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The Friendly Swede (TM) With Fire Starter And Sharp Eye Knife (Stainless Steel Grade SS304) - Extra Beefy / Wide / Thick Adjustable Premium 500 lb Paracord / Para-cord Survival Bracelet - Adjustable Size Fits 7-9 Inch Wrists in Retail Packaging (Hunters O

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fire starting survival bracelet and knife demo

Length:: 4:18 Mins

hello my name is Austin aka hissatsu5 i am a knife and gear reviewer on youtube and in this video i will show what this product is capable of doing

although i was given the product for testing i maintain my own opinion

Exactly as I imagined it.
This is a really great paracord bracelet and plenty of people take notice of it when I'm wearing it. I'm genuinely surprised by how many people have commented (positively), let alone how many times I've noticed people looking at it. It's been a pretty even mix of people who instantly know what it is and ask about it because it looks like quality, and another group of people that are just plain curious about it.

I didn't buy it for attention though, I bought it for function... so how does it fare? Great! It is really well constructed and definitely has the feel of quality. I'd say everything is as "as described," maybe even a little better than expected. For those wondering about ease of striking a spark, I'd say don't worry about it. I can't say that it's "easy" because it's not; you do have to work at it a tiny bit. But the good news is that it's sufficiently possible and working toward that easy mark as you get the hang of it.

Now, to the Friendly Swede: I went ahead and gave this a full 5 stars because the product deserves it (and your service was excellent/speedy also, thanks!). I do want to make a suggestion though if you don't mind. In future renditions I'd love to see you steer away from the "one size fits all" model you've gone with here, and go to specific sizing. The reason I say that is with this version as it is, on a smaller wrist size there is a bit of paracord that ends up sticking out from the bracelet because of having to choke up on the adjustment. I didn't care for that extra material sticking out. I was able solve this by weaving the slack into the bracelet loops. I would prefer to not have to do that, and would pay slightly more for the bracelet (if necessary) if you were to produce them in 3 or 4 different sizes as to eliminate the dangling slack.

Bottom Line: excellent product - quit thinking and researching, just BUY ONE... you won't be disappointed. Is there slight room for improvement? Yep. Overall though the Friendly Swede has produced a great product here, and at a great value. I've purchased two of them, and won't hesitate to order more in the future as needed.

Strong Enough For Nerds of All Sizes

Length:: 1:01 Mins

Every The Friendly Swede paracord item that I've used has been well made and attractive enough for normal wear. It is more carefully constructed than the cheap items sold in superstores and the cord is genuinely strong enough to use in an emergency. The extra peripherals that come with some items, such as the steel bow shackle or eye knife, are also very heavy duty and practical. The lanyards are just standard lanyard clips and are not made of steel wire or paracord. This bracelet also can really start fires, which is pretty awesome when it is being used on a camping trip (or escaping from killers into the woods).

It should also be noted that in the event that you need to unwind one of your cords, the company has a policy that they will replace it if you send along a photo and your story. I thought that was really nice and shows that they do stand behind their products and want to know how they are being used.

Overall, these are practical and fun accessories to have around and the price is reasonable.

Thank you to Gramatik for the music and The Friendly Swede for the review samples.

Fire Starter Tip and Additional Use for the Bracelet
I had my doubts on the utility of the fire starting rod until I saw hissatsu5's video of starting a fire. Upon further experimentation I found the plain rounded edge to be much more effective at raising sparks than the serrated side though; it went from a very occasional small spark using the serrations to full sparking using the plain side (the plain side, where you can read the logo on the knife, has a very slight but sharp burr all around that outer edge from when it was cut out, making it dig in extremely well). The additional practice also served to wear the black coating off the rod, which the manufacturer states is necessary to get a full spark from it. It did seem to help, though it will spark off the unworn side too.
I'd also like to point out that the thickness of the bracelets weave allows you to slide other small items into it for storage as well, such as a small fishhook and a swivel for instance, making up for its bulk by increasing its utility. With a little judicious choice you will be surprised at how many things can fit, out of sight and out of your way, in between the weave.

Too bulky for us
I really like the idea of this, but it's way to bulky for a small-med. sized person. It's even to bulky for my husband. It is just as described though and we decided to wear it on our ankles so we can keep it with us and it's not in our way.

Exceptional Product, Exceptional Customer Service
I'm rarely compelled to write a review, but considering the exemplary customer service received, I'd be remiss if I did not. The other reviews you might browse commending this company's commitment to their products is spot on. Their well thought out and well constructed products are only outdone by the uncommon and refreshing personal touch the folks at The Friendly Swede offer.

I've been so thoroughly impressed with this product that I've ordered several other bracelets with which I'm equally pleased. It's astounding how a simple, but well executed product, complemented by an earnest human touch-point, can create such a positive experience.

Tough and useful.
Another top quality item from The Friendly Swede. The bracelet is exactly as depicted in the sales promo.

It is bulky and masculine, not recommended for dainty wrists or small frames. It is 11" long, thick, tightly woven in a cobra braid. Includes a magnesium flint fire starter and a stainless steel sharp eye knife. I have tested both and they certainly perform as advertised. My bracelet did not include the tuft of tinder (found on some) but I had no trouble sparking and starting a fire with some shredded tissue paper.
The bracelet is easy to buckle and adjust from 7" to 9" wrists.

I did not unravel the paracord but have tested similar paracord items from the same source; they were as strong as advertised. The paracord, once deployed, is very difficult to braid back.

The Friendly Swede has outstanding quality control and customer service with a lifetime warranty. They are willing to replace the paracord items for free when acustomer uses them, as long as they submit a photo and the story behind it. I have multiple items from that company and I highly recommend it.

A complimentary sample was provided for review.

Another great paracord product!!!
This bracelet was easy for me to put on because of its adjustable size. I have a small wrist, so i can easily close the bracelet at its loosest setting, pull it over my hand, and tighten it once it's around my wrist. I can then just tuck the loop/weave it under the bracelet so the loop doesn't stick out.

The paracord itself is of a great quality. It's not thick enough to go mountaineering with, but it comes with a nice variety of uses in a pinch - bundling firewood, binding up a wrapped package or bag, holding up a shelter by tying it between two trees and draping something over it, and so on. The neat thing is this can also be used to start a fire. It's not easy, as anyone who has started a fire without a lighter/match knows, but if you have experience starting a fire manually, then this is a great bracelet for you. A solid product from a wonderful company (i just love the name!)

Beefy + Firestarter = Great Combo

Length:: 0:59 Mins

Very beefy (thick) compared to regular paracord bracelets and I love the firestarter/knife combo.
Hard to access knife, I would have to unwrap the entire thing. But it's good knowing its there if I need it.

Paracord bracelets are all ‘the thing”
But this is the “real deal”. Let us not mistake this for a real Survival “kit”. But here’s the point- too many people forget or fail to take along their ‘real kit’ as “they are just going for a day hike’ or “just going off the trail a bit” or just …”. The next line is usually “Search parties have been organized” or worse…“Cadaver dogs found….”.

So, this spiffy bracelet is super handy in that you can carry it always (maybe not on a airplane). It has a decent little fire starter and a blade of sorts, all with a nice amount of paracord. (17-18 feet!)

Stopping to start a fire will stop you from PANICKING, which is so very critical. DON’T PANIC! as a wise man once said.

Quality workmanship and materials too, which is nice as a lot of this stuff is cheap junk.

I assume you have a whistle and flashlite on your keyring anyway, maybe a few bandaids, etc and with this you’re Ok to go “just for…”


Technical data

  • 3 in 1 survival kit (500 lb paracord survival bracelet, fire starter and eye knife) for camping, hiking and hunting
  • Extra beefy / wide adjustable branded bracelet - with fire starter and hidden sharp eye knife made by stainless steel type 304(length:1.97 inch)
  • Adjustable Size - Fits approx 7-9 inch wrist. Extra long total paracord length approx 17.5 feet disassembled
  • 500 lb actual rated load verified by SGS testing at maximum force of 531 lb
  • Premium quality accessories - Hand picked or produced by The Friendly Swede® - Lifetime Warranty


Product Description

1 x Extra beefy / wide / thick adjustable premium 500 lb paracord survival bracelet with fire starter and sharp eye knife

Wrist sizes that measure between 7 and 9 inches.

Stylish accessory with instant access to 17.5 feet of 500 lb paracord
Bracelet can be completely disassembled in three minutes
500 lb actual rated load verified by SGS testing at maximum force of 531 lb

Specifications and quality guaranteed by The friendly swede®
All bracelets are 100% tied and assembled by hand
Lifetime Warranty

THE FRIENDLY SWEDE® - Selected Accessories:
If for any reason not happy with any product by The Friendly Swede®, please contact us and will get back to you within 24 hours to do our best to solve your problem. At The Friendly Swede® we take full ownership and responsibility for the quality of our products. The Friendly Swede® - USPTO serials: 85494642, 85511082, 85521942 - is a registered trademark protected by US Trademark Law. All products by The Friendly Swede® are exclusively manufactured by The Friendly Swede®.

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