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Cuisinart CTG-00-OSC Over-The-Sink Colander

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Worth every penny
I bought an Oneida colander that looks almost exactly like this cuisinart... Huge difference! Though this one cost me $6 more, it is truly worth every cent. The mesh is very noticeably stronger and less flexible than the Oneida colander, the retractable handles are also more durable and thicker. All around it is a hands down winner for the long haul. Highly recommend.

Handy but large - still like it!
I chose Cuisinart for it's known quality and their limited lifetime warranty.

The strainer has bright and sturdy stainless steel mesh and shiny edging and handles. The mesh is strong and retains it's shape. It is fine enough for rinsing everything but grains and a bit too harsh and large holed for berries - which is fine with me as I use the Cuisinart hand held strainers for tasks that need a finer mesh. Cuisinart CTG-00-3MS Mesh Strainers, Set of 3

The bars under the mesh have bends to form feet to protect the mesh and hold it off the counter when taken out of the sink. This is nice as it stays upright instead of rolling to one side or the other as it would without feet.

The handles have black rubber like tubes over the ends that rest on the sides of the sink that appear to be of good quality and look like they will hold up with use.

I saw the measurements on the product page so I shouldn't have been surprised - but when I opened the box I thought 'wow that's huge' and wondered if it would work out as it takes up so much valuable sink space. I find that I use it so much that it stays in the sink and when I have to use the entire sink space it easily sits on the counter. I now think of it as a valuable addition to easy preparation.

Very useful and sturdy
I found mine at Target on clearance a couple of years ago, so bought it there. It's kinda large, and so storage is a bit of an issue in an urban apartment. i store mine inside a large wooden salad bowl, on top of the fridge. but it's very useful when cooking. i found if i am standing at the sink and i try to set this up horizontally (parallel to my body) the extender handles fall just a hair's width short of my sink, so it tends to slip in. but if i set it vertically across sink (perpendicular to me) it works beautifully. I use it to clean things like mushrooms, broccoli, any gritty greens and root veggies, leeks which are known to be especially gritty are beautifully cleaned with this. i've also used it to drain/dry tofu before pan frying. it's also very useful for things like peeling carrots or boiled potatoes/beets because you can drain and then have all all the peels neatly contained in one place rather than making a mess of the sink. so i would really recommend this product. it is solidly made, has not rusted, and is very useful.

So much more useful than a large hole colander...
...I am finding that this colander is so much more useful than the "typical" larger holed colanders. I can even strain my shiratake noodles, and not loose one. They are also convenient for straining yogurts and other dairy products for cheese. And the security of the adjustable fit to my sink makes working with this tool so much easier.

Perfect piece of equipment
I don't know why I didn't get this sooner - this is such a wonderful addition to the kitchen. I actually leave it in my sink all the time. I use it constantly for rinsing veggies and fruits and even for putting in my knives which I wash by hand to dry. This particular one is nice looking, solid enough but light and has feet to stand on the counter. The arms move very easily as well. Would buy it again.

Well Made And Practical
I really like this colander to the extent that I now own three of them.
I use this colander all the time. It is perfect for washing fruits and veggies as well as draining pasta though I have also used this for unconventional things such as rinsing seashells or my jewelry after I've cleaned it.
This is made of metal and has telescoping arms that make it fully adjustable. The arms are coated with rubberized grippers that prevents slipping. The mesh like wire of the basket is sturdy and has kept its shape in the four years since I bought my first one. Cleaning this is a snap. I either do a quick soap and water wash or put it in the dishwasher. It still looks as nice as it did when it was new.
For an active cook or just the basic fruit and veggie lover, this is a really great colander/strainer.

Holds tons of pasta!
I had an opportunity to use this strainer just after I got it. The pasta would fly out of my old plastic strainer, but this strainer held the pasta without any mess. I wasn't fishing anything out of the sink. It fits over my sink without any issue. I love it!

Nicely made product! Supports a 19 month old too (see pic)
I recently bought this item as I wanted an adjustable over the sink strainer. Item is well made and definitely STRONG. Which is evident when I left my 19 month old daughter with my sister.

looks good
My sink is 30x17in, it holds the colander perfectly.
I expected the colander a bit bigger but it still works.

Great basket, it's large enough for large portions for ...
Great basket, it's large enough for large portions for a family but if you don't use strainers for large amounts of foids (while washing veggies or fruit or draining spaghetti, you might prefer something smaller. I can see a purpose for both and would love to find one half the size for smaller portions.


Technical data

  • Perfect for rinsing fruits and vegetables or draining pasta
  • Nonslip handles extend to rest on top of sink
  • Made from durable, stainless steel mesh
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Lifetime limited warranty


Product Description

Cuisinart's colanders deliver superior drainage for excellent results. A versatile workhorse in the kitchen, the over-the-sink colander features nonslip handles that extend to rest on top of almost any sink for hands-free convenience. Our collection of strainers and colanders are dishwasher safe with durable, stainless steel mesh. They also come with a lifetime limited warranty backed by Cuisinart.

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