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Fender Straplock W/ Button

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Customer Reviews

Perfect on 93 American Standard Strat
Strap locks worked perfect on my 93 fender American Standard Stratocaster. Did not use supplied buttons since they were on stock Strat from Fender. Note: You will want to remove/unscrew the chrome release knob from the black spring loaded plunger(careful don't lose spring) and apply some loctite onto threads of both lock chrome release knobs. I had the Chrome lock release knob unscrew from the black spring loaded plunger and almost dropped my guitar. I was lucky to find the spring in the carpet when it came apart.

Fender Quality is AWEFUL on these - AND they will not fix the problem!!!
I ordered 2 sets of these; One did NOT have the nut that holds that strap on. I am not able to return it because I waited over one month. Fender manufacturing quality sucks. Hopefully I can find a nut that will work. The second set failed as soon as I installed it on the guitar - the release button was not screwed on correctly, so as soon as I got it on the guitar the nut fell off. Now I am NOT ABLE to get the strap off the guitar. The threads for the screws are recessed so you cannot put the release button back on if it is ON THE GUITAR. I have no clue how to get this off without sawing the strap nut off the guitar -- WAY BAD. Make sure the release button is fully screwed to the plunger each time before you connect to your guitar... YUCK.

Works great with a little finagling
The Fender strap locks look great out of the box. Just like any other strap lock, it takes a little time to put them on and the screws that are provided are never the right size. I have experienced this will every strap locks that I have ever owned. The best thing to do is to take a little wood glue and tooth picks and put them with the screws. The tooth picks are for added space and the wood glue makes sure that it stays in place. Let it dry for a day or two and they are good to go. Over all these strap locks feel great and they preform just the way that you need them too.


  • The original chrome straplock and button!
  • Includes: 2 Locks, 2 Buttons, 2 Screws and Felt Washers
  • Fender part 099-0690-000


StrapLock W/ Button

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