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Elmer's 3D Washable Glitter Pens, Classic Rainbow and Glitter Colors, Pack of 10 Pens (E199)

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Product Reviews

Nice for the kids
Glitter that is contained in a gooey substrate is much better than glitter that is only restrained by a child's whims and gravity! I won't be rubbing THIS glitter out of the cat's fur, unlike the archaic glitter delivery mechanism of other products. I learned that lesson the hard way.

super fun
these 3D glitter pens are really fun and easy to use. I will definitely continue to purchase this product for art projects. Make sure not to squish the glitter before it dries, so that it can keep it's shap for the 3D effect.

My almost 3 year old loves these. They are easy to use and keep her busy for a little while. Take a while to dry.

This item is AWSOME!!!

It's very helpful and is very bright.You can do a lot of things with this glitter. The colors are beautiful and they look 3-D when you put it on paper.

This is awsome..... People should get this!!


Inspiration for young and old
This is my second order. Have you seen what a six year old can do with a can of DRY glitter? Well, other than the billions and billions of fantastic works of art and twice as many sighs of happiness and an amazing number of minutes spent focusing on the work before her? Yipe. Clean up doesn't take nearly as long as you think it will; still, heavy, heavy sigh.

This glitter glue seems to fill the bill, instead. No matter the age, one does not seem tempted to toss it into the air nor to dump the entire jar at every application nor to brush the pretty specks onto the carpet. Any mess occurs only in learning not to smear the stuff before it dries.

To look at this set drives you instantly to intense creativity. Yes, you! And an adult sitting beside her youngster working on art projects is one top notch aegis to marvelous conversation. Marvelous conversations with offspting get an amazing amount said. And learned. And understood. With love. And decided cooperation.

Good stuff.

best glitter glue we have used
It may seem silly to review glitter glue but my girls love glitter glue so we go through a lot and this elmers brand is the best we have used! I have purchased several different brands, usually the first I find, and this is the best. The colors are bright and packed with glitter. I noticed enough of a difference between this and other brands that I figured it was worth saying something! It also comes of surfaces other than paper very easily.

Kids love these
Kids love these! I used them this summer in a project of painting rocks with my grandchildren and nieces and nephews. They love the colors and all the sparkles and I like the clean up. And the results are dynamic!

Great for craft projects with the kids
10 pack offered a good selection of colors and the glitter pens worked great. I would buy again. My kids love them.

This Elmers glitter is so great as it's used in a plethora of ways from mixed media to straight paper projects to kids crafts.
I personally have used this professionally by mixing Liquitex Gel Medium and other Liquitex effects to create many art projects even on glass and canvas. This product when mixed with professional art viscosities is no longer "washable" and that's what I need; permanance.
This product is listed as "washable" meaning if you spill it ; that can be removed by washing...not "washable" as in this paint is for fabrics and thus is washable as one reviewer was speaking of. NO its NOT permanent paint...its Elmer's Glue as the base for kids and school and everyday craft projects
I buy this for 2 reasons : it's cheap and easy to adhere with the bottle tip applicators. Glitter seems to be ph neutral so it hasn't yellowed or faded over 15 yrs time on my personal/professional artistic projects. As for 3-D; it's NOT. Just glitter inside of clear glue consistency. NOT 3-D as in fabric paints or other pro-mediums of high viscosity height meaning at least 1/16 inch grade . Color is vibrant even after a decade. I LOVE this and its competitor brand and use it often. You can find this at Toys R Us and almost everywhere & that's why I like that; it's accessible when the very expensive products of the same consistency/ glitz are not available. I highly recommend this to crafters/artists/schools. 5 stars.

Less mess than glitter sprinkled over or dumped on glue
I use these to decorate Christmas cards I either make or enhance the ones that are store bought. Easy clean up. Dries hard and stays in place under normal wear and tear. Great gift for kids. Very pretty. Lots of sparkle. Much easier than using a glue pen and sprinkling (or dumping) glitter on glue. Less mess and should result in less glitter spread all over the house, the pets, and the humans.


Technical data

  • 3D paint/glue adds a new dimension to artwork
  • Dries raised to make artwork pop
  • Great for school projects, posters, drawings, or outlining
  • Single pack of 10 pens
  • Contains classic rainbow and glitter colors


Product Description

elmer's Products, Inc. is a company rich in history and tradition. Since the 1940's the Elmer's family of products has developed to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers. They range from a full line of adhesives, arts, crafts, and educational products for children to a complete offering of craft, hobby, office, and home repair products for adults. Elmer's 3D Washable Glitter Glue Pens add a new dimension to writing and painting with colors. Make your artwork pop in 3D! Available in classic rainbow and glitter colors, these washable pens are perfect for school projects, posters, drawings, or outlining. Safe and non-toxic, these 3D pens rise to every occasion, with ink that raises when dry to make every project stand out! You can trust your best work to Elmer's. Through years of growth and innovation Elmer's has proven its longstanding commitment to quality and fulfillment of consumers' inherent need to imagine, build and learn.

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