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Blue Wave Drain for Winter Pool Cover

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Customer Reviews

just what I wanted!
Exactly what I was looking for! We had about 2.5 feet of water on top of our tarp on out above ground pool (we had bought a cover that was too big so all the rain and snow pulled it down to where we had drained the pool). It took about 3 days but this little drainer cleared off all the water! It took a little finagling to get it working at first, but I just let it do its thing. I would recommend getting a longer hose or pipe to take the drained water away from your pool, especially if you have as much water as we had. Otherwise, it worked just like I wanted!

Simple concept, weighted base and small holes feeding a tube that runs out. Pump it and forget it. It keeps water to a minimal level on the cover of our pool. The hose is quite long and provides good distant to move the base around on the cover if need be. Pump it as it starts to rain and just forget it. It will stop once the water drops below the drain holes on the base. I have an electric pump but it has to sit a certain way to drain, and consistently plugging and unplugging it. This item was recommended by a coworker and I would recommend it to anyone who asked.


  • Comes complete with drain, pump and siphon and 13 feet of hose
  • For above ground pools
  • Quickly empties water off of your winter cover
  • Uses no electricity
  • Quality accessories included


Economical siphon quickly empties water off your winter cover. This simple device economically pumps the water off your above-ground cover without electricity. Squeeze operated pump begins the flow of water and it stops automatically when the cover is drained. The unit comes with drain, pump and siphon and 13-feet of hose.

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