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Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses, Set of 4 FDA Approved Pink Salt Glasses

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Orbit review
I started looking at activity trackers this summer that can be worn on the wrist. I was getting tired of carrying a large, heavy phone out on long runs. I was waiting for the hardware release from Runtastic, (the Orbit) based on how I like using their Apps. When the Orbit was released, I purchased it and have been thrilled with it!

The Orbit's basic functions are a clock, pedometer (daily steps), calories burned (based on user input of body metrics I assume), activity time and a sleep tracker (that the user initiates at night).

The Runtastic Me app (main one used with the Orbit) uses an automatic Bluetooth sync up to transfer data from the wristband to your smart phone. Each metric is tracked, broken down (by hour) and graphed for the whole day. I think the best function is the sleep tracked which breaks down light sleep, deep sleep and awake time and rates your sleep efficiency! Again, the user initiates when they are sleeping but the Orbit does the rest.

With the Runtastic running app, I am able to leave the phone at home and track distance, average pace, average speed, max speed, total time, elevation and also input various details about the weather, running conditions and how I feel post run. The best use for running I have found is the bright, highly contrasting display which is easy to use and read information without needing to stop or block from the sun. I need to put a few more runs down to see if a pattern exists between weather and terrain vs the pace I run, but I am looking forward to that and finding out what else the Orbit can do!

Another thing that I don't necessarily use (since black is my color) but I think is a great idea is that the colored wristband can be swapped out relatively easily to change colors. Black and blue are provided with the device but there are many colors to additionally choose from if that is your style (they must be purchased). I know my sister had trouble choosing a color to match everything on her Jawbone.

There are a few things that may need tweaks and improvements on the device (such as accuracy of step counting), but the good news is that this should be a software update that could be integrated without much inconvenience to the user!

Hope this is helpful for anyone researching activity trackers!!

Best in class!!
I love this device! I had been searching for a wearable fitness tracker and weighing the options between the FitBit, Jawbone, Nike device, etc and finally decided on the Runtastic Orbit. I like this device because it has a screen, allowing me to use it as a watch but also to see my steps, calories burned, and active minute throughout the day.

It's really easy to sync with your smartphone to access all the other cool features. Using your phone, you can wear the device overnight and track your sleep efficiency or set alarms to buzz your wrist throughout the day for physical reminders or to wake you up in the morning. You can even set the device to buzz your wrist if you've been inactive for 60 minutes straight (and set this to be active between certain hours during the day).

In terms of physical appearance, the Runtastic Orbit comes with options of bracelet bands in many colors (and your initial order comes with two colors). You also have the option of clipping the device to a belt of purse, using the clip provided to you in your initial order. I have very small wrists and I find that I like the look of the bracelet with all outfits, whether fitness attire, casual or business casual. I'm really glad I purchased this device and look forward to using this to improve my understanding of daily fitness routines and work toward reaching fitness goals!

Potential to be great but has some *serious* bugs
UPDATE: I must have originally received a defective unit. OnlineShopDealer replaced it for me and with this new unit, I haven't had the random reset bug (caveat emptor: I have had this new replacement for less than 24 hours. However, with my original model, it had randomly reset about 5 times at this point). Even the charging magnet on my replacement is stronger. I must have received a demo/test model originally :) I'm changing my rating from a 2 to a 5. Everything else is on par with my old Fitbit Force - the slightly worse battery life than the Force is offset by the far stronger wrist clasp.

So quick summary note: if you find your device randomly resetting, try to get a replacement from OnlineShopDealer. Hoping 2nd times the charm. Original review below.

Ever since I lost my Fitbit Force I've been on the hunt for a competent replacement. I had a few non-negotiable requirements - a (small) OLED screen to display stats independently of an app, a time feature, vibrating alarm functionality, good battery life. With waterproofing as an additional plus. So I was understandably excited to hear about the Runtastic Orbit. After less than 24 hours of ownership, I've been compelled to write my first online review - ever.

The Good:
* Screen/form factor - definitely not as clunky as it's made out to be. On par with the recalled Force. And I must be the lone straggler that likes the button that every online review bashes - it adds a certain character and is easier to use than the Force's tiny top-mounted button. (It's a bit stiff though). After using the Fitbit Flex it's great to have a real screen for stats again - it makes all the difference as far as being constantly engaged.
* The alarm works well - vibration woke me up nicely this morning. Way more effective than an audible alarm.
* The app is decent - definitely not as good as the Fitbit app, but not terrible. Worked well enough.
* Waterproof
* Very secure wrist clasp - I'm not living life in constant fear of it falling off as was the case with the Fitbit Force

The Bad(-ish):
* The charging cable - it is way too short and often-times the magnetic clasp isn't secure/strong enough. If you try to charge the "pod" with the rubber wristband still attached, charging clasp tends to fall off if there is any movement (I was charging with my computer's USB port since the charging cable is kinda short). That being said, if you take out the pod (similar to the Fitbit Flex), the magnetic connectors tend to lock better and feel more secure. So again, inconvenient but I can definitely live with it.
* Time doesn't show seconds - but this is an extremely minor gripe.
* Not too many options with the app. No settings for screen display order etc. Any time you open up app the Orbit vibrates when pairing occurs for syncing. I can see the design rationale as a notification mechanism, but it can get annoying.

The Unbelievably Ugly:
* Constant random resetting! I saw mention of this in an early review on a blog but it sounded like a minor (rare) occurrence by the blogger's description. It's *definitely* a major problem. In the 18 hours in which I've had the Orbit, it has reset *five* times - each time wiping out all my activity data and resetting the clock to 12pm. It requires a re-sync with the app for the time to be correct again, but the activity data is forever lost. The sequence of events that causes it:
- You press on the button to see the time
- The Orbit enters a weird "freeze" state
- Any subsequent button press resets the device

UPDATE: Orbit has now taken to resetting on its own - no intervention/interaction required on my part.

To me this bug *completely* negates all the positives of the device. I really wanted to love the Orbit - it's truly the closest thing I've found to the Fitbit Force feature/form factor-wise - and I have looked and looked. However, this reset bug is truly ridiculous for a "fitness tracker" - it makes the device useless. I'm going to exchange it in the hope that mine is just a defective unit. If it is, I will update my review. But it's looking more and more like I need to just suck it up and wait for Fitbit to release the Force replacement. Hopefully it's this year.

the best fitness and activity monitor on the market
Thus far, the best fitness and activity monitor on the market. I love the fact that it's totally waterproof, not just water resistant! Does everything it's suppose to do.

Great wearable! Pleased so far...
I really like the Runtastic Orbit so far. It feels very comfortable on my wrist and I like that I can shower and swim with it on. I was concerned that it would come off as I've experienced with other wearables (which I've lost) but I didn't have the issue with this one.

The sleep tracking is cool to see in the app it comes with. It's interesting to see the various types of sleep I'm in for a given night.

One other item I really like is the simple thing of having a clock on the Orbit and the vibration alarm is not a bad way to wake up.

I do hope they update the app a bit more so I can see more data.

Love my Orbit!
I love this device. I'm a very active person and love seeing how much (or how little) activity I do in a day. Also really appreciate the feedback about my sleep habits- it's fascinating to see deep sleep vs light sleep and compare overall sleeping patterns. Very easy to set up and sync with my Runtastic app on Samsung. Only downside is not much notice until battery is dead (it lasts for several days).

Love love love my new Runtastic Orbit
Love love love my new Runtastic Orbit! As a swimmer and a runner, I really like the dual screens and app choices to go along with them! This product is great for all levels of activity and motivates me to be an overall healthier person. GREAT BUY!

Great Product - Better than Nike Fuel
Love this item. I used to have a Nike fuel band, but my Orbit works significantly better. There's no question that it's more accurate, more comfortable and more versatile.

My orbit is great!
Waterproof and long battery life! My orbit is great!

if in doubt, buy it
I love it. was worried about a lack of exercise, but have found out that I get more than enough steps and active minutes for my age, height and weight. I also like the sleep function and have found it accurate and helpful - as long as I turn it on when I go t bed. I also like to compare my activity levels and other stats over many days.


Technical data

  • Includes four 3" pink Himalayan salt shot glasses
  • FDA approved and all natural, hand carved
  • Naturally adds salt flavor to your shots
  • Naturally resists the growth of bacteria
  • Wipe clean and store in a cool, dry place


Product Description

himalayan Salt Shot Glasses, Set of 4 FDA Approved Pink Salt Glasses: These unique shot glasses are sure to add a festive note to your party. Hand carved from the purest grade of Himalayan salt, these shot glasses are all FDA approved and hand carved from all natural pink salt. Best of all, they allow you to add a salty flavor to your tequila shots without the mess. These glasses naturally resist the growth of bacteria. To clean, simply wipe dry and store in a cool, dry, place. Includes four shot glasses, 3 tall. Made in Pakistan.

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