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La Crosse Technology WS-7014CH-IT Wireless Forecast Station

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Not bad for the money
Purchased weather station from OnlineShopDealer and is working fine. Here are some possibly useful tips for initial setup and operation. Pay attention to battery installation in the temperature sensor first, then the station second. For an initial test, leave the sensor and station in the same room to stabilize and monitor both temperatures for about 1 hour. Over that time, I observed mostly 0.5 degree difference in the two readings. This test checks normal operation and in my case the comparison was remarkably good.

My outside sensor is in a sheltered location and less than thirty feet from the station. The manual says up to 80 feet separation, but this is highly depended on the number of walls/floors and construction materials in the way. That is, don't count on the 80 foot separation distance.

Regular alkaline batteries for the station are fine. However, care must be exercised in sensor battery selection especially if you live in a cold winter area such as New England. Regular 1.5 volt alkaline or enhanced alkaline type batteries are not suited for prolonged cold outdoor use. However, definitely consider the newer 1.5 volt Lithium batteries that operate down to minus 40 degrees F for prolonged cold outdoor use. The only drawback is cost, but they are often on sale at national drug chains.

Getting the radio controlled time clock to operate properly can be tricky. Based on experience with other clocks, my best reception occurs with (1) location on the second floor (height), (2) display facing east/west (antenna direction) rather than north or south, and (3) location away from a TV, radio, or stereo (interference). Thunderstorms tend to disrupt sensor to station communication but operation eventually returns to normal. Station weather indicator is no worse than the New England weather forecasters.

Can't Imagine It Being Better - You Must Understand A Few Things Though...
Mine works perfectly! My parents bought me this for Christmas because we've all enjoyed the one my dad got for his birthday two or three years ago. If you're having problems with yours, please keep the following in mind:

1) The forecast indicator does not tell you the exact conditions, just expected trends. Per the manual, the "Sunny" icon indicates that the weather is expected to improve (not that the weather will be sunny). An icon showing "Sun with Clouds" indicates that the weather is expected to be fair (not that the weather will be sunny with clouds). And the "Clouds with Rain" icon indicates that the weather is expected to get worse (not that the weather will be rainy).

2) Do not place the remote temperature sensor in direct sun, or you'll get a false high reading (ever noticed what your car exterior feels like after sitting out in the sun, even on a day where the temp is just 70°?). A shaded location works best.

3) The remote temperature sensor can't measure the effect of wind chill, so it will only tell you the real temp, not the "feels like" temp.

A great product for the price!
I would recommend this for any price-conscience buyer who needs an outdoor themometer and an accurate indoor temp measurement.

The wireless capability allows me to place the indoor unit away from heat sources (i.e. chimney, kitchen, etc) to ensure an accurate reading indoors, as well as wireless distance flexability for outdoor sensor placement.

The only function emitted from this particular model is a meter for the level of humidity outdoors. It actually does have an indoor reading, but for whatever reason (probably cost) it is lacking the outdoor measurement.

Lastly, the unit has been very accurate predicting the upcoming weather, even here in Maine where the weather changes practically hourly! Overall, for the price point and accuracy, this is a 5 star unit in my opinion.

Much Better than Expected
I have had several "weather stations" from varying brands over the past decade. This model from LaCrosse Technology works better than them all. It is simple to program (don't throw away the instructions...settings are not entirely intuitive), the readout is vividly clear, the temperature readings for hot, hot Phoenix appear to be relatively accurate, the "forecast" provides for multiple sensitivity settings (important for the dry desert), and the whole thing is surprisingly attractive.

For what I need: Perfect!
Having a certified allergy to the cold, living in Upstate New York's Catskill mountains used to be extremely stressful for me in the wintertime. Now I've created my own little tropical oasis out of some utility shelves and shop lights. Ferns, orchids and ivies grow beautifully -- but need lots of humidity. This little device lets met monitor that (and of course the temperature) in my room -- as well as letting me know when it is too cold to go outdoors. I love it. It also keeps up the time, updated constantly. I was worried that here where we have no "towers," no cable; no cell-phone access, it might not work. It works perfectly! Thank you very much.

Excellent weather station: accurate, durable, great value!
Update..March 11, 2013...this LaCrosse still works perfectly, accurate and rarely requires battery replacement. This weather station transmitter has sits outside in a window sill, between the window and screen and continues to work through all kinds of weather extremes (located in NY).

Update..Oct. 2011... this LaCrosse weather station still going strong after around 10 years, has always given accurate readings. Wouldn't buy anything but LaCrosse brand!

I have owned the La Crosse WE-7014CH wireless weather station for a few years now (at least 4-5 yrs).
It has worked very well from day one. It's very accurate, easy to set up and the batteries in both the receiver and sensor last a long time (I'm sure it's been well over a year, close to two since I last replaced batteries). I have always had sensor sitting in outside window ledge, exposed to all East coast weather without any problems.
This weather station is a reasonably priced, well built product.
Highly recommend this and any of La Crosse products.

LaCrosse Wireless Weather Station WS-7014CH-IT
I am very satisfied with this item. I like its great look (matches with my room decor), performance, accuracy of data and particularly instant (continuous) data transfer from the outdoor Swiss made precision sensor that came with the weather station. The forecast icon (Sunny, Cloudy and rainy) based on changing barometric pressure provides a good visual indication of expected weather. Along with above it has a good digital clock showing atomic time and date with provision for manual setting plus alarm function. I would highly recommend this item to others for home or office use.

Great price...easy set-up
This is a great product that is easy to set-up and get running inside of five minutes. The wireless technology is great as my last outside thermometer required me to drill a hole in my wall. Very accurate and easy to read.

No complaints
Great looking product at a great price. Worked great right out of the box, though you do need to follow the directions on the battery installation order to get the wireless sensor to connect up correctly.

There is no way to judge scale in the picture so if you are wondering how big this is, it is roughly the size of a paperpack book and the remote sensor is about the size of a cell phone, maybe a little longer.

La Crosse Comes Thru Again
I'm one of those consumers who has been satisfied with La Crosse Digital weather stations. I discovered this one on sale at OnlineShopDealer and decided to buy it for my basement workshop. Having the atomic clock means I never have to worry about setting the time. When the batteries die I just replace them; and wait for the time, date and temperature to sync. It's simple and it works. That's all I need to be a return customer.


Technical data

  • Wireless weather station reads indoor temperature, humidity, and remote temperature
  • Radio-controlled time and date reads info from U.S. atomic clock
  • Included remote sensor reads temperature from up to 330 feet away (depending on obstructions)
  • Forecasts weather conditions (up to 75 percent accuracy) based on air pressure
  • Measures 3-1/2 by 5-1/2 by 1-1/4 inches (W x H x D)


Product Description

La crosse Technology WS-7014CH-IT Indoor & Outdoor Digital Thermometer w/ Indoor Humidity, Forecaster, Atomic Clock

Convenient and table size, La Crosse Technology’s wireless forecast station gives you weather at a glance. Features self-setting Atomic time and automatic updates so you don’t need to reset your clock for Daylight saving time. Displays both Indoor & Outdoor temperature (F/C) and Indoor Humidity (%RH) and weather forecast icons with tendency arrows. Wireless temperature sensor transmits within seconds giving you fast, accurate information.

Display dimensions 3.75L x 1.95W x 5.75H
View larger includes TX29U-IT wireless transmitting temperature sensor
View larger Self-setting Atomic Time

Define your preferenced time zone setting (–12 GMT to +12 GMT) and WWVB radio signal will automatically set the time and date for you. No worries when it comes to daylight saving time as well, as the clock will adjust for you twice a year.

Weather Forecaster

Weather icons show what the future forecast will be in your location, from rainy to sunny. The forecast sensitivity can be adjusted to allow for areas that have a higher or lower sensitivity to changing air pressure. The weather forecast is based solely upon the change of air pressure over time; creating a necessity to disregard all weather forecasting for about 48-60 hours after the unit has been set-up, reset, or moved from one altitude to another (i. e. from one floor of a building to another floor).

Minimum & Maximum temperature values

Display how your weather has been fluctuating with recorded hi & lo values with time/date stamp. Also records indoor humidity.

Monitor multiple sensors

Display features up to 3 channels, so adding additional sensors is not a problem. Monitor a storage room, basement, or greenhouse temperatures at the same time. Toggle between channels and view those highs or lows with a date/time stamp since the last reset.

1.5 in wide LCD
View larger Fast, Accurate transmission

Up to 330 ft signal range, the wireless transmitting sensor is also weather resistant to outdoor environments. Some metals and glass can decrease range of distance.

  • Weather Forecasting Function with 3 Weather Icons and Weather Tendency Indicator
  • Wireless OUT Temp (F/C)
  • Monitors IN Temp (F/C) & Humidity (%RH)
  • MIN/MAX Value of Temp with Time & Date of Recording
  • MIN/MAX Value of Humidity
  • Barometric Tendency Arrow
  • Atomic Time and Date (Manual Setting)
  • Automatically Updates for Daylight Saving Time (on/off option)
  • Can Receive Up to 3 Sensors
  • Specifications:
  • IN Humidity Range: 1% to 99%
  • OUT Temp Range: -39.8 F to +159.8 F (-39.8 C to 71 C)
  • IN Temp Range: 14.2 F to 159.8 F (-9.9 C to 71 C)
  • Power Requirements:
  • Receiver: 2 AA Alkaline Batteries (Not Included)
  • Sensor: 2 AA Alkaline Batteries (Not Included)

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