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Honey-Can-Do DRY-01610 Heavy Duty Gullwing Drying Rack, White

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Customer Reviews

Product Reviews

easy to use & easy to store
this is a great product, offers lots of room to dry your clothes & shoes. sturdy, stable and will not collapse on itself even when a naughty cat jumps up on it. this folds down quite thin & can be tucked away just about anywhere.

Pros: lots of space when in use & a space saver when not in use

Cons: doesn't fold the laundry for you

Great space saver!
This folds down very compactly. When in use it is very large and has plenty of room. I wanted an easy product to hang clothes outside or in and this suits my needs very well.

I love this rack!
This laundry rack has made my life easier. It is sturdy yet light weight, folds up nicely for storage, and provides a surprising amount of drying space in a relatively small volume. My dryer recently gave up the ghost, about 1 minute after I put a large load of whites in it. My husband could not believe that I was able to get the entire load on this rack for drying. It served full duty until a new dryer was installed. I appreciate that it is made of stainless steel, so that it will neither rust like aluminum, nor shed slivers as wood does. This rack is convenient for regular use, which is why I bought it, particularly for delicates and silk items that should not be put into the dryer. Air drying lingerie definitely prolongs its life and keeps it looking new much longer.

Finally, a decent drying rack
After having purchased every conceivable model of drying rack available at my local retailers, I decided to buckle down and buy a more expensive one online.

I have terrible luck with drying racks - I'm not sure what it is, but wooden ones always end up warped and metal ones end up being unstable and collapsing, or having parts that don't fit properly. This rack has none of these problems.

The design is perfect: the base is stable, and the gullwings-with-supports mean that there are no fiddly hooks to slide loose and collapse but the wings are supported enough that they don't dump all your clothes on the floor. The mesh platform underneath the supports is a nice bonus as well. Having been continuously frustrated and disappointed by my drying racks, this was a welcome change.

There is one caveat to this recommendation: This rack is BIG, and doesn't fold down as small as cheaper racks do, so beware. It's still fairly thin when collapsed, but it is wide, meaning I can't store it on top of the shelves in my closet as I used to.

Awesome drying rack
I'm very impressed with this drying rack! It's very lightweight, portable, and compact when folded, but unfolds to an impressively large drying space. For example, the dryer in my apartment building is not the greatest, so occasionally when I wash and dry my sheets they're not exactly dry when they I take them out. I can drape my sheets on this rack to finish drying, which would have been impossible with my older and smaller rack.

This rack is also very easy to unfold and refold, and when it's expanded it stays that way - no collapsing down when loaded up with clothes.

Overall, I highly recommend this rack. I think it's a great value and I plan on using it for years to come.

Great quality!!
This is just what I wanted. Great quality and easy to fold up and put away. I live in an apartment so this is great for a limited space. I like white color. The shipment came fast. Definitely a good buy!

Pretty darn good afterall
When I first received this I thought to myself "ugh, why didn't I get the other one". To return it back to OnlineShopDealer would have cost too much so I sulked about my purchase awhile. A week later, I finally tried it. It can hold an entire load of laundry, the sneaker pegs easily snap off to give a little more room to hang small items. The best part is that I can put it outside on a windy day and nothing blows off and the rack stays put. When it's folded, it easily fits in a closet and out of the way. Great bargain if you ask me.

Pleased- Nice Rack (LOL)
I'm very happy with my purchase of this drying system/rack. It can be easily folded & put in closet, there is enough spaces for me to hang almost an entire wash if needed and I can adjust it to be more specifically designed to hang exactly what I need to dry. It seems to be put together well, there's no assembly required & I expect to use it for years to come. I'm very pleased with my purchase :)

Just what i needed
I bought this because my apt complex charges for washing and drying and being a SAHM on a budget i wanted to save some $$$. We're not allowed to have clothes lines attached to our balconies so i purchased this in an attempt to save money and not break the rules. This rack holds one load of laundry perfectly as long as i put shirts on hangers and the rest on the rack. Its easy to unfold and move around. For the price its worth it.

Exactly as described
Got here and fits in the space I planned to use it - just - with the wings fully extended. Easy to set up and easy to use. It appears exactly as in the pictures and works as expected. The lower shelf is just mesh, as noted, but that's great for all sorts of lightweight air-dry items. The shoe dry pieces are not of any real use to me so I can't comment on them, but the rack is nicely large and easy to use - and it has so much more space than the cheap criss-cross drying racks do. I'm looking forward to better weather when I can set it up outside instead of having it occupy my shower.


Technical data

  • 46-linear feet of total drying space
  • Includes 2-pairs of shoe holders
  • 6 position wings steel support arms for heavy garments
  • Designed for multi-use sweater and shoe drying features
  • Folds down flat to 3.5-inches for space saving storage


Product Description

Honey-Can-Do DRY-01610 Heavy-duty Gullwing Drying Rack, White, Folding drying rack is white and comes designed with 4 sections that move around. Each one has dividers that let you hang clothes/shoes and other laundry through to dry. If you're looking for a way to maximize energy efficiency, use a drying rack. Includes Limited Lifetime Warranty

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