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Ginsu 04817 International Traditions 14-Piece Knife Set with Block, Natural

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These very sharp knives offer great value for your money
We bought this set 2 months back after reviewing them on OnlineShopDealer. Since this is our first knife set I can not really compare with other name brand products in the market. But these were cheapest among the lot, and we are very pleased with their initial quality. As mentioned by other reviewers they are very very sharp, and easily cut through straight. The blades are thick and the handles look solid. We always wash/dry them by hand right after the use and never put them in dishwasher. We have not seen a single rust spot or any discoloration of handles. I will definitely buy more of these to gift friends and family.

Update on Sept 30, 2007:
After 6 months of use, I still stand by my review. The sharpness is intact and there are no rust spots at all. Very pleased with the quality and super low price. I regret not picking more of these from Sears Clearance, where I bought them for less than $20.

Update on Nov 26, 2010:
Just wanted to give a quick update that these knives are still performing great.

Sept 28, 2011:
Still going strong. No issues. No rust. the two knives that we use every single day, have lost some of their sharpness, but they still have few more years left in them.

Cutting and slicing is a pleasure with these sharp knives!
Suddenly, I feel like cooking again. Chopping onions, dicing carrots, making perfect juliennes with red peppers and mincing the garlic fine for my famous (!) vegetable medley is...effortless. All because of these knives. Ooh they are sharp! So be careful or you may end cutting yourself!

I love the fact that the knives are sharp right out the box. Many people swear by their forged knife blades but that makes the knives heavier. I have another set from Pinzon (OnlineShopDealer's brand) and yet another from Cuisinart that I barely use as they are heavier and not as sharp as these knives. I think stamped blades are great as they are lighter and thinner like these ginsu knives. If you cut vegetables more than meat then you need knives like these. For meat you need heavier blades with more balance and "brute force". For slicing a tomato so fine that you can see through it you need a Ginsu. With a Ginsu in your hand you'll end up sculpting roses from your radishes!

Update 11/5/08: I have been using these knives for 1.5 years now. They're still doing fine and are still very sharp. I regularly throw them in the dishwasher and they have not shown any signs of rusting. I love these knives and miss them if I am cooking somewhere else. I use the steak knives as everyday knives for slicing veggies and they work very well. If I ever purchase another set I will go with Ginsu again.

Update: 8/27/2013: Still using these knives after 6 years. Still going strong and are pretty sharp. Although we took to using some as box cutters and for other reasons and lost a few of the steak knives. Luckily, OnlineShopDealer sells steak knives separately in packs of 4 Ginsu Essential Series 4-Piece 4.5-Inch Stainless Steel Steak Knife Set with Triple Riveted Polymer Handles 4805 so I ordered more.

great value
We needed some new knives, but I couldn't see spending hundreds of $$$.

Yes, these are at the lower end and there are undoubtedly much better (and more expensive) sets out there.

But these feel OK, are very sharp (as other reviewers reported), seem to be sufficiently sturdy, and have ably carried out the various mundane tasks we've put them to.

For $24.99, what a value!!!


Update 11/21/08: We've had these 2 years now. The very sharp edges have gone, but the steak knives still are OK cutting, not great. But, I never sharpen them. I don't like the long thin knife (it's not serrated, so not a bread knife): the blade isn't stiff enough. (Hey, we're talking less than $30 for the set!) I really don't use the others.

I liked the steak knives so well that I ordered a second set of just them. It's a little weird at first doing paring with a serrated blade, but then you get used to it.

I'm still very pleased with the purchase overall and regard it, even as the price has increased a few dollars, as a true bargain.

incredible price for a GOOD set of knives
Okay, so we'll be honest here... These aren't the BEST knives ever. They aren't nearly as heavy and solid feeling as some might like.. but for this price you absolutely cannot get a better knife. I bought this set as a gift for someone who has a bit of a love-affair with "sharp knives"... and he was absolutely 100% pleased with this set. They are incredibly sharp and easy to manage. Best knives ever? Of course not-- but do they get the job done (meaning, do they CUT well?) absolutely yes!

As a side note-- in response to those who are complaining about rust spots-- that is what happens when you put knives in a dish washer. All knives should always be washed BY HAND and dried immidiately (regardless of what the packaging says!) Complaining about rust spots after having put them into a DISHWASHER is like complaining about ruining your silk shirt after putting it into the washing machine. With proper care, these knives will not disapoint someone looking for a good, sharp everyday kitchen knife.

Great Set! At a Great Price!
After going through several cutlery sets that only got duller and duller over time, or just simply broke,

I went for this set and am VERY pleased.

Unbelievable quality at this price.

The knives are full tang, meaning the metal extends all the way to the end of the handle, not just riveted on.

So broken blades are a thing of the past.

(A knife from one "brand-name" set I previously owned, not "full tang", broke cutting cheddar cheese!)

Nice wooden storage block.

I would warn that these knives are SHARP. Handle with care

when you first use them. Especially the first time you happen to hand wash them.

Well worth the money.

And Super Saver shipping only sweetens the deal.

Put your dull designer knives in the drawer
Just got my Ginsu knife set and I'm still looking for things to slice. After years of going through the latest, overpriced, fashionable knife, it's nice to get back to a knife that does exactly what it was designed to do at an EXTREMELY reasonable price. I could have purchased the set with stainless steel handles but there's something warm and comforting about the feel of bakelite. I think anyone over 40 would agree.

Great knives for any price!
I bought ours 3 years ago and they are still sharpe. I wouldn't know how they work on meat since we are vegetarians, but they cut fruit and vegies with ease. I have since bought 2 other sets for family members as gifts because all they loved them when at our house. If you don't like the block, then buy another or store them in a drawer. Very Happy for 3 years running!

Unbelievable quality for the price.
Are you serious? An entire 14 piece knife set for under 20 bucks? These are sharper than my Henckles set. Wash them by hand and they'll last just fine. Did I mention they're sharp? VERY sharp. We use them everyday. The steak knives are great, too. For added bonus the old infomercial is amazing. Don't hesitate to pick these up.

Great Knifes at Cheap Price, High Quality
At first I was hesitant to buy this due to the low price but after reading the reviews i was convinced. We have had this for the past 6 months and they work perfect. they are very sharp and might even cut your finger if you are not careful. they cut like butter through every food we throw at it. vegetables cut paper thin, scissors cut through chicken bones with ease. dont recommend washing in dishwaher as the handles may discolor. i always hand wash them and they turn our perfect. i highly recommend this as it works just as good as any italian or french european type of knife. i always read many reviews prior to buying and this product has not let me down yet so i give it my seal of approval.

Very sharp, great style!
I love this knife set, and take care (thanks to other reviews!) to mind the sharpness of the blades. My only suggestion would be to wash the knives right after use, and don't let handles soak in water or the color can dull. Otherwise, a great purchase!


Technical data

  • Symmetrically-cut, two-dimensional serrated edges for precision slicing
  • Stainless-steel blades never needs sharpening
  • Full tangs triple-riveted to handles
  • Hand Wash Only
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


Product Description

The GINSU 04817 international Traditions Bakelite 14 Piece Cutlery Set features the Symetric Edge design which integrates identical serrations expertly matched to each side of the knife's blade. This produces a two dimensional serrated surface capable of precision center cuts. The result is no maintenance, never needs sharpening, serrated edge that perfoms with the accuracy of fine edged professional cutlery. This design is ideal for both righ and left handed use! Made of professional quality 420 series satin finished stainless steel blades, provide consumers the perfect combination of performance, balance, and style - all supported by a lifetime limited warranty.

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