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Highly Rated Silicone BBQ Gloves - Perfect For Use As Heat Resistant Cooking Gloves, Grill Gloves, Or Potholder - Directly Manage Hot Food In The Kitchen, Use As Grilling Gloves, Oven Gloves, Or At The Campsite! - Protect Your Hands And Avoid Accidents Wi

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Customer Reviews

Excellent gloves and protection - but measure first
These gloves afford a lot of protection against heat and burns, so I agree with previous reviewers that they are essential. Note that here is an abundance of brands on the market - some better than others. I like this style because of the knobby gripping texture and the heat resistance. But the fit was a little snug on my hands, which is why I mentioned in the title that you need to measure first.

To put that into context my hand from the base of my thumb to the longest opposite point (measured palm side) is 3.5 inches long. From my wrist joint to the middle digit is approximately seven inches (give or take a sixteenth of an inch). The snugness was mainly in the index and middle digits, and when I would close my hand when grasping a utensil the glove became more snug.

The dimensions of this glove will help you to be reasonably sure it will be a good fit. From wrist band to tip of the middle digit it is 10.5 inches. From the base of the thumb to base of the pinkie it measures 6 inches and from the tip of the thumb across to the pinkie it's 7 inches.

If you have smaller hands that I then this glove is probably not going to be an issue, and the safer handling of hot objects make them a great deal. However, take the time to measure first.

Best BBQ/Kitchen gadget out there

Length:: 1:51 Mins

Video note: I am demonstrating a black-colored version of these gloves in the video, which other than that they are virtually identical.

Suggestion: Use these for wet, hot tasks (e.g. pulling crab out of pots) or poking meat around on the BBQ. They clean up incredibly easily. I would not recommend using these when walking around holding a hot dutch oven, fire poker, or turning red-hot logs in a fire pit.

FYI: If you're handling a hot piece of metal for long periods of time, there isn't any reasonably priced product that will perfectly insulate your soft, squishy flesh. You may invest in NASA Kevlar mittens if you'd like or $50 deerskin welding gloves (which are excellent for BBQ pits), but just note there are limitations to these gloves (as with any product).

For their given use, 5/5 stars. I'll be honest, they totally blew me away. It's rather unnerving handling a hot piece of metal with rubber gloves... there's something in your brain that's screaming "THESE WILL MELT TO MY HANDS!" But they didn't.

Personally I use these when BBQing outside, and when I have to arrange fragile fish or simply roll some hot dogs around. Hands down much better than dealing with tongs.

- Very reasonably priced here on OnlineShopDealer.
- Cleans up fast (unlike my thick wool/cotton oven mitts).
- Grippy and surprisingly comfortable (unlike my slippery wool/cotton oven mitts... gripping a glass dish is much easier with these).
- Handled a hot, 300 degree piece of metal (see video)... not a mark on the gloves, and I felt just a slight bit of warmth.
- Handy eyelets allow you to hang them on your BBQ or in the garage.
- Very nice company who sells these (they were actually so confident with this product that they sent me a pair of gloves to test and review). "Intel Design Company" is their name, but there's a lot of folks who sell these. (I can't say they're as nice as Intel Design)
- Delightfully chewy texture.

- Extremely disappointed: They didn't taste like licorice. Note this has been a test to see if you've read this far. Thus I should congratulate you--well done friend--and also apologize for lying just now. I am sorry.

If you're handy in the kitchen, these are a must-have accessory.

Great gloves for cooking and baking
Review written by Aaron Keast, edited by Charles Ashbacher

Made of a thick, but pliable rubbery material, I wasn't sure the Grill Gloves would be able to take the heat. After cooking a couple of meals, though, I think I'll be using them as often as I can. They're made of silicone and can withstand a hot pan longer than a cloth mitt. They're also easy to clean with a quick rinse in the sink and provide additional grasping flexibility as well. The only downside is that they can attract hair, so you should clean them before handling food if you have any pets. Overall, a great upgrade to the standard oven mitt.

This item was made available for free for free for review purposes.

These are great gift idea for people like to cook both inside and outside.
I cannot recommend these gloves Enough! They are great for indoor and outdoor use. I've tried both the kind that are the mitten variety and I like the ones with the fingers better and it allows you to get a better grip on what you're carrying. These also be excellent for camping if you're dealing with a hot grill over a fire.

They are also very durable and should last a long long time. Plus they come with a lifetime warranty you can't beat that.

These are great gift idea for somebody who likes the barbecue outside or even someone who likes to cook meals for the family. if you're struggling for a Christmas gift this one is well worth it.

Work great and are exactly what I was looking for!
Got these because honestly I was tired of those normal oven mitts that give you very little room to actually move around in.
These work extremely well, completely block out the heat, which is the main focus, and they give me my hand back to actually work with, unlike the normal oven mitts! I use these more when I cook using my oven than when I BBQ, but they work jsut as well for BBQs as well. The price for these was pretty inexpensive too :)
Overall great product, glad I got these.

Great Gloves
These are great gloves; we use them inside and out. They are well designed, I love the fact they are so versatile that my husband and I can share them. These are a much better buy than fabric oven mitts that wear out with each use. They great thing is if you spill on them you can just rise them off. The best thing is they have a money back guarantee.

Great cooking gloves at a perfect price!
After Constantly burning myself with fabric pot holders and oven mitts I decided to try the Silicon BBQ gloves.
I love them! Not only do I not burn myself but I can wash them and always keep them clean especially when grilling outdoors.
Great price too!

Five Stars
Fun bright green color, fits my large hands quite well and protects from the heat.

High Quality!!!
High Quality!!!

As excepted, fantastic..
This is a fantastic gloves pair which is heat resistant and I have been expecting for such gloves for using in my kitchen. I can easily manage hot food in my kitchen. It's well built and very effective for avoiding accidents. It has waterproof grip which protects my hands as well. I will definitely recommend this pair of gloves.


  • Safely Retrieve Hot Pots and Pans from the Oven!
  • Five-Fingered Design for No Slip Grip - Safely Move Anything Hot With Two Hands
  • Pull Pork, Chicken, or Turkey with Ease!
  • FDA Approved 100% Food-Safe, Eco-Friendly Silicone
  • Gloves are 100% waterproof - No More Oven Mitts Soaking up Liquids

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