrest

The Highback TurboBooster features fully adjustable headrest, which helps keep your growing child secure on all of your journeys together. As a parent, you’ll love that your child is riding comfortably and securely.

Child Self-Buckle

The open-loops belt guides help to easily position your vehicle’s seatbelt, which makes it easier for your independent little (or big!) one to self-buckle.

Kid-Approved Features

Wide, padded armrests are extra-comfy for your child as he / she grows, and the integrated cup holders and storage (for small games and toys) are added features bigger kids really appreciate.

Stylish & Bright

For a style that your little girl will love to ride in, Ladessa fits the bill. Bright hot pink and teal solids complement a fun pattern of starbursts and abstract flowers for a fashion that’s really fun.

This seat has been designed to help keep your “big kid” safe, with added safety features and testing.
View larger Safety: First Priority

At the heart of it all, the Graco TurboBooster car seats is designed to help keep your “big kid” safe while riding in the car. This seat has been engineered and crash tested to meet or exceed standards, including:

  • Side Impact Tested for occupant retention with a standard vehicle harness system in Graco highback turbo booster mode
  • U.S. Compliance Standard FMVSS 213
  • New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) – peak Crash Force approximately 2x Car Seat Standard
  • Extreme Car Interior Temperatures
Key Features
  • EPS, energy absorbing foam for effective impact energy management
  • Fully-adjustable headrest keeps your growing child secure
  • Open-loop belt guides help you correctly position your vehicle’s seat belt
  • Padded, height-adjustable armrests and hide-away cup holders keep kids smiling
Age / Weight Recommendations
  • Designed to accommodate children from 30 – 100 lbs. and from 38 – 57 inches tall
  • As recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, children 4 feet 9 inches tall or under should ride in a belt-positioning booster seat

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