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Customer Reviews

The perfect non-diaper-bag diaper bag
This may be the best bag I've ever owned. I recently traveled by plane and found it was large enough to accommodate my 13" laptop, seven extra diapers + wipes (never know how long you're going to be stuck in the airport), two books (one for me, one for my husband), and various other items, all without making the bag bulky (though yes, it was heavy, as you can imagine). Yet, the bag is somehow compact enough that I can use it around town *without* all of those items, and it doesn't look like I'm carrying a giant empty bag around. Should your child decide he wants *you* to hold his beloved stuffed sheep, it'll fit easily inside. For any moms and dads out there returning to school, you can fit a textbook (two if they're slim), notebooks, folders, etc. inside and not worry that it looks like you're using a diaper bag. (FYI, when my laptop is inside, I find my bulky textbook too big to also fit, so I just carry it.)

Perhaps my favorite feature are the two front pockets, miraculously large enough to easily slip a sippy cup in and out of (but, when empty, look just as they do in the picture), thus keeping it upright and spill-free. I also love the two zippered pockets at the top of the bag (I keep my wallet in one of them). I don't use my stroller much anymore (my son is 2 1/2), but I do use the stroller clips on the cart handle at the grocery store. I *love* not having to carry my bag around and having easy access to sippy cups, snacks, etc. that my son may want.

Love my Duo Signature Diaper Bag
I have two kids and my youngest is 18 months. For months I was looking for a new diaper bag when my daughter turned 1, I needed a diaper bag for a toddler and for extra stuff I may need for my 7 yrs old. I got this bag that closes with zipper just in time for my trip to Florida. It carried a blanket, snacks, ponchos, change of clothes, bug spray, sun block, water cup and/or bottle, sunglasses/sun hats, first aid kit, travel purell travel bottle and my personal items, that includes my sugar blood test kit for my diabetes. I removed the changing pad it came with and used my "Pronto! Changing Station" which I fit in the back pocket. I used the stroller straps easily especially when I was rushing to park the stroller then grab the bag to make it to my spot on line for child swap. Besides wishing the back pocket to be bigger to better fit my "Pronto! Changing Station", IT WAS PERFECT!!!.
At times, we were at the park in the rain and the bag did get wet a little but dried up very quickly. Carrying the bag on long lines made the tote handles very helpful when our shoulders got tired. I loved the inside pockets which made it easy to go back and remember where I placed different items and the outside pockets fit my daughter's sippy cup as well as my son's water themos. But my favorite pocket was the tech pocket with zipper, there I placed my cell phone, park tickets and sometimes wallet. All of this and it never looked bulky. :-)
Please see pictures posted.

The search is finally over! for real this time.
****This is an updated review of the new Skip Hop Signature diaper bag****9/29/2014

Hi guys, its been a month since I reviewed this bag and I wanted to provide an update and upload some photos since there are really no customer photos or YouTube "whats in my diaper bag" videos of this bag.

One month later and I still really really love this bag. I use it as a purse, even on the weekend when I'm working and not with my son all goes everywhere with me. One month of constant daily use and I've had no problems, still looks like it just came out of the box. I had some milk spill in one of the front insulated pockets, but it wiped clean easily with just a baby wipe. Speaking of those front insulated pockets...they keep milk cold for about 2.5 hours (no ice pack added) in my experience. A reviewer commented that they cannot fit Avent bottles in the insulated pockets but I fit a Tommee Tippie bottle, an ice pack, and a pouch of yogurt in 1 pocket with no problem so, not sure about that claim. One thing about Skip Hop's canvas bags...the pockets are tight when you first get do need to break them in a little bit. Its worth the sturdy look and durability of the canvas bags.

I did change the way I organized the bag, and since I find reviews that list bag content useful I'm going to do that here:

Front pockets(insulated) - 1 pocket is kept empty so I can use it for cold items my son needs - sippy of milk, water, juice or any cold snacks: cheese stick, apple slices, etc. The other front pocket holds a small notebook with a pen, a bottle of kid friendly hand sanitizer (BabyGanics foam), chap stick (Palmer's cocoa butter swivel stick...which is awesome btw), and my son's toy V-tech cell phone. Even babies can't leave the house without their cells. You might also see Thomas the train hanging out in there.

Front zip pocket - I keep a full pack (not travel) of boogie wipes, paci wipes, and my son's meal time kit.

Back pocket - Change mat and thin pack of Honest wipes (best wipes ever, but $$). I will also throw my Samsung tablet back here at times.

Side mesh pockets - I keep one open - either for a coffee travel mug or water bottle for me...or a water bottle for my son. It fits a camel back bottle great. The other mesh pocket holds 2 pacifiers in a sanitizing case (Mam) and tube of m&ms for when a little bribery is needed.

Inside pockets - one holds just diapers and will fit about 4 (maybe 5) size 5s which is plenty for a day at my son's age. The other is kind of a mommy/ miscellaneous pocket...It holds: disposable poopie diaper bags, a pair of extra toddler socks, and a medium size tube of Aveeno baby lotion, travel size deodorant, facial cleansing wipes, face moisturizer, a hair brush, and a pad.

The rest of the "things" are in the main compartment - extra set of clothes, a thin blanket, a first aid kit (which serves us both), some of my sons toy cars contained in a paci holder, a few thin books, and a burp cloth...which at the toddler stage is great for messy hands and other misc. messes. I hang a bottle of hand sanitizer off of the cute little built in toy loop.

I have no plans on moving on to another bag and I'd recommend it to anyone. The Chevron pattern is available at BRU for 60 bucks and you can use a 20% off coupon. If you are willing to pay $60.00 you can order this bag directly from Skip Hop in any color/pattern you like, they offer free shipping if you spend over 40 bucks and they have phenomenal customer service, so does OnlineShopDealer and BRU. When ordering from OnlineShopDealer, just be aware these bags are regularly counterfeited, skip hop has a statement on their web site about this. I will upload some pics.

****End updated review****original review below****

My son is two years old now and since he was born I've tried so many diaper bags, proclaiming one bag after another as "the one". After months of use with these previous bags I'd eventually realize that while the bags were good they were not the bag I've been searching for. Well, after about a dozen bags I think I finally found my bag.

There is nothing bad to say - no negatives!

I got the Duo signature in red (directly from Skip Hop). The red is a really great color you don't see offered in many bags, the dark gray trim is nice too. The thing that got me about this bag is that it actually keeps me very organized. There is a pocket for everything you need and the pockets are just smartly placed and exactly the right size. The inside is not huge but it's not as narrow as the original Duo bag. I'm also very impressed at how light weight this bag is even when packed full. Given the sturdy canvas material and all the things I stuff in here it actually almost doesn't make sense that it could be so light - it defies gravity.

More about the pockets: I love the mesh pockets on the ends. I keep one for my son's sippy cup and one for a water bottle for me or sometimes I'll toss my phone in. In the front zip pocket I keep a tablet, a small digital camera, and my iphone. I keep my wallet in the hidden "tech pocket". I remember with the original Duo if you had those top zipper pockets stuffed you couldn't get into the bag - the space inside the bag was invaded - not true here. In the deep lower front pockets I have a summer hat and a burp cloth (for messes) in one and the other holds hand n face wipes, booger wipes, paci wipes, chap stick. I will sometimes also use those pockets for snacks or toys. I keep a change mat and some thin paperback books in the back pocket. The inside has 2 pockets. I keep diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, a first aid kit, a meal time kit, a book, a roll of little bags for poopie diapers, butt cream...all that stuff.

I also love the tote handles, I didn't realize how useful they would be, yet they are out of the way. The bag seems very sturdy in construction...canvas material. Just a great bag! cute, smart design, durable, lightweight, and compact. I get a lot of compliments and a lot of "Where did you get that red bag".

Thank you, Skip Hop!

oh the shoulder strap does slip off my ok...there is one negative. I hope it doesn't become a problem because I really do love this bag.

The Mecca of Diaper Bags!
If I could give this diaper bag a hundred stars, I would. It is absolutely everything I have ever wanted in a diaper bag, and as my husband can attest, I have tried just about every diaper bag on the market! Think of anything and everything you are looking for in a diaper bag, I guarantee you this bag has it and more! Skip Hop has thought of every contingency and has put together a diaper bag for every parent. It is roomy but not bulky...Right now, in my diaper bag, I have 6 size three diapers, a formula dispenser, Boogie Wipes, mittens, a snack container that will hold six ounces of his puffs, the Skip Hop Wipes container, my iPad, all of my sons medicines (which include Vicks baby rub, nose drops, baby Tylenol, baby Oragel, tummy soother, and a baby vitamin), two pacifiers, baby nail clippers, diaper rash ointment, hand sanitizer, the included changing pad, my things (including lip balms, meds and keys) Sophie the Giraffe, and my big Paul Frank blanket. And that's almost all inside the main pocket, with room still in the outside pockets! It holds a ton and doesn't even feel bulky and thanks to the cushioned shoulder strap, it doesn't dig into your shoulder either! It's got a cell phone pocket on the side, and a mesh bottle or 20 ounce Coke holder for mom or dad as well. The design is super cute and makes me feel like I have a bit of my own personality still and am not just mom with a frumpy diaper bag. With this bag, I don't need to carry a purse, which makes travel and going through stores so much easier. I've never had the shoulder strap slip down my arm either, something a lot of other diaper bags do, which makes it annoying to hold your diaper bag and a baby and push a stroller all at the same time. This also has a convenient clip, which makes attaching to your stroller a cinch! I've had so much trouble with past diaper bags hanging too low, or with most of the JuJuBe bags (I had the JuJuBe BeAll) you have to buy an additional accessory to be able to clip it onto your stroller. I wish that I had bought this diaper bag right from the get-go, because I would have saved myself SO much money in diaper bags and saved myself the headache of carrying three bags around the stores. I adore this bag and would recommend it to any parent!

Love It!
I'm not a bag fanatic; I'm just a busy first time Mom who wanted something that would work well. I couldn't be happier with this diaper bag. It's almost perfect and I absolutely love it.

The main compartment is almost magical. It's large and deep, holds a ton, yet I somehow seem to be able to reach into the bag and instantly find what I need. I routinely keep a blanket, extra outfit, burp cloth, my wallet, and several toys in it comfortably. There are two pockets inside the bag, one for diapers and the other for wipes. Now that my son is older I only keep 5-7 diapers in there but when he was younger I kept about 10 in the bag with no problem. The bag is a perfect size for outings with a young child. On the outside there is a bottle holder for either a water bottle for nursing Mom or a milk bottle for baby on one side and a cell phone pocket on the other side. Two pockets on the front hold small items like keys or small toys. The bag is comfortable to carry over my shoulder and when it's on my shoulder it stays put so I don't have to fuss with the bag while I'm tending to my son. More often, though, the bag is on my stroller where it fits perfectly. The bag also stands up easily on its own so I can easily get to what I need while I'm holding my baby.

Before I bought the bag I was concerned about the closures on the pockets. I actually really like them. The closures are strong magnets that stay closed when you want them to stay closed but more importantly they don't make it too difficult to quickly reach in when you need something like a burp cloth quickly. The closure combined with how deep the bag is means that I've never had a problem with items spilling out of the bag if it gets knocked over. Also, the bag is very durable and holds up well. I've been using the bag constantly for the last 9+ months and the bag still looks like new. I also bought the Skip Hop Pacifier Pocket - Black to use with the bag and I think it's a nice addition.

There are two negatives I have about the bag. First, it doesn't come with a wipes case, but those are easy to find and buy. Second, the changing pad is a little small but I've been using it for months without problem.

I highly recommend this bag.

Love it!
I absolutely love this bag! I am a mom of 3 (8-year-old, 2-year-old, and newborn). It fits everything I need, from diapers and extra clothes to formula, my cell, even my camera! Plus it is a decent sized bag, not too big and not too small. It is easy to carry on one shoulder while carrying my baby in my other arm. It fits right onto the stroller as well. I love the color (red), which is also one of the main reasons I purchased this bag. I highly recommend it!

Excellent stylish diaper bag!
With all the expensive trendy embroidery diaper bags out there, this one is much better and worth the price.
I chose this over the embroidery ones because these can be cleaned with good old soap and water. The others need to be dry cleaned!

* The Duo Deluxe has many pockets which are ideal for someone who likes to put various things in different places.
* The Shoulder strap and padded section is just right, even for shorter people
* The uptown stripe (that I have) is great because of the many colors, and I don't feel like I clash with my clothes or stroller (red).
* The stroller clips, is what sold me on this bag, and I am EVER so thankful for them. You can buy separate clips for most other diaper bags, but those cost half the total cost of this bag.
* It has turned into my purse, since I don't need to carry a separate purse with this bag.
* It is deep which is nice for us cloth diaper users.
* It sits upright when placed on the floor and has never toppled over even when I cram everything in.

It could be a little bit wider at the base, but then it would be bulkier, so all in all it's perfect!

Easy to access pockets on front and sides make it ...
this is THE diaper bag as far as I'm concerned. I had a really pricy leather zulily bag and this beats it on all fronts. Cloth diapering means needing a bit more room for the actual diaper stuff. I was worried that I wouldnt have enough room but decided to order this bag and give it a try. Somehow I fit more in this bag than my other one that was twice the size. Easy to access pockets on front and sides make it like a battle station when it is clipped to the stroller. No more digging under the stroller for pacifiers or burp rags. I also go the double bottle bag and I clip it to the outside if I'm going to be out for a while. The little changing pad that comes with this is really nice too because it folds flat and takes up virtually no space. For me this bag holds: 2 back up onesies, 2 back up diaper covers, 4 cloth diapers (small), 2 doublers, wet bag, 2 burp rags, pacifiers, rattle toy, extra socks, hat, a&d ointment, wipes (in the swipe case also by skiphop which fits perfectly in a front pocket, bib, nipple shields, my cell phone and a folder with a copy of my baby's vaccination record. It's like a Mary Poppins bag.

Great everyday bag
I have two expensive diaper bags and hated using them for everyday use. I have to take his filled bottles to daycare and neither bag had enough pockets. This bag fits two Dr. Brown's bottles in each INSULATED front pocket and can fit another in the mesh side pocket. Also, it doesn't tip over so I never have to worry about the contents spilling out. The magnetic closures are great too. Nice and quiet when the baby is sleeping and if I'm down to one hand I don't have to fool with a zipper. It's my perfect daily daycare bag: 4 bottles, 2 change of clothes, nursing cover, a few diapers, wipes case, medicine, and there's still room.

great bag organizational dream
I love this bag. I got it to replace my cheap bulky 4 month old diaper bag that broke. While this bag is smaller then the cheap bag it is of way better quality. It is still big enough for all our stuff, and I cloth diaper so I need some extra space. Being slightly OCD about things I was pleasantly surprised when I found out in one of the front pockets there were elastic pen loops YAY. All and all I wish I gotten this bag to start with.


  • Main compartment has zip closure
  • 2 elasticized, mesh side pockets that fit most sized bottles
  • 10 pockets
  • Grab handles and adjustable shoulder strap with slip-on shoulder pad
  • Patented shuttle clips and nonslip stroller straps


About the Duo Signature

The updated Duo Signature boasts a bevy of new features that moms and dads have requested. The new zip-top closure ensures belongings stay securely in the bag. We added tote handles for versatility and an easy-access tech pocket. The new front panel design allows for more storage and stability while keeping items at the bottom of the bag easily accessible. The Duo Signature still has all the classic components of the original including our patented shuttle clips that easily convert it from a shoulder bag to a stroller bag. Signature is a classic redesign for the next generation of parents.

The Duo Signature easily attaches to most strollers Each Duo Signature comes with a portable cushioned changing pad
Each Duo Signature features:
  • Main compartment has zip closure
  • 10 pockets
  • 2 elasticized, mesh side pockets that fit most sized bottles
  • Front zip pocket and easy access tech pocket
  • Grab handles and adjustable shoulder strap with slip-on shoulder pad
  • Custom hardware with d-ring for toys or pacifier pocket
  • Contrasting lining for easy visibility
  • Patented shuttle clips and nonslip stroller straps
  • Holds tablets and laptops up to 15”
  • Cushioned changing pad
  • BPA-free, Phthalate-free
  • Size: (inches) 13l x 4.25w x 13.75h; (cm): 33l x 11w x 35h

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