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The Friendly Swede Bundle of 2 Long Camera / Camcorder Neck Shoulder Straps Belt - Length Approximately 36" + Cleaning Cloth in Retail Packaging (Black/Red + Black)

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In a moment of frustration, I actually ordered this two pack of straps from my smartphone on a streetcorner while on vacation in DC. We were out for a day of Monuments and other touristy things. We had a lot of walking planned and it was naturally hot and humid - I was so miserable with my (standard) camera strap digging into my neck. The fact that I couldn't wear my camera cross-body combined with our extended walking was causing me shoulder strain. The strap that came with my camera was confining and way too short to be any kind of comfortable for a day out and about. For the price, this seemed like a much better option. And yes, I made an impulse purchase but I'm SO GLAD I did! Shipping was super-quick and these straps were on my doorstep waiting for me when I got home from my extended weekend! You'll be happily surprised at the quality for the price... and how soft the woven fabric is - it's not itchy or uncomfortable around your neck. It's great to be able to wear my camera on my hip now! Lots of flexibility now because of the way the clips are arranged - it's not likely these straps will be too long either - you can adjust to the perfect fit for you. I thought after I had placed the order that I was going to "get what I paid for" - and I'm glad to report I got way, way more than that. Couldn't be happier even if I spent much more money! Grab these! Can't go wrong.

Can't Get Better than This!

Length:: 2:53 Mins

I got these to add a little bit of style to my camera and they do an awesome job! They're extremely soft and comfortable around my neck. I had an issue with my stock Nikon step pulling the hairs on the back of my neck but this one does not!

This is very secure as I show in my video and I really recommend it!

Nice straps, multi-colored strap is soft

Length:: 0:37 Mins

The pack has two straps. One is made out of black strapping material (fairly stiff) and a muti-colored cotton yarn (softer). The wide part of both straps is 1.5", and the narrow ends are just under 1/2" (3/8").

The wide part of these camera straps is 37", the think strap on each end is 11", they are folded to hold the camera so they give an additional 5"-8" on each end, making a total length if each strap from 47" to 53". Note that you cannot use the entire 11" as you need to fold the strap over to make a loop for the camera. The strap that came with my camera is 43", so the Friendly Sweed strap can be made 10" longer. For a large person that might make a significant difference in comfort.

The pack also include a small cleaning cloth, it is 3" x 5.5". It is a bit on a small side, but cleans well.

My favorite is the multi-colored softer strap, it wide and soft and spreads the weight of my camera very well. It is very comfortable.

Ali Julia review
[sample provided for review]

Comfortable And 11" Longer Than Canon's OEM Strap (Perfect For Slinging Across Shoulders!)
First and foremost, these straps are very well made, so I feel comfortable with entrusting a heavy DSLR and lens (like the Canon 7D and 100-400mm lens) with one of these.

The shoulder strap portion (i.e. the strap exclusive of the small straps that attach directly to the camera) is 3' 1-1/2" (11" longer than OEM strap for my Canon 7D). I sometimes sling my camera across my shoulders (especially when I'm hiking), so the extra length really helps out. The straps also feel much softer and hence more comfortable on the shoulders. They don't have the stiff rubberized backing like those on the OEM straps.

I picked the nondescript straps with (1) solid black and (2) black with red fringes because they don't attract the unwelcome attention of thieves as much as the straps with flashier designs.

I'm very happy with these straps. If you're looking for camera straps with extra length, these are a good bet.

Comfortable, Snazzy, Great Length
I wasn't planning on buying a new strap, but the one that came with the Canon SX50 was I started searching. I wanted something longer, for more versatility, like being able to wear it over my shoulder and shift positions. This product seemed to fit the bill in the description and it followed through. The colored strap is nicer looking in actuality than in the picture (I got the pink and brown.) and the quality seems sound. The fibers are soft and the strap is wide enough not to cut into the neck. The black strap seems strong, but is not soft. I'm not sure for what I'll use the second strap...but I'll figure out something, I'm sure. (I would have preferred to buy one at half the price... The lens cloth is simple, but a nice bonus. If you are looking for a new strap...I recommend this one.

Great value, excellent quality and style.
Love my new camera straps. I've gotten so many compliments on the patterned one - I love that the design is eye-catching, but not advertising the make and model of my camera when I'm wearing it.

The fake leather-backed camera straps that come with my Canon cameras tend to irritate my neck, especially in hot weather. The woven patterned strap from this 2-pack does not make my skin irritated or sweaty. I have not used the plain black strap yet, but the material for both straps is very sturdy yet soft. I've read in comments below that people felt these aren't actually XL straps, but they really are longer than the straps that come with your cameras. I am short, however, and I tightened these straps as much as possible to get the right length for me, then snipped off the excess nylon and used a lighter to burn off the edge so it doesn't fray.

These straps are the perfect length for traveling/hiking and needing to swing the camera diagonally across one shoulder. I love not having to worry about my camera swinging or weighing down my neck.

Comfortable and attractive camera straps

Length:: 2:04 Mins

I guess it was time to change my old camera straps. One of them, a $2 acquisition from a camera store bargain bin many years ago, has been to five continents, and it's long overdue for retirement. The other strap is a plain Nikon strap that came with a camera body. The Friendly Swede straps are nice replacements. The two that I'm reviewing are the multi-colored strap and the plain black strap. Both of these end in tough nylon straps that fit through the eyelets on the camera body. These would work fine on SLRs, DSLRs, camcorders, and compact cameras - any camera that has the attachment eyelets.

My favorite is the multi-color cotton strap. Besides the eye-catching colors, it's very comfortable. The black polyester strap is a winner too, but it's not quite as soft as the cotton strap. (But it's more comfortable than the Nikon strap that came with the camera.)

I can definitely recommend these for a new camera or if you're looking to replace your old camera straps.

A product sample was provided for review purposes.

I love this strap! It's the perfect length and very comfortable to wear. Longer than a standard strap but not so long that it's awkward to use.
I haven't used the black one yet but I like knowing it's there for a back up if needed.

Exactly what I wanted. I can't stand anything hanging around my neck much less a weighty camera. I need to be able to wear my camera across my body and still be able to swing it up easily for quick shots. They are not very wide,1 1/2", so if you carry really heavy equipment you might want something wider, but for my Fujifilm SL1000 they are just right. Such soft fabric, not scratchy hard nylon, and appear to be very well made. A great deal too! You can't go wrong with these.

good quality
Haven't gotten to use them much since it's been cold. But they're quite sturdy and have a nice look to them. When it seems like the only affordable straps you can find are crazy colored, its nice to find a high quality, affordable, low profile strap. Thanks.


Technical data

  • Two Pack (1 red edge polyester yarn + 1 black polyester yarn) camera/camcorder neck shoulder straps belts - length 36" (plus 2 x 12" black adjustable nylon straps, total length approximately 60")
  • Durable, fashionable straps for all brands of DSLR camera - Panasonic Sony Canon Nikon Fuji Olympus Pentax Dslr camera/camcorder
  • Long, wide straps for comfortable and convenient carrying of your camera
  • Approx Size: 36" x 1.5", extra long/wide
  • Cleaning cloth included - Premium quality accessories - Hand picked or produced by The Friendly Swede®


Product Description

1 x Red edge polyester yarn camera/camcorder neck shoulder straps belt
1 x Black polyester yarn camera/camcorder neck shoulder straps belt
1 x The friendly Swede® 5.5 x 3.0 microfiber cleaning cloth

Carry your camera in comfort and in style - convenient, secure and durable!

Panasonic Sony Canon Nikon Fuji Olympus Pentax Dslr Camera/Camcorder

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