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Corkcicle Color Wine Chiller, Yellow

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Product Reviews

Brilliant! Forget wet bottles and wine chillers
What a perfect idea! Wine never ends up back in the ice bucket after its opened and tends to sit on the counter and warm up. With this - not only does that not happen, it chills it faster since its in the middle of the wine rather than outside the bottle. Plus - its much easier to get back in than the original cork is! This is definitely going in a few stockings this year.

This thing is the coolest little thing ever. Keeps the wine cold and I love it. Always got one in my freezer.

Great idea, works well!
I ordered a number of these as Christmas presents and 2 for myself. I used them this past weekend and they worked great! Several of my guests that will be receiving them as presents were in attendance and wanted to know where I got them. I guess it is safe to say they will like their presents. My only negative comment (which does not affect my rating) is that I think they are way overpriced! I am sure the novelty will attract buyers, like myself, however the price may turn potential buyers off as it makes sense to have 3 or 4 for entertaining and that equals a chunk of change. Hope to see the price go down as I want to order more.

For everyoine that serves wine
I gave this as Christmas gifts and everyone loved it. It keeps the wine cold after the bottle is opened. It would also make a great housewarming or shower gift.
I would recommend it highly.

corcicle wine cooler
Marvelous product. Works wonders in white wine especially on a hot day. Does red wine too with just enough cooling to keep temp at 55 degrees.
OnlineShopDealer did the order in record time and product delivered on time. Great!

What an Amazing idea
What a great idea the Corkcicle presents, it's one of those things you kick yourself asking "why didn't I think of it", Oh Well, I am glad I found this item, now I can pretty much cross off half my Holiday Shopping Lists, as everyone is getting one of these :)
Simply place the Corkcicle in the freezer until the liquid freezes and replace your cork with The Corkcicle and it keeps the wine chilled for hours.

The Corkcicle is Fantastic & Innovative!
Best host/hostess gift ever. Bar none. Nevermind its simplicity, it's brilliant! The corkcicle has been a conversation piece at every party we throw. This ingeniously crafted tool keeps wine chilled during tailgating, picnics, and other outdoor adventures. My wife chalks the Corkcicle up as one of those, "Why didn't I think of that?!" products. We have several in our freezer and one, in fact, just 'chillin' in a bottle of wine from last night. Easy to clean! The colors are another added bonus for any occasion! Highly recommended!

Great gift for the wine afficianado
A gift for the person who has everything or loves gadgets! Found this works great for a quick cool down of wines during a during a dinner party where a wine sits out. The one issue we had was that at first freezing some bottle necks a little small for the cold expansion but after a minute would fit OK. Really great for red wines that need to be sipped a little above room temp but an ice bucket would be way too cold for! Our corkcicle now has its own permanent place in our freezer!

Great product
This is awesome!!!! What a great invention. Used it New Year's Eve and everyone was asking were I got it. Kept our wine nice and cold.

Perfect for red wine lovers. Keep cork circle I freezer and put in bottle before serving. Adds just the right amount of chill.


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  • Corkcicle maintains chilled white wines and cools room temperature reds
  • Simple to use, freeze and place in bottle
  • Made from BPA-free plastic and non-toxic freeze gel
  • Easy to clean, rinse under water and place in freezer


Product Description

Corkcicle Wine Chiller

Keeping wines at just the right drinking temperature is a great dilemma. Too cold and it could mask the vintner's uniquely crafted complexities. Too warm and the flavors may take a back seat to the alcohol. The answer to this perplexity? Corkcicle.

The first of its kind, Corkcicle is an innovative product designed to keep your white wines chilled and bring your room temperature reds down to a more suitable cellar temperature, without the need for an ice bucket. Ice buckets often make white wine too cold, masking the flavors and complexities of the wine, not to mention they are messy and bulky. With Corkcicle, wines are chilled from the inside of the bottle so you can enjoy perfectly chilled wine every time.

Simple to use, just throw Corkcicle in the freezer for 90 minutes. After pouring the first glass of chilled white, drop it in the bottle to maintain the perfect temperature. For reds, pour a taste and insert Corkcicle for twelve minutes to lower the temperature to the mid 60's. Made from BPA free plastic and non-toxic freeze gel, Corkcicle has an elegant and innovative design that keeps wine cool for a perfect glass every time.

Another perk about the Corkcicle? You can use it again and again. No need to throw it away. Even after countless uses, it keeps your whites and lighter chilled reds at a perfect drinking temperature. And it even brings those heavier room temperature reds down to a more suitable drinking temperature.

Use your Corkcicle at home, bring it to your next party or take it on-the-go. This wine chiller is perfect for your next outdoor barbeque, picnic or intimate evening at home. The Corkcicle also makes for the perfect gift for the wino in your life. Available in original cork as well as six pop inspired colors, including white, orange, pink, green, blue and yellow.

Product Features
  • Corkcicle maintains chilled white wines and cools room temperature reds
  • Simple to use; freeze and place in bottle
  • Made from BPA free plastic and non-toxic freeze gel
  • Eliminates the need for an ice bucket
  • Easy to clean; rinse under water and place in freezer 90 minutes before use
  • Available in several pop-inspired colors or original cork
  • Perfect for both at home or on-the-go wine chilling
  • This innovative product is the first of its kind
Our Story We make things that cool. We make cool things.

Since we launched, we've heard quite a few stories on how we first got the idea for the Corkcicle. And while we wish we'd been inspired while sipping warmish wine in an icicle-rimmed Aspen chalet, that's not the case. The truth is that Ben Hewitt, Corkcicle's inventor and company founder, simply loves wine and hated that there wasn't a better solution to bothersome wine buckets.

In November 2011, Ben started tinkering in his garage, creating prototype after prototype.

Aided with the marketing expertise of his friend and business partner, Stephen Bruner, the idea quickly became a reality. More to the point, Stephen brought a high design approach to the product with the name and its icicle form to create our beloved Corkcicle.

As the manufacturing process got underway, it became clear that we needed a rainmaker to help deliver the product and get it effectively introduced to the retail world. A close friend, Eric Miller, VP of Sales at a Fortune 100 medical device company, came on board and has been making it rain Corkcicles ever since.

Together, the three have built a brand that represents true American ingenuity and captures the essence of the entrepreneurial spirit. Proving that great ideas still matter and that with hard work and great partners, anything's possible.

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