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AmazonBasics IEEE 1394 4-Pin to 6-Pin FireWire Cable - 6 feet (1.8 Meters)

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OnlineShopDealer made firewire purchase painless
After spending a frustrating hour at Fry's trying (and failing) to get some basic information to purchase a firewire that was inexpensive but guaranteed good quality transfer, I went home empty-handed. Then I went on, found exactly what I wanted with a complete description, guarantee and low cost. The firewire arrived within two days, and immediately I was capturing high-quality video for editing on Final Cut Pro. As one of the last brick and mortar electonics stores still in business, Fry's will probably be the next to go -- based on the employees' complete lack of interest in helping their "customers." They lost the firewire sale and the VHS conversion-to-digital deal.

Perfect for My Needs
I purchased this firewire cable to convert my miniDV camcorder tapes to a digital format on my PC. It worked great. The cable seems to be high quality and costs less than 25% of what it would cost in a big box store. Great value!

You could pay $30+ for a brand name cable.. Buy why?
I am so excited to see OnlineShopDealer taking on the big retailers and offering cables that are appropriately priced. Go to any Staples, Radio Shack, OfficeMax, Best Buy, etc. and you'll be lucky if you can find this same cable for less than thirty dollars. It's downright criminal. This OnlineShopDealer cable fit my camcorder and Mac perfectly, and performs just as well as those name brand cables that cost five times as much. Save your money, and buy it here. End of story.

Good quality cable with great packaging.
Cable is not too thin and fragile looking, gold plated connectors, and works fine.

The main attraction here would be the decent price and the excellent packaging. If you've ever had to open retail cables in their blister packs you'll appreciate the cable being packed in a small, nondescript cardboard box.

good product for an excellent price
worked perfectly with vista and an older video camera to transfer to computer, fairly quick transfer and good quality for a great price

Blissfully easy to open!
The cable works perfectly and it was great to just open a box and use it as opposed to fighting the typical hard plastic shell!

Great cable, but not a 400 to 800 firewire solution for the MacBook Pro
This item gets a Five-Star rating for being an excellent example of what it is, a 4-pin/6-pin firewire cable. I can use it for something, I'm sure, a video camera perhaps.

I myself get ZERO Stars for confusing this item with a 400-800 Firewire cable to use with my new MacBook Pro. Belkin 6ft FIREWIRE 800/400 Cable ( F3N403-06-APL )

just as described
We needed this for an older video camera. We had no idea we were even missing the cord to remove the video until it was too late.
OnlineShopDealer saves us again!
Local stores like Best Buy wanted a fortune. This was inexpensive and with Prime it was here in 2 days.
It was good quality and worked well.

Does its job
There isn't much to say about this cable because it's operation is pretty simple and my purpose was to move all the videos I had on tapes (yes, I had those) on to my computer's hard drive. It was a little hard to fit in at first, but a little push helped.

Up to 40mb speeds!
This cable is great. A little tight fit on one end so be careful and don't say it doesn't fit. This is good as well because I'm sure it will last long and makes a sturdy connection. When I first plugged it in, it had speeds at a few kilobytes which had me worried but a little searching made it as fast as its made to be. I had to update the ieee1394 driver from the device manager search on my computer not from the internet. On the bottom I choose from the list not in the folders. On the drop down list on the bottom choose (Legacy) and DONE. Super fast speed.


Technical data

  • One 6-foot-long (1.8 meters) IEEE 1394 4-Pin/6-Pin FireWire cable
  • Connects speed-critical audio/visual peripherals and multimedia devices to your computer;
  • Connects FireWire devices to each other for peer-to-peer communications
  • Distributed by OnlineShopDealer; backed by one-year OnlineShopDealerBasics warranty
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging


Product Description

OnlineShopDealerBasics products are quality electronics accessories offered at a great value.

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