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Fender American Standard Strat Tremelo Arm

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Customer Reviews

Plugged right into my Mexi Strat
I was worried that the american arm might not fit a stock 2003 Mexi tremolo, but it fit fine! Otherwise works as advertised.

Great product and much cheaper than I would have thought! Screwed right into my 1992 American Standard Strat and looks and works GREAT! If you are freshening up your Strat/Tele, buy a new pearl faux finish pickguard too. That made mine look REALLY cool and was fairly easy to install. I still can't play guitar but I look COOL with my refreshed Strat!

I wrote a review for the LARGER style arm, and now for this one. The 6 screw hole model bridge is the small arm. The 2 post bridge needs the LARGE one. Don't listen to what they say, just look at your bridge. 6 hole w/screws = Small, 2 post (w/out screws) = LARGE one. It doesn't matter where or when it was made, just look at your bridge.


  • Genuine fender Part 099-2054-000
  • Fits Standard USA Strats
  • Color: Chrome
  • Threaded; White Tip


AMstandard Strat TremArm

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