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Galaxy S5 Case, S5 Case, New Trent Cliro Transparent Case [Super Slim] [All Clear] [Anti-Scratch] Samsung Galaxy S5 Case

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Leading Lightweight Case
I have had this case for a while yet and really like it. While there are pros and cons to all cases, I think NewTrent definitely has a winner in the lightweight case category here:

- Extremely light.
- Easy to put on.
- Plastic/rubber feel seems like it will absorb impact well.
- Good grip on the outside without being sticky. Won't slide off a surface but comes out of a pocket easily.
- Clear case lets you see the S5 clearly so people KNOW it isn't an iPhone.
- Flip-out headphone port cover does a good job keeping out moisture and dust.

- No screen protection.
- Doesn't seal tightly to the phone.

Really, no other negatives on this case, and those aren't negatives that are unusual in most lightweight cases. If you're looking for this type, this is a good option and good value.

Great one piece cover.
The photo appears to make the case look like a two piece but it is actually a one piece leaving the face open. I like the fact that New Trent made the trim soft and shock absorbing but the back hard, smooth and firm. This really help the product enter and exit the pocket easily. Recommended.

Great Case for the Samsung Galaxy S5
This New Trent Cliro case for the Samsung Galaxy S5 is my new favorite case. This is the first case that I am comfortable with the look and feel as well as the level of protection provided. I love its size and weight. There is no excessive bulk to weigh the phone down and to make it a tortuous exercise to retrieve it from my pocket. The case is thin, making use of trapped air between the case and the phone to provide sufficient protection. Certainly the more bulky cases can provide better and more complete protection, but the level of protection needed for the S5 is less than for previous Samsung phones. The S5 now provides better dust and water protection. It does need good shock protection because of its plastic case and that is provided by the Cliro.

Because of the clear compact design, the case allows the beauty and the functionality of the phone to shine. The color of the phone back comes through beautifully - wish my phone were more colorful than the gray that I have. All buttons are covered but with no impact on their functionality; all connections that are open on the S5 are likewise open in the case. The case is one of the easiest to install and remove. For me, this is important because I frequently swap out batteries and need to open the back of the phone.

The only negative comment that I have is the packaging. The case was not easy to remove from the clear plastic material that encompassed the case. It was very hard for this user to distinguish between packing and the case. After fumbling with it for several minutes, the case seemed to pop out, ready to install. I would suggest changing the packaging to 1) allow better discernment of the case within the packaging and 2) allow the easier extraction of the case from the packaging,

Except for the packaging, I am extremely happy with the Cliro Case for my Samsung S5. I would recommend it for those who do not demand the most stringent protection for their phone. For me the compact design and the benefits that accompany that design outweigh any protection shortcomings, mostly for water and dust.

New Trent Cliro for the Galaxy S5
The New Trent Cliro transparent case took me by surprise. I took a chance on a case that is so thin - being used to bulky cases - but it is actually a really great case. What I enjoyed the most about the case is how well you can grip it. No matter what part of the phone you hold, it simply does not slip from your hand despite being so thin, especially when compared to simply holding onto the phone without a case. When placed on most surfaces(provided they are clean and flat), whether it is facing up or down, the phone will not slip and slide, which reduces the chance of sliding and then dropping on the floor from those accidental bumps from a table or desk. The holes for the mic and speaker were perfectly placed with no degradation in sound from the speaker and no complaints from someone listening to me on a phone call. Pressing the volume and power button was effortless. For those who place their phones on a phone holder in their car, the slimmer form factor works better and can stay on, unlike bulkier cases that need to be removed every time. The fingerprint scanner worked fine with no more than the usual effort for it to recognize my fingerprint. The phone very easily slips into the case and is held securely but can be removed very easily as well.

This case does not provide a kickstand. It is not an essential component for everyone, but for those who watch stuff on their phone, it would be useful. To check if the camera lens would get scratched when laying the phone down, I used a credit card to check if the camera lens would touch the edge of the card as I slid it across. The camera lens did not touch it as there is enough of the grippy material that surrounds the back to prevent contact... Overall, the design of the case is clean and light. There seems to be enough dampening material in the corners to absorb impacts. Although the case looks great being clear, I think I would still prefer to have colors available. Some people(like me) prefer to have everything in black. It really is a great case for the Galaxy S5! The slim form factor proves that a case doesn't have to be bulky to provide good looks and protection!

Well made, easy to snap on protective case.
With every phone I buy, a protective case is a requirement for me. I'm a smart phone guy, and when you consider the replacement cost of a new phone over the cost of a protective case, it's a no-brainer for me. Lately, cases have been coming in all shapes and sizes, and almost all at a good price. The New Trent Cliro is one of these. We own several Galaxy S5's and while I don't really care about seeing the color of my phone through a case, I found another benefit in that I can see if there's any moisture between the case and the phone - a nice perk for those of you who are active outdoors. Anyway, here's my review. I hope it helps out.

1. Good construction - The case is made well. The material is flexible but feels "cushiony" if that makes sense.
2. Easy to install onto phone. - I've got a few cases for my S5 and this one installs pretty quick. It snaps into place, and the fit is good.
3. Access to heart rate sensor on back. The heart rate sensor isn't blocked, and the opening is tapered for those with large fingers.
4. Earphone opening is protected. I don't use earphones out of my phone often and having a cover is good thing to keep dirt out.
5. Buttons are covered.
6. Camera is not blocked. Nothing is in the way to take photos.
7. Clear case lets you see the phone color. Not big for me but some of you may like it.
8. Clear case lets you see if there is any moisture between the case and the phone. While the Samsung S5 is water resistant, it's not waterproof indefinitely. If you get stuck in a rainstorm, do outdoor activities, or just leave your phone on your patio table when the dew forms, knowing you have moisture between the case is a nice feature. I recently dunked my phone underwater to photograph a huge bass near my canoe, and later that day, I was reminded to pop of the case and wipe off the phone.
9. Wireless charging works with this case!
10. There is a small lip that protects the front face if you set the phone down on it's front.

1. This case only protects against bumps and occasional drops. don't expect it to save your phone if you run it over with your car.
2. This case does NOT protect the front of your phone from big scratches or impacts. Consider purchasing a screen protector for that

That's about it. I hope you enjoyed my review

Great case to show and protect your Galaxy S5
After couple weeks with her Samsung Galaxy S5, my wife ask me for a transparent cover that shows the color of her phone and not the color of the cover, I personally prefer to have a sturdy cover that protects all the time my 600+ dollars investment, but she prefers to have something more feminine. After checking some options we close our search for 2 products one sell directly on the tmobile store that didn't like me essentially for the price (over 40 usd) so we decide to give it a try to the Cliro transparent case NT651C from Newtrent.

The material is plastic that fits perfectly to the S5, the volume controls that goes on the left and the power on the right match perfectly to the case and makes exact contact to the phone giving good manipulation of them. The earphone has a small lid that protects the hole (we do not use it but it is good to have something to avoid dirt to get in). The camera, sensor mics and speaker also match perfectly with the holes on the case.

The transparent material makes it perfect to show the original color of your phone (my wife picks the golden so people is asking where did she get the phone and the cover because they are no so common in our area).

Another good thing that my wife mention is that the phone with the cover installed did not becomes bulky, and essentially did not generates to much weight and makes him lighter than using original cover we purchase with the phone.

The S5 Cliro case also allows you to open comfortable enough the section of the usb connector (the case does not have anything on the area leaving the original phone lid takes care of the space) you can open it and put the cable without any problem (the case I mention earlier from the Tmobile store have an additional cover that makes difficult to insert the USB 3 cable and that was another reason to drop that cover).

Personally I would prefer a case that covers the front, but as my wife said "If you really care your stuff you won't need an armor" so she decide to buy a separate screen protector and use it with the Cliro Case and she is happy (and that is the important thing). I would give 4 stars because of the screen but as I mention earlier, my wife is happy and that deserves a 5 stars

If you don't mid (like my wife) not to have a screen protection and want to show the real color of your phone, this is a GREAT option, you will be covered on price, quality and looks.

Sleek and lightweight case that shows off the phone's true look
Finally, a case that shows off my phone without being cheap plastic! The case has a nice feel, with the sides being more flexible and the back being a stiffer plastic. I like that the edges are pliable because I've had the experience before with previous hard plastic cases where once you drop it and the phone hits the floor, it opens up and your phone goes flying sans case! What's the point in that?! That's why I really like this case. It stays on and that pliable edge gives the phone extra protection from the impact of a fall. The other thing that's nice about this case is that even though it's plastic, it has a bit of grip to it so that if you use it on your desk, it doesn't slide around as much as you would expect. Sure, it will slide around a little bit but surely not like those completely hard, plastic cases. Finally, I really like that the front part of the case protrudes a little bit because it gives your phone a little bit of space should it fall flat on its face. I mean, it's not a rugged type of case and the phone could still be damaged by a fall, but just that little bit of a raised front means you might save yourself from a cracked screen! Other hings of note are the placements of the charging door cover and button covers, which are lined up nicely. No issues there.

All in all, its only shortcoming to me is that it lacks the protection of a bulkier case, but the trade off is a sleek and lightweight case that shows off the phone's true look. I know I can't have both worlds so this is a nice compromise when I want to be able to see my phone. I'd recommend it to others.

If you like simple and sleek, this is for you.
This is a very simple case. It is well-designed and fits tightly to the phone. No concern about it slipping off at all. This has a distinct advantage over 'clamshell' style cases of similar style, as its one piece design does not allow it to split open when you drop your phone.

It is constructed not of hard plastic as I had originally expected, but of a tough, crystal-clear, somewhat flexible rubbery plastic. This allows it to offer a degree of protection to the phone, while still keeping a very trim profile. It adds a minor amount of bulk to the phone, but IMO that is a pro, not a con - as the naked phone does feel somewhat delicate.

The buttons are firm and tactile. The hard rubber allows you to feel the buttons click when you press them. Since this case does not include a screen protector, the home button/fingerprint scanner is unaffected. The case does fit fine over the edges of my Zagg Glass, but as this is a molded case it will not work with the Qi charging back or any extended battery. It also includes an attached flap/cover for the headphone jack - which I consider a must-have on any case. Even though the jack itself is sealed to prevent water from getting inside the phone, the flap helps keep water/dirt/lint out of the jack, because those can still foul the contacts, making the headphones sound scratchy.

Overall this is a simple yet elegant case that should help your phone survive everyday use and the occasional "whoops". I would highly recommend it.

CLEARly a winner!
This review is for the New Trent Cliro Ultra Thin Rugged Case for the Galaxy S5 (Model #NT651TC).
A while back I broke my phone. While waiting for my next phone to be released, I had bought my wife a Galaxy S5. She in turn let me use it, and while I did I covered it with the New Trent NT650CR Rugged Case. I always use a rugged case – and I have been very happy with these New Trent cases. But it was time to turn it back over to her, and she wanted a different case. She had been eying the New Trent Cliro case because she felt the phone looked better in it. The case is clear, and I have to admit – it looks fantastic!
Admittedly, I was a tiny bit skeptical about the fact that this case covered everything but the screen, but since we always put high quality screen covers on anyway, I bought her the Cliro. Have to admit – it looks sharp! But most surprising is the fact that it also provides rugged protection. The back, sides, and corners are fully protected. And well protected at that. All of the buttons on the side are covered, and still function flawlessly. All ports are also still easily accessed. The case is so lightweight, you really don’t notice it.
I see a lot of people not putting their phones in cases and that just isn’t smart. Accidents happen…a lot! But if you want a good quality case that provides solid protection, but want your phone to look naked – this is the case for you. Have to give it 5 out of 5 stars. It simply works well and looks great!

Excellent stylish case.
Excellent stylish case.

I really like this case because it allows the beauty of the Galaxy S5 to show. I really like the design Samsung went with in this new case and I was a bit bummed when I had my previous case because it hid all the beauty. This is no longer the case with this case.

What I like:
-Light but solid protection. I also like that the back is raised enough to prevent the camera lens to touch the table when the phone is set down
-Feels good in the hands, and provides excellent grip
-perfect access to finger print reader and heart rate monitor

Suggestions for improvement:
-The case is a bit easy to take off. Its nice because I can swap batteries quickly, but Im a bit concerned that if the phone were to fall, the case might slip off and allow damage.
-The hole for the charging port is a bit small. I have several chargers which I use with the phone, and some of them have a hard time plugging in because the front of the case (the side of the charging whole which is towards the display) is somewhat in the way. Because that part of the case is rubber, I am able to bend it to allow the plug to go in, but I'm concerned that this is putting strain on the charging port of the phone. The Charging cable which came with the phone doesn't have this issue, but many other usb cables have the issue, including my car charger.

Overall great case, and I highly recommend it.


Technical data

  • UNIQUE - Transparent Samsung Galaxy S5 case.
  • DESIGN - Allows for quick and easy installation and removal.
  • PROTECTION - From scratches and chips from accidental drops.


Product Description

Simply Clear
New trent first clear transparent case, for the Samsung galaxy S5. Offering phone protections while little distraction to the phone design. Go on show off your new phone with out compromising its protection.

Air Frame
With an unique design, your phone is protected by an air frame cushion that disperse shock from drops and cushion your phone from potential damages.

cliro Specifications.
Dimensions: 5.8 x 2.8 x 0.5 inches

Be sure to find the official New Trent logo to ensure a 10 month warranty.

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