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Ernie Ball P03021 Ernie Ball Slinky Nickel Plated Electric Guitar Strings, (6-pack)

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Best Guitar Strings in Existence
I just turned 60 years old and I've been playing guitar since I was 13 - I've tried every make of string, and played most every model of guitar as well, and these are the only strings I use. I recently bought a used guitar which was strung with something else - couldn't wait to get the EB strings on there. Nothing else has the feel and sound - they just have a musicality and aliveness to them and manufacturing quality has been consistent over the years. I'd recommend these for any guitar, any style - harmonics, sustain, feel - they have it all. Only decision is .010's or .009's - I like to use .010's when tuned down to E flat, and .009's for standard tuning.
If you don't like your guitar and it's strung with other strings, try these. Thanks EB!

My favorite strings for electric
These are my favorite strings for electric guitar. I've been using them since I started playing about eighteen years ago. I've tried other strings, like Gibson and D'Addario, but I like the sound and feel of Ernie Balls the best -- they feel nice, full, thick, hefty. I play blues, jazz, and bluesy rock. I use these on a Gibson Les Paul Vintage Mahogany and a Yamaha neck-thru-body electric, and they are good for the music I play and for providing a full-bodied sound. There are a whole host of "big name" guitarists who use these strings, and for good reason. I buy them in 10 packs to save money -- can't seem to find that option here on OnlineShopDealer.

It's all about what YOU feel
In my opinion strings are the hardest thing to rate to an extent because everyone prefers different tensions and/or sounds but I will say that as long as you clean them once in a while they will last pretty long without major tone loss, as far as tension that all depends on the person playing. I've been using these for about 3 years now and I wouldn't swear by them but they are more readily available than a lot of other strings. I've used a lot of gauges from .09-.42 all the way to .12-.54 and what's comfortable for me may not be for you. I would definitely recommend a lighter gauge to beginners and my personal favorite is either the .10-.46 or the .10-.48

Just strung an old cheap guitar and brought to life
As cheap as these strings were, I am pleasantly surprised with the results achieved.
I picked up an old, cheap electric guitar that needed some work. It had been dropped on it's head.
After repairing and playing it, it still sounded like crap so I had these strings, they were cheap and I put them on. Only took about 5 minutes to restring and was well worth the effort.
Okay, the guitar (and I am too embarrassed to give the brand) isn't my Gibson Les Paul or my Fender American Strat, but damn, it sounds good now. If I didn't have so many guitars, I might keep this one but I will probably sell it to make room for another.
These were well worth the few dollars I spent on them. Honestly, I won't restring my Fender with them, I'll use the Fender 250 bullets. But these are great for about any electric. With guitars, crappy strings kill it. Great strings can make a bad guitar okay, not great.
I will continue buying and using these on my lower end guitars but will spend the few extra bucks on my high end guitars.

Very popular replacement strings for your electric guitar, and always made in the USA. Good price, too.
For electric guitars, the regular slinky set is a fine choice. These are my first choice now for all my electrics. They don't wear out or break, and I sometimes bang away like Pete Townshend. They last longer than the factory installed set. I only replaced them last time because of stretch. There were only some very slight flat spots from fret wear. Ernie Ball also makes somewhat thinner super slinky strings and also a hybrid set. Just a matter of personal preference.

I always have at least 1 set of spares tucked in the back of my amp.

great strings
I've used many different strings over the years and Ernie Ball is my favorite. I drifted from them at one time when I went to using flat-wounds for a period, and sorta forgot how much I liked them until I went back to round-wounds and used various brands with little satisfaction. I get the Ernie Balls back on my guitar and the tone is good, they are bendable, and they don't seem to break as fast as a lot of other strings that are out there. I also use their Hybrid Slinky strings on my bass and absolutely love them.

Nice and Slinky
I typically play D'Addario .010's, but I wanted to see what all the fuss was about with these. Well I gotta say, I'm not stricken with disbelief at these, but they are very nice. Overall I would say that they feel about the same as my D'Addario strings, but if the price is right I wouldn't mind a substitution every now and again. They DO bend very nicely, obviously your guitar's scale length and your ability to bend strings may vary.

Ernie Ball
Ernie ball strings are quality strings that last me quite a long time. They sound great, and I have yet to have use set of strings by Ernie that were faulty or disappointing in any way.

Of course, I have only used a few other brands of strings, so I don't have an arsenal of wisdom to compare the quality of these strings to. But do take my word when I say that these are extremely reliable, good-sounding, and affordable. 5/5

Just great guitar strings
I've been using these strings for many years. They hold their tune for a long time and have a nice, rich on the low end, sparkly on the high end tone. Quality has always been very consistent. I play classic rock, 90's alternative, modern country, blues, and 80's metal on Les Pauls, Strats, Teles, Rickenbackers, and Gretsch's. Live and in the studio, these strings work for everything.

My Favorites
I've used "lime slinkies" for decades. I've never been disappointed by their sound, their quality, or their longevity. I probably don't change them as often as I should, but the sealed packages have improved that issue, since now I can always have a couple spare sets on hand, and not have to worry about them being anything but "fresh" when I pop 'em.


Technical data

  • 6 Sets of Ernie Ball Regular Slinky guitar strings .010 - .046 in Frustration Free Packaging
  • Ernie Ball Regular Slinky Electric Strings are our top selling set, and are favored by many musicians around the globe. Regular Slinky strings are played by Eric Clapton, John Mayer, Steve Vai and legions of guitar players worldwide.
  • Regular Slinky wound strings are made from nickel plated steel wire wrapped around a hex shaped steel core wire. Gauges .010 .013 .017 .026 .036 .046


Product Description

6 Sets of ernie Ball Regular Slinky guitar strings .010 - .046 in Frustration Free Packaging

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