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Denon AVR-X4100W 7.2 Network A/V Receiver with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Dolby Atmos

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Very Impressive AVR
I've owned Pioneer and Emotiva AVR's in the past and although they are both high quality sounding systems, in my opinion this Denon 4100w is the best sounding system I have heard to date. I'm sure part of the reason is due to the fact that Denon uses Audyssey's room calibration. I've read a lot of good reviews on Audyssey and now that I've experienced it I'm a believer. After running Audyssey the only thing I had to manually change was the front speakers from large to small and the crossover setting. The mix is rich, the subwoofers are perfectly blended and the surround sound has much more detail and dimension. No matter what your circumstances or tastes may be, there are plenty of audio options to satisfy and they all do an excellent job.

Another one of the reasons I purchased this unit was due to its available speaker configurations in Dolby Atmos mode. It can be set up as 5.1.2 (2 ceiling speakers) out of the box, and by adding a 2 channel external amp it can be expanded to 7.1.2 or 5.1.4. I decided to configure a 5.1.4 setup and this AVR was the best bang for the buck in that department. True, it kind of sucks to have to buy another amp, but I can pick up an AudioSource 100 for $125, and that still leaves this unit the best price at this time.

Due to the fact that there is no available media yet, I haven`t had a chance to check out Dolby Atmos. As soon as a movie is available on blu-ray with Atmos I will update. But I expect it will sound pretty dam sweet!

Update: My wife won't speak to me now, and I don't blame her. I ended up returning the 4100, spend another $600 and bought the 5200. My bad! I'm sorry Hun! I know I should have talked this over with you first, but you would have said no, and I REALLY, REALLY wanted this. Have no fear, folks. she'll be fine when I fire up Atmos with 7.2.4.

I've had a 7.1 system for several years and I was having a hard time down sizing to 5.1 when using Atmos (which would actually be 5.1.4). Sure, the 4100 is also a 7.1 system, but not in Dolby Atmos. And sure, I could switch speaker configurations when not using Atmos, but if I wanted to use Audyssey (and I love what Audyssey does for the sound) I would have to run room calibration each time I wanted to reconfigure my speaker setup, and that would be a pain in the a**! So it just made more sense to me to go with the 5200 and have the best of both worlds. I love you, Babe! :o)

Update:(10/7/2014) Great news... my wife's speaking to me again. We finally watched our first dolby atmos movie (on the 5200) and we were both impressed. The sound field was much more immersive than either one of us expected. Looking forward to more atmos releases.

Awesome Receiver
First Impressions
Just bought the new X4100W couple of weeks ago based on its feature set and Denon Track Record. I have to say that this AVR completely fulfilled my expectations.
Coming from an Onkyo that even had the HDMI board failure this AVR is a completely deferent experience, I paired it with some Polk speakers (RTIA7, CSIA6, RTIA1 and DSW550) and i have to say that the X4100W has no problem to drive them even at full power.
WiFi and bluetooth are killer features and the work excellent. I have became a lover of Airplay from my IPad which right now is mainly my music source now.
On the video side I have connected it to a Samsung UN65HU9000 4K Screen and it has been working flawlessly, even with the HDMI-ARC (Audio Return Channel) to send audio back from the TV to the Receiver when using the Samsung APPS like Netflix and Skype.

1st edit
I have found a small issue in the operation together with the Samsung UN65HU9000 and the ARC, however the problem is not of the Denon Receiver but the Samsung TV. The problem is that in order to have ARC enabled, you have to enable HDMI-CEC and Anynet on the TV. When the TV comes up always switchs the AVR to the TV audio instead or leaving the A/V though the source selected in the AVR.

As long as I get more time with this AVR i will be updating this review

This is a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful system. I used to have an old Denon receiver and got this receiver two weeks ago with Definitive Speakers, WOW! I can finallly enjoy music the way one is supposed to hear it! I have no complaints. At first I could not connect any RCA input in the back, but then when I called Denon they walked me through the setup for each RCA inputs and everything worked well. So far, this is a fantastic system. I purchased this based on other customer ratings and I am glad I did because I am very very happy with this purchase. Thank you so much for all the details of the other feedback providers. Yes, I would definitely recommend this system to anyone. For me the price was a little stiff, but I guess for this kind of system and because it is a new model the price is a little high, but the quality is excellent. Thanks to all of you who already wrote detailed feedback on this, I am really happy with this receiver. FD

Five Stars
The best AVR that i ever enjoy. Elegant, beutiful and Powerful.


Technical data

  • Equipped with 7+1 input and 2+1 output HDMI terminals that fully support next-generation 4K displays
  • Built-in Wifi , Bluetooth, Airplay and DLNA
  • 8 HDMI inputs (incl. 1 front)
  • Best-in-class user interface (Ease of installation and connection, Wi-Fi setup, Audyssey MIC stand, remote apps, ECO mode)
  • Enjoy Dolby Atmos for immaculate audio, Spotify Connect® support and DSD streaming


Product Description

The AVR-X4100W 4K Ultra HD 7.2 Network AV Receiver continues the heritage of excellence and innovation from denon's acclaimed mid-range AV models by incorporating the latest surround sound technology, and is packed with virtually every desirable feature for outstanding home cinema and music enjoyment. The 7 channels of powerful amplification are rated at 125watts per channel, easily enough to drive most types loudspeakers, even in large rooms. Denon's latest DDSC-HD discrete circuit and AL24 signal processing provide noticeable improvements to the sound. Furthermore, DSD and AIFF audio streaming provide access to the latest file formats. When connected to a compatible Denon Blu-ray disc player, DENON LINK HD provides playback with the lowest digital jitter for the cleanest possible sound. For the ultimate surround sound experience, the AVR-X4100W features next-generation sound format decoder for Dolby Atmos, which lets you add Height/Top speakers to dramatically expand the soundstage, along with dual subwoofer outputs for systems with two subs. Featuring a total of 8 HDMI inputs (including one conveniently located on the front panel), the AVR-X4100W also has 3 x HDMI outputs offering flexible multi-room options. This receiver is also equipped with advanced video circuitry capable of upscaling video signals to 1080p and up to 4K/60Hz full-rate video. With Wi-Fi Network connectivity and Blue Tooth this exciting new model opens up a whole new world of listening enjoyment including programs from a vast range of internet radio stations, as well as music from streaming services including SiriusXM, Spotify Connect and Pandora (subscriptions required).

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