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Turtle Beach Ear Force X12 Gaming Headset and Amplified Stereo Sound (Certified Refurbished)

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Product Reviews

Great Product
These headphones are great they enhance your gaming experience it's like night and day I want to try the wireless ones but these are great considering the price

fantastic headset
This headset for the money is going to be hard to beat. The sound is great and are really comfortable. You will not be disappointed.

Great Value.
This head set is awesome for the money. I was hesitant at first to buy it because it doesn't have surround sound, but I didn't want to fork out over a hundred bucks for a headset. When I plugged it in and got it going I loved them, they definitely enhance my experience on xbox live. The game sounds amazing and I never have trouble hearing or being heard. The separate game and chat volume controls are very nice to have and so is the bass boost control.
NOTE: If you are using an HDMI cable to hook up your XBOX to your tv you will have to do one of three things to get this headset to work for you
1. Hook up the audio cables for the head set to audio OUT ports on your TV. I have a 2011 LG plasma and my TV didn't have it so I am guessing they aren't very standard.
2. Get an adapter for your xbox that has the audio ports. You can use the HDMI cable and this adapter at the same time. The adapter just plugs into the normal video output for the xbox.
3. I had a standard video cord that I wasn't using since I switched to my HDMI. Their is a piece of plastic blocking you from using the HDMI at the same time. So I just cut it off with some wire cutters, plugged it in at the same time as my HDMI and hooked up the audio cables for it.

Great Value, feels like new
So it's a recertified refurbished X12 Headset, but it feels brand new to me. This was the cheapest option, compared to new X12s, new X11s, and refurbished X11s. The Stereo sound is pretty clear and the controls on the cord are very handy. They're really comfortable too, but after prolonged use they hurt me left ear, but that's just a personal problem; I don't think anyone else would experience this.
One odd but trivial thing about the headset is that the green/red light that represents mic on/off is ALWAYS on, even when the Xbox is completely turned off. I googled it, and it seems that it isn't detrimental to the headset's health.
Other notes: It's USB powered so no need for batteries, cord is like 11 feet (curse or blessing, depends), mic is sensitive and talkback voice is nice, and they're pretty durable.
Greatest value for headsets

Maybe I should start looking at refurbished stuff more often.
I'm usually wary of ordering refurbished products but these arrived without a scratch and working perfectly. I honestly believe that even at full price these are some of the best gaming headphones you can get for the money and at this price they are a down right steal.

Holding Up Nicely
This headset has been in constant use for over a year and has held up very nicely. The sound quality is still good and clear. The only problem is that the mouthpiece cover falls off occasionally (no big deal at all!). I would definitely purchase Turtle Beach again.

love em!
Looked brand new. These are a great deal. Sound quality is great for the price!

Great Headset
This was purchased as refurbished and looks and works better than any headset he has ever had, great for gamers. I wouldnt hesitate to buy refurbished for the manufacturer takes these things down and go thru them better than they do when its being assembled, dont let refurbished stop you, theu have the same warranty as the new ones do and I believe they are much better.

Great product!!!
They work prety much the same as the regular ones , cant complain and the price was half the price for the new ones!

Great Product
I got this item right when i expected it and and nothing was missing. DON'T BELIEVE PEOPLE THAT SAY THAT ITS BAD i still have it and i got it like 1 year ago its the best thing i bought for xbox360. I bought it because of Call of Duty Black ops 2 and its incredible if you are a GameBattles player or a MLG player its awesome.


Technical data

  • This Certified Refurbished product is manufacturer refurbished, shows limited or no wear, and includes all original accessories plus a 90-day warranty
  • Amplified Audio - Enhances game sounds for a more immersive experience
  • In-line Amplifier - Quick access to gaming audio controls
  • Variable Bass Boost - Adds depth and realism to the game audio
  • Microphone Monitor - let's you hear what you're saying


Product Description

The Ear Force X12 is the definitive headset for gamers seeking amazing game sound, crystal-clear communication and enhanced comfort - all at an unmatched value. The X12 features massive 50mm speakers, delivering superior audio quality with crisp highs and deep, rumbling lows. The in-line amplifier puts you in control, with quick access to independent game and chat volume controls and adjustable bass. With separate connections for microphone and line signals, the X12 also makes a great PC gaming headset. The X12 builds on the success of the legendary X11, the best selling XBOX gaming headset of all time, adding 50mm speakers and adjustable bass for professional-grade sound quality that delivers a competitive advantage. With the X12, you can hear sound cues that are missed with conventional TV speakers, such the sound enemy footsteps, or the click of a loading weapon in the distance. That means you'll react faster and take them out before they take you out, giving you the edge that can make the difference between winning and losing. You'll also enjoy unsurpassed comfort during extended game play thanks to the large, deep-cushioned ear cups and rugged, lightweight design. If you're serious about gaming, then get serious about the sound. Step up to the X12 and experience game audio like never before.

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