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GOgroove MOVE L3D Rechargeable Stereo Speakers & Mood Lamp Night Light w/ 3.5mm AUX-in - Works with Apple , Samsung , Sony , HTC , LG and More Phones , MP3 Players , Tablets and Computers

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Good quality audio with mood lights that pulse with the music

Length:: 0:41 Mins

Even without the mood lights, the GOgroove L3D would be one of the most versatile portable speakers that I've seen, with the ability to play as a hard-wired stereo speaker, and also to play audio from a USB drive or an SD memory card. Being able to control most functions with a handheld remote control is an added bonus.

To test the speaker, I connected my Kindle Fire to the speaker using the 3.5mm audio cable that's included (24" in length). The audio quality was quite good considering the size of the two speakers, which are about 1" in diameter. The product specs indicate that the speakers have a maximum combined output of 12 watts. I would have guessed a bit less than that, but in any case, there's enough sound to fill the largest room in most homes. I checked the stereo channel balance and separation with a couple of MP3 stereo setup utilities, and they checked out okay. After that, I used both a USB flash drive and an SDHC memory card to play music directly from those media. The L3D recognized both of them immediately with no setup required.

I measured the dimensions of the speaker box at 5.2"x7.4"x3.0", which are slightly different from those shown on the product description page. I weighed the speaker enclosure at 26.4 ounces. It's easy enough to move the speaker, although a carrying handle would have been a nice touch. Four soft foam pads on the bottom of the speaker keep it from sliding around when it's placed on a smooth surface, and they also ensure that the enclosure won't scratch a tabletop. If I could one thing, I would add grills over the two speakers to protect them from being accidentally poked.

What makes the speaker really stand out from other small portable speakers are the mood lights. The first mode is the "Glow" mode, where the four lights gradually change colors independent of the music. This is a colorful effect, but the "Pulse" mode is much more dramatic, and I imagine that kids will really enjoy it, with the lights pulsing with the volume. At first I couldn't get the Pulse mode to work, so I emailed the seller, who responded promptly with the answer. To activate the Pulse mode, increase the volume until the lights begin to pulse (around 60%-80% of the maximum volume). Once they're pulsing, you can gradually decrease the volume if you like, but if the volume goes too low, the pulsing stops.

The remote control basically duplicates the functions of the controls on the speaker box, but it also adds some functions like an Equalization control that adjusts the bass and treble when using USB or SD media.

I really like the L3D. Hardwired or with USB or SD media, it's a nice speaker, and the colored lights add an element that sets it apart from other portable speakers.

Note: The colors of the lights are much brighter and more saturated than my video shows.

A product sample was provided for review purposes.

Music, Music, Music
All functions worked. Had to replace battery in remote before remote would work reliably. NTFS format won't work on 2GB SanDisk SD card, FAT32 format worked great. Didn't try USB flash drive. Folders of music worked fine on 2GB SanDisk SD card. Unit would play music from different folders okay for me. If you don't use folders in FAT32 format, the number of songs you can load on the SD card will be limited to about 120+ songs. Using folders enabled me to load the SD card to capacity with reliable playback. Used Logitech bluetooth receiver in aux-in jack to use my IPOD as player/controller and volume control when not using SD card. Top volume setting won't shake the room but is plenty loud enough for normal use. Lights flashing or changing color worked well depending on light mode selected. Hope this info helps prevent someone from learning all these issues the hard way like I did.

Kids went wild; Adults will love it too though--fun for all ages
I have to admit I was torn on keeping this one or gifting it to my nieces but being the cool aunt won and it was met with extreme squeals of glee so it was totally worth it.

Pulsing lights, stereo sound, a dance club vibe (or Mickey Mouse club vibe if you want the little ones to groove) and flashing to the musical beat like magic make this a fun stereo. Even more important, somehow the beat that is visual makes kids want to get up and MOVE to the beat and dance--and anything that gets them moving is fun. It kind of turns any room into a stage where you feel like an American Idol.

In fact, that's what makes it cool for adult parties too. It adds a bit of fun to any room and offers great sound, a remote, and vivid lights. You can turn your own lights down and really turn an apartment or room into club night.

Cool fun, great sound, works for everyone. You can make the lights simply stay one, without the pulsing but come on, what fun is that?

Speaker provided by Accessory Power.
Review is my unbiased opinion.

Five Stars
No problems nice specker for my iphone

Granddaughter fell in love ...
While I was testing this particular product, my granddaughter discovered something important. You don't have to have sound to make it fun - by plugging it in (using a USB connector and plug), and setting it to glow instead of pulse, she could simply enjoy this as a fun light.

But it really did "shine" best when I connected it to my iPad and put it on pulse. I was able to enjoy the lights along with the music for a wonderful experience.

The controls are simple to use, and it moved easily between one song and another.

I should mention that I am using this, not for a party, but for a bathroom, so the remote control makes this even better, moving easily between songs, adjusting the music, and enjoying the lights, all with bubble bath and bath salts.

AWESOME Product!


Technical data

  • Play music from virtually any Apple , Samsung , Sony , HTC and LG Phones , MP3 Players , Tablets and Computers
  • Dual stereo 3W speakers provide superior sound quality, while the adjustable LED mood lights can be set to PULSE and/or GlOW to the beat of the music
  • The sleek and versatile design is perfect for relaxing at home, studying in your dorm or for starting a party
  • Rechargeable battery with 6 hour runtime. Fully charge with the included USB power cable or AC adapter within 2-3 hours
  • TECH SPECS: Speakers: 6W RMS (3W x 2); 12W Peak / Audio input: 3.5mm plug / Audio cable length: 24 inches / Power input: DC 5V / Power: AC 100-240V / USB charging cable length: 4 feet / USB output: 500mA / Dimensions: 4.0 x 4.8 x 3.3 inches / Weight: 12.5 ounces / Quality Guarantee: 3-Year Manufacturer's Warranty


Product Description

GOgroove MOVE L3D - Rechargeable LED Party Speaker Connect to Virtually any Smartphone, MP3 player, Tablet, Computer or Laptop! Instant Party The MOVE L3D immediately grabs your attention and doesn't let go! Equipped with adjustable color-changing mood lights, never be without a party-starting light show. Even without music, the lights transition smoothly from red to blue to green and everything in between. Plug your music in to enjoy the soothing glow or crank up the volume and switch the LED mode to pulse along to the beat. Rechargeable and Portable This versatile speaker is perfect for relaxing at home or for starting a party! Charge the speaker by the included AC adapter or USB cable for 3 hours With a full charge, bring the speaker anywhere for 6 hours of music and lights! Play from almost any Media Device You will never be without your music with the universal 3.5mm aux. audio input. Simply plug in and play your music from any Smartphone, MP3 player, Tablet, Desktop, or Laptop computer to listen to your tunes instantly. WORKS WITH: Phones: Samsung Galaxy S5 , Note 4 , Note Edge , Alpha , S4 , S4 mini / Nokia Lumia 930 , 220 , 225 , 630 , 635 , Icon , X , X+ , XL / HTC One M8 , One Mini 2 , One Max , One / Apple iPhone 6 , 6 Plus , 5s , 5c , 5 , 4S / LG G3 , Nexus 5 , L35 , Volt , G Flex , G Pro 2 , G2 / Sony Xperia T3 , Z3 , Z2 / OnePlus One / Xiaomi Mi4 / Sharp Aquos Crystal / ZTE Nubia 5S mini Tablets: Google Nexus 7 FHD, 10 / Acer Iconia Tab 8 / Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook , S , 4 / Microsoft Surface Pro 3 / Asus MeMo Pad , VivoTab RT / Apple iPad 4 , Air 2 / LG G Pad 8.3 / NVIDIA Shield Tablet / HTC Volantis MP3: Apple iPod Nano / SanDisk Sansa Clip+ / Samsung Galaxy Player / Sony Walkman / Microsoft Zune HD / Philips GoGear / Beats Music / PONO Music

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