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Denon AVR-S700W 7.2-Channel Network A/V Receiver with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

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You'll Agree, It's an Affordable Workhorse for Your Home Theater
The Denon AVR-S7000W is a beast of an A/V receiver that has almost everything you can ask for including built-in Wi-Fi for listening to music from a networked PC, music server, internet radio, and music services like Spotify Connect, Pandora, and SiriusXM.

For the price, you get a great, networked, receiver that really has enough power for most medium sized home theaters. I have mine connected to an Bose® Acoustimass® 10 Series IV and 2 BOSE 301-V Stereo Loudspeakers - notice only 1 subwoofer for now. Our movie/play room is about 350 square feet with 8 foot ceilings. And you can only imagine how the sound fills in the room.

I love that this unit has 6 HDMI inputs and 1 output. That means, if you are clever, you may use the receiver to connect two groups of speakers in separate rooms. However, there are much better solutions for multiroom music systems than using the Denon AVR-S700W. More specifically, Denon is releasing their HEOS line of multiroom Wi-Fi speakers in August 2014 which promises to be a decent competitor to Sonos:

- Denon HEOS 3 Wireless Speaker
- Denon HEOS 5 Wireless Speaker
- Denon HEOS 7 Wireless Speaker

The only thing that I will say that I am guilty of is buying component electronics in their early stage of adoption. For instance, there are not too many movies that are commercially encoded to Dolby Digital Plus (7.1 ch) or 7.2 ch surround sound right now. I am fully baked into the OnlineShopDealer ecosystem and stream a lot of movies on the OnlineShopDealer Fire TV which in their last update upgraded the audio experience to Dolby Digital Plus (7.2 ch)over HDMI while keeping the optical output at Dolby Digital (5.1 ch). This is a great improvement, but mixing and not splitting the low frequency effects (LFE) channel into two discrete channels makes it similar to just adding a splitter to the output and hooking up two subwoofers. but I hope that the industry will catch up with encoding more movies to 7.2 on streaming media players.

The Denon AVR-S700W also includes Apple AirPlay for streaming music from any apple products running iTunes and
Bluetooth for wireless music listening with Android smartphones and tablets. The connector on the front of the unit also serves as a direct digital connection for an iPad or iPhone and bypasses the Denon's digital-to-analog converter for much better sound quality than without it. The unit is also DLNA and Windows® 8 certified for streaming music with a Windows laptop, tablet, or even with a PLEX server.

I fully recommend this AV Receiver as a pure workhorse that shouldn't need upgrading for years to come. Unless your home theater is set up in a room greater than 500 feet with 12+ foot ceiling, I also believe you can get away with some nice mid-tier speakers to get the full effect of the receiver.

Noticed it here first... amazing receiver for the price.
For a 7.2ch receiver at a relatively affordable price, this is an excellent receiver with very few faults, if any. In this price range, you'd be hard pressed to find one better with as many features as it has in addition to excellent audio performance. Support for tons of codecs, all the bells and whistles you could want including Bluetooth, Wifi control (the smartphone app works really well though the UI could use a slight bit of work), Zone 2 support, several streaming services, 4k/60 support, HDMI 2.0 etc.

The back supports banana plugs, as it should... you don't want to be messing around with bare wires twisted around the posts.

I've tested it with an Xbox One, Xbox 360, a PC (detects DTS-MA, Dolby TrueHD etc. just fine with all of them, except the Xbox One which throws each channel out separately as LPCM 5.1 which is comparable though it doesn't light up the receiver's DTS MA and give you the warm feeling only an audiophile can understand), a Chromecast, my cable box etc. The Audyssey room calibration system is way better than DCAC on Sony's receivers and Yamaha's YPAO - setting up your speakers in all your oddly shaped rooms is made very easy.

I did not check the Airplay feature and Spotify Connect, but I know for sure that everything else works great! Just make sure you turn HDMI passthrough on so that you don't end up with no output to the TV when you switch the receiver off.

I went this after weeks of research and feel extremely happy with my decision having used this for a couple weeks now. My other choice was going to be a Sony STR-DH750, but a simple comparison of the power supply specs in the manual for the Sony and Denon will show you which one can actually drive as much as it claims to drive.

Very good audio performance, comfortably drives my Monoprice 5.1 set (the premium 10565, amazing set for the price since it's an upgraded Energy Take Classic clone) with no distortion.
You can combine audio sources playing with different video sources going to the TV (eg. Bluetooth audio playing + Xbox game video to TV).
Bluetooth connects automatically to a paired phone (once you get it set up right) when the phone's in the room and you turn BT on on the phone. This may become annoying to some folks.
Audyssey (even Bronze) room EQ makes setup a breeze with an included calibration microphone!

Only 2 of the HDMI ports on the back of the receiver are 4K capable. Not a big deal personally.
COMPLETE THE FIRMWARE UPDATE FIRST, you don't wait till you set everything up because the firmware update resets every single thing on your receiver. I did wait, and this pissed me off plenty.
Bluetooth was a lot of trouble to set up and the receiver would stop connecting to bluetooth phones and devices after a while and never reconnect until I removed the power cable and booted the receiver back up again. This somehow solved itself after a couple factory resets and I've had no trouble since.

While I was trying to set things right with the Bluetooth, I did chat with Denon's customer service. They were really nice, quite good with audio equipment as against the typical random-call-center person type.

Great value
Fairly simple setup, enough connections to support most anything (although would have liked some legacy support for components that are limited to RCA jacks). Otherwise a solid performer. Up and running with out a hitch.

Powerful unit with all the features
As a first time A/V owner, I do not have much to compare it to other than all the reviews I read for other products. What pushed me to this product is the combination of features that other units were missing. Other units may have had Bluetooth but no airplay, or they had airplay but no Wi-Fi networking. This unit has it all and is very easy to set up.

I will say the on screen setup is still pretty old looking, but gets the job done. I had it setup and working in less than 30 min.

Sound is amazing and I love all the control you have over the unit. The iPhone app is very convenient to use as you can adjust volume, input, power (primary zone as well as secondary zone), and sound profiles. The app is missing all the fine tuning that you can do with the included remote, something I would think would be an easy addition for their programmers on a future update of the app.

Overall a great buy. I am very pleased with the unit and would recommend it.

CLEAN Sound, EASY Setup, GREAT Networking, FLEXIBLE Multizone, VERY GOOD iPhone App
I recently helped a client select the Denon S700w for their home theater receiver then install and configure the unit. This receiver fit their needs very well.

I was very impressed with how simple the setup process turned out and the way the zone 2 capability fit with their existing speaker infrastructure. The devices connected include the S700w, a Sony KDL50W800B Smart LED TV, a Sony BDPS1200 Blu-Ray, a Scientific Atlanta HD Cable TV Box. All are networked via wired LAN (just more reliable than wireless). Planned expansion includes adding a OnlineShopDealer Fire TV.

The TV is using the audio return channel and control via the HDMI allowing volume control via the TV or the Denon remote and power on/off. Nice!

The network features are a big hit with the client, especially the internet radio features which they find very simple to use. The selection of free internet radio stations has provides them with a satisfying set of choices. If you are planning on sharing an itunes library be aware that when we tried to play songs from their iTunes library on their PC the receiver did NOT play default iTunes file format (.m4a or .m4p). It was perfectly happy with mp3 file they had.

The Denon iPhone app is their primary method of control, though the physical remote is logically laid out too. With their iPhones and iPod they also stream music through the S700W using the player part of the Denon app. This seems to work pretty well. Bluetooth streaming worked well too and with the iPhone/iPod plugged into the USB, again success.

Note that Denon has an android app we did not use in the absence of an appropriate device in their home.

Being able to play different sources in each zone at the same time has been another appreciated feature.The iPhone app has been their preferred way to manage the zone programming. This means that zone 1 goes from 7.2 to 5.2, but this is just fine. The two surround back speaker outputs are assigned to zone 2 which is stereo only. Perfect for this application.

The Audio Return Channel feature lets them use the internet features of their TV and bring that audio back through the receiver with just the one HDMI cable. Nice! The Sony Blue Ray player they have provides the same services with a more pleasant user interface. Still it's nice to know the TV integration works just fine.

When setting up the receiver the audio quality out of the box was very good with the existing speakers. The guided setup was easy enough to perform. The result was a subtle improvement for this environment but in your environment could be much more beneficial. The bottom line is the auto setup is easy and worth doing.

Overall this has been a very successful installation and I'm sufficiently impressed I think a Denon receiver will be my likely next upgrade to my own home theater. I have to give 5 stars to what has been a very good receiver and experience for me and my client.

Easy to set up, easy to use, flexible receiver for home theater and gaming.
I got this to replace an eight-year-old failing Yamaha for my 5.1 surround sound system, used for home theater, cable HDTV viewing, and playing games.

Set up is simple and straightforward. Plug in the receiver, plug an HDMI cable to the HDMI out on the receiver, and into an HDMI in on the TV, turn them both on, select the TV input, and follow the onscreen instructions. The font and graphics are blocky and low res for a receiver clearly intended for home theater applications, but it is perfectly functional. Some of the setup is pretty basic stuff, like attaching the speaker wire, but other aspects, such as verifying an internet network connection and each of the HDMI inputs is quite helpful.

This receiver is intended for mid-level consumer use and designed to be user-friendly, and it does both of these things well. The 90w/channel into 8 ohm speakers is more than enough power for a typical home theater setup, and the 7.2 setup is very flexible, allowing the user to use the extra two speakers for separate back and side surround, for height in front, or for zone 2 sound to another room.

Having pre-outs for two subwoofers likewise is beneficial for a subwoofer and satellite system, providing extra flexibility. Using two subwoofers allows for "stereo" subwoofer effects by placing a pair of subs equidistant in the front or rear of the room. Ordinarily, with a sub and satellite system, you're faced with the problem of where to set the bypass. Set it low, typically at 80hz, for LFE, and you cannot hear the direction from which the sound is coming, allowing you to put it anywhere in the room without any negative effects. Audyssey, however, as with most automated setup systems, will set the crossover at a much higher level if you have small satellites, choosing 200hz during my setup. This means frequencies 200hz and below are sent to the subwoofer, and above are sent to the satellites. With an off center placement, this can cause problems, as sounds become directional at that level, meaning you can hear that some of the bass is coming from (in my case), the front left corner of the room, which can throw off the sound balance for surround sound effects. This means you either have to live with that, or change the crossover to a lower level, losing some of the punch to the bass, but also keeping subwoofer output nondirectional - you hear and feel it, but not where it's coming from.

I chose a compromise, manually resetting the crossover to 120hz and then manually setting the front speakers to "large", which has the effect of sending low frequencies to both the sub and the fronts. This mitigates the directionality of the off-center subwoofer without losing the punch you want from the bass.

With two subs, you get another option - "stereo" subwoofers. It's not actually stereo, as the same sound is going to both, but it does allow you to put one sub to each side of the viewing area, eliminating the directionality problem of a high crossover. Two sub outputs also gives you more flexibility regarding size. With two subs outputting LFE, you can get a much greater volume without having to get a gigantic speaker.

Usability is very good. I found making a few manual adjustments to what Audyssey did easy to find and to manage. The quick select buttons at the bottom of the remote and on the front of the receiver are a fantastic feature. After you have the settings for a given input adjusted just right, holding down the appropriate quick select button saves the input and settings. Afterwards, all you have to do is press the button and the receiver switches to the associated input with all associated settings exactly as you left them. Because different inputs require different settings - my PS4, for example, plays back much louder than my cable or music inputs - this is a wonderful timesaver, enabling you to set up the settings for each input only once. Most days I only ever use the power and quick select buttons on the remote.

This isn't the receiver you want for a high end dedicated Home Theater - you won't find one of those at this price - but it's a great deal for the price for your basic consumer level home theater or gaming setup for those who want something more than your basic theater in a box.

Great receiver for the price
Great receiver! I recently moved into a new house that I set up with surround system inside and two (2) speakers on the patio. This 7.2 fit the set up perfectly. Having two sources is a great option so I can listen to music from one station inside while having another type of music outside or have both on the same station but at different volume levels. The set up is not super intuative but after going through the HDMI to my TV it was a little easier. The Iphone app for the stereo also works well

Very solid unit WITH WIFI built in...
I was torn between getting this Receiver and a pair of Boston Acoustics Floor Standing Speakers, and the Sonos system. I'm so glad I went this route. I bought a "like new" refurbished unit through OnlineShopDealer, so the price was amazingly low. I looked at the Denon S500, but it didn't have WIFI integrated, and that, for me, is what makes this unit special. Yes, it provides crisp clean power and all the quality you'd expect from Denon, but being able to use Airplay and route my iTunes or iPhone through this Receiver is invaluable. As far as apps, Denon's app is pretty ugly and limited. So, for music, I simply use the free Apple remote app to control my iTunes on my computer, which then plays through the speakers in my office and/or the speakers connected to the S700W. Yes, when I want to watch TV, I just use the Denon remote to make the switch. Although it has Sirius Radio, Pandora etc... built in, I usually find it far easier to just play what I want from a remote source. Unlike a few other reviews, I have nothing but positives for this Receiver, especially at this price point. It also has a simple and appealing appearance.

Love the iPhone control
iPhone app works well. It controls my outdoor speakers. I love sitting by the pool and controlling the receiver with my iPhone.

Great bang for the buck!
Very pleased. Way better than a previous Pioneer receiver. Love the menu options; a lot of flexibility with personal settings. Solid build. Great sound. Easy set-up.


Technical data

  • Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Wireless Audio Streaming
  • Ultra HD 4K 60 Hz video pass-through; 4:4:4 Pure Color pass-through
  • 7.2 channel; 165 watts per channel maximum power
  • Eco Mode for reduced power consumption
  • 6 HDMI Inputs/1 Out
  • Multi-room audio


Product Description

Enjoy a world of wireless connectivity with the denon avr-s700w A/V receiver, which features built-in Bluetooth wireless streaming along with built-in Wi-Fi that together lets you explore the universe of audio available on the internet and on your favorite portable devices.Prepared for the future, the AVR-S700W is equipped with the latest HDMI specification, which includes the ability to handle 4K Ultra HD high resolution video content, including the forthcoming 4K Ultra HD 60 Hz frame rate video along with full resolution 4:4:4 Pure Color sub-sampling pass-through for the ultimate high definition viewing experience.Equipped with the latest high resolution audio decoders, including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio, the AVR-S700W also features the Audyssey Bronze suite of DSP audio processing, which includes Audyssey MultEQ automated room acoustic measurement and correction, along with Audyssey Dynamic EQ and Audyssey Dynamic Volume.Built-in Bluetooth & Wi-FiMany portable devices are equipped with Bluetooth wireless connectivity, and the AVR-S700W's built-in Bluetooth wireless technology lets you stream your favorite audio tracks from up to 8 Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as smartphones, portable audio players and tablets.With the built-in Wi-Fi wireless technology, the AVR-S700W connects to the Internet through your home network, opening up a world of music from Internet radio stations, as well as via streaming subscription services, including Pandora, Spotify Conn

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