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Filler Paper by Mead, Wide Ruled, 200 Sheets (15200)

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Product Reviews

Great for the price
The paper feels cheap but that is because it IS. I only need it for some notes and do not always do because I use powerpoint or other things when taking notes. But it is definitely worth the money for scratch paper or take notes you are going to type on a office file (as I do for some of my classes) since it helps you to remember and 200 sheets for cheap, what if you use all of them in one semester? they ARE cheap

Strong Quality Papers
I think the paler colors help not to distract from the words written on the page. The quality seems above average based on thickness and texture. It's much more fluent to write on due to the smooth feel. On other college-ruled papers, it has a more scratchy feel when writing. It has a very clean, sharp look and I recommended this product for writing.

Fewer Words Needed
This is paper. It is made from trees which are turned to pulp and then turned into this nice, wide lined, not scratchy smooth paper. I'm a bigger fan of narrow ruled paper. My kid likes college ruled paper, but the wide lines are better for those who have to write a one page, hand written report when they don't have a lot to say.

filler paper
Great quick delivery. Mead 200 filler paper for all your school needs and other paper needs. Paper is strong and easy to work with. Recommended product.

sent to an inmate,
glad I sent him this product when I did as after he received the order with the composition books, and the writing paper and envelopes, the prison decided it was losing too much money at their commissary, and passed a regulation to discontinue allowing inmates to receive this product from outside sources,

Great quality paper!
Mead seems to have good quality products in my experience. This is your standard 3 ring binder paper that is Wide Ruled. I like it to use for my 1rst grader's homework, no ripping out of a notebook (which is hard for them to do without making a mess). So great to have it shipped to my front door!

Gift for Granddaughter's Classroom
This was sent to my granddaughter for use in her 4th grade class since the school does not furnish adequate (if any) supplies. worked perfectly. Classroom had only a desk, 1 file cabinet and that's all. She had to supply everything else.

Love the convenience
This is a standard product at a good price. It is great to be able to get refills to your doorstep. The wide ruled paper helps my son write more easily and neatly due to the greater gap between his lines.

Regular, non-defective, office filler paper
This paper is perfect for its job; filler paper. There are 200 sheets of the paper and none of them at first glance appear to be defective/have any issues. Very great value for the money.

Great for School
I bought these in bulk for school this year and it was a great purchase. They have the quality you'd expect from a name-brand paper company; but they are priced as cheap as any other.


Technical data

  • Filler paper is wide ruled; each pack contains 200 sheets (400 pages); three hole punched; 8 x 10 1/2 sheet size
  • White 3-hole punched lined paper fits right into your binder, pocket folder, or Flex notebook
  • Stock up on essential school supplies like notebook filler paper by Mead


Product Description

Mead Filler Paper is an essential school item for students of any age.

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