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The Friendly Swede Bundle of 3 GRIPPY Universal Capacitive Touch Screen Stylus Pens + 2 x 15" Lanyards/Strings + Cleaning Cloth (Hot Pink/Light Blue/Purple with Grip)

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Customer Reviews

Product Reviews

A good stylus at a great price!! Thanks again!!
These styli are great for any tablet or phone that you would otherwise use your finger. I use one on three different phones and two different tablet computers.
I don't use these for creating precision drawings as they are not intended for that.
But, that said,
I Use them on a Dell tablet with Windows 7 and the stylus works better than the high dollar stylus that Dell provides.
They are nice looking and seem very well made.
Get a bunch and put one everywhere you go cuzz THEY GET ADDICTING!!!

Kids are rougher on things and these styluses last a long time . A lot longer as so called premium stylus sold at a premium price . We also love the length of the lanyards for our Kindle .

Great quality
This is a great deal. The touch screen pens are the same quality as ones I have paid quite a bit more for and only got one. This is a bunch of them, same quality, great colors, and wonderful price. A winner all the way!

Stylus Helps.
These are great. I use the stylus on my new I-phone to tap out texts etc. I also give them to friends who have trouble touching letters.Thanks Swede.
Ellen B.

Love it
Work great for my iPad and gave some others away to friends. Easy to hold on to and work great.

Great Lightweight Stylus
This is the perfect stylus: very lightweight and a smooth rounded tip that mimics the finger pad. I had tried others: all were way too heavy and some even had a pointed tip! I have one at work, one in my purse, one at home, and extras in case I loose one. You can't beat these or this deal. (I use them on a Samsung Galaxy SII smartphone and a Google Nexus 7 tablet.)

Very Nice!
Love the colors and feel of these styluses. It is also very nice that the package also contains lanyards for attaching the stylus to your device and a cleaning cloth for the screen of your device. I would definitely purchase a package of these items from The Friendly Swede again!

Great Stylus x 6!
I had a pricey stylus, but misplaced it. I ordered these as replacements, and they are wonderful! Very lightweight, and do exactly what I need them to do. I use them with an iPod touch 4G. The colors are better in person!

Great Kindle Stylus
These are the perfect stylus for the Kindle.
The rubber tip protects the screen and allows
for better controlling of your games and puzzles.
The colors allow for everyone to have their own
and no arguments!
I would recommend these to you for being both
economical and accurate!

great for entire family
All of us have various touch screen devices, so this pack works great for the entire family. Each person gets their own color to match the color or skin of their device - no arguing over what belongs to who - with a couple left for spares and common use areas. The stylus works for our purposes, simple art apps being the most precise thing any of us do, and are a great alternative to the 3ds stylus that's easily lost. They hold up well carried around in various device cases. They do not hold up as well when a boy decides to poke his finger in the tip to squish it to see what happens, but that's a defect of the boy not the stylus. With a little effort, the stylus tip popped back out and works just like before. The same cannot be said for the boy. We poked him, he giggled like a dough boy, and now seems to be working even better than before - hasn't tried to squish a stylus again.


Technical data

  • Enjoy smoother, easier typing and gaming with The Friendly Swede's unique bundle of 3 GRIPPY universal medium sized stylus pens (4.5 inches)
  • ERGONOMIC soft squishy silicone grip for extra ease-of-use. Specially designed to be easy to hold for kids, the elderly and those with writing difficulties
  • Aluminum body with plastic clip and has the lovely feeling of a real pen
  • Styluses are 100% compatible with all touch pad devices including Apple ipod, ipad, iphone, Samsung galaxy phones and tablets & more
  • Bundle also includes 2 x 15" detachable elastic stylus lanyards and a 5.5 x 3.0" microfiber cleaning cloth


Product Description

The friendly swede Grippy Stylus Series Specially designed grippy Styli - silicone rubber grips allow you to write, surf, and game with ease!

Give your finger a rest! Try The Friendly Swede's Stylus series for easier, smoother, fingerprint-free typing and gaming. Through years of experience, The Friendly Swede has created a complete range of stylus pens that are totally capacitive (work with any device), sensitive, durable and super-comfortable to use.

..due to the non-durable nature of the capacitive touchscreen (iPad, smartphones, etc.) the tip has to be soft. Treat the stylus like a small, soft-tipped paint brush and stroke the screen. If the tip is collapsing or if you tore the tip off quickly, they you trying to write with the stylus versus stroking the screen..

..Soft tip styli do not last. 3-6 months of daily use and they are done....product is disposable..

The stylus pens are universal and work with all capacitive touch-screen devices.

3 x GRIPPY universal stylus touch screen pens (4.5 inches)
2 x 15 Detachable elastic lanyards
1 x The Friendly Swede microfiber cleaning cloth 5.5x3.0

We are totally obsessive about quality and customer service - if you have any questions please get in touch and we will do everything we can to solve them.

There's a reason they call us The Friendly Swede

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