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Mr. And Mrs. Can Coolers Gift Set

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He likes the "Mr. Right" koozie, but he's w-r-o-n-g because the "Mrs. always Right" koozie is the best one ...
Well, the Mr. In the house didn't care at all for the "Mrs. always Right" koozies, but once again he was wrong. I do think these koozies are perfect for couples who have been married forever. I know because in this house I'm always right. Each koozie is foam and lined with a light mesh to keep the foam from breaking up.

They are simple koozies that keep the condensation down and keep any kind of canned beverage cold. They aren't overly tight fitting like the thicker foam is and can easily be slid over any 12-ounce can. I do prefer this type of koozie over the ones I have to practically fight with.

I do think these will be very popular with the older married crowd, but would be fun gifts for the younger crowd (they'll appreciate them later). I also have the mr. and mrs. set, which would be great for shower or wedding gifts. No, the "Mrs. always Right" koozies are nicer and I know that for a fact because he's wrong (again).

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Nice wedding gift
I got a set of these at my wedding and at first I thought they were just a gag gift. You know? Something you get from that redneck friend of yours who doesn't know what else to get a young married couple.

But after giving them a try I'm glad I got them! The husband and I drink a lot of soda (though we are trying to cut back, thanks a lot uncle Ted, lol!) And we often use a lot of ice or just try to nearly freeze the can so it's JUST this side of frozen and has a little ice of its own.

This thing though, it keeps the can cool for much, much longer, and I don't have to dirty up a cup just to have another soda. I hope to get more of them when these eventually wear out!

Perfect gag gift for couples that can appreciate this type of joke
This product is a great gag gift for bridal showers as well as for newlyweds after the nuptials. As can coolers they function exactly as expected, keeping your hand dry as you drink a can of liquid as well as keeping the liquid in the can cooler longer. If you want to get a few laughs from engaged or married friends that can appreciate a joke aimed at gender stereotypes, then this is a product that they will enjoy.

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Amazing gift idea for couples...
What an amazing and funny gift I got for my wedding! Yay ....We love these. We are soda drinkers.We don't care if it's winter, we still want to enjoy cold soda. However, holding cold cans for a long time isn't fun. Lucky us, we have the best friend, who can read our secret problem and get these two can coolers for us as gift. I think I love mine more than my husband's because his says he is "The Boss", but mine says I am "The REAL Boss".... I like that idea :) . I usually jokingly reminds him about that idea and he returns with some sarcastic comments and we usually have good laughs. With the can coolers, I can hold my soda can as long as I want and enjoy every sip of my soda :)))) The mustache and the kiss are my favorite. Pretty hot lips right there... :) These can coolers also keep my drinks stay cold a little longer. Anyway, I think these can coolers are perfect and meaningful gift set for your couples friends. They will love them, I'm sure.

Great gag gift for wedding
This was product i gave at wedding and the reaction was priceless.
This product does keep your drink cold.
The now married couples keeps tellings all their friends about this gift.

Great Quality and Amusing Fun
Really, I don’t know which of the designs I like the most. One day I am Mrs Always Right to his Always Right, and another day I like the simplicity of a simple Mrs to his Mr. And we won’t even get into who is the Real Boss.

But what I truly appreciate here, over the fun, is these koozies are made beautifully and they’re made to last. They slip on and off easily without the foam twisting or folding in on itself. They’re comfortable to hold, and they keep drinks cold.

We use these daily and we put them through more abuse than anything deserves, but they’re still in perfect shape.

Great quality and amusing fun. I like it a lot.

Great, useful gift for friends
One of my best friends is getting married, and though he is adamantly against wedding gifts, I decided to pick something up to express my congratulations. These wedding-themed can coolers are pretty useful, not to mention kind of cool. And since his wife loves them, he can't refuse them, especially since they both love drinking soda and beer (though I've been telling my friend to cut back for the sake of his waistline, haha). Either way, they really appreciate the gift and have gotten a lot of mileage out of it, so I couldn't be happier.

Love it!
I have this 'thing' where I hate for my hands to be cold. Its a running joke between me and the hubby. So when I saw these, I thought they were super cute! I ordered them for us and at first he laughed at me because I always used my can cooler, it only took a few times of him having a warm soda while mine was still ice cold before he started to use his all the time as well! This cooler is very flexible, easy to use and fits a variety of cans, cups and even my milkshake glass! Thanks for a great, efficient product!!

Love these - great gift idea.
I bought the Mr. and Mrs. can "koozies" with the dress and tux, and they are adorable. I am, also, pleased with the quality for the price. I've paid this much for just one specialty can cooler! I originally intended to give these to a friend of mine who is getting married in a few months...but I changed my mind when I got them. I'd like to keep these for myself and my hunky husband. I definitely recommend these as a gift idea for married couples - newly weds or not.

Perfect for the new Bride & Groom
Perfect for the new Bride & Groom - Just a cut little extra.


Technical data

  • Set of 2 foam Can Coolers
  • Black with Mr. in white letters and punctuated with a heart
  • White with Mrs. in black letters and punctuated with a heart
  • Coolers are 4.125-Inch tall and hold a standard 12-ounce can
  • Makes a fun gift for newlyweds or as an anniversary gift


Product Description

These cute little can coolers are the perfect wedding gift for a newlywed couple or a couple celebrating their anniversary. These coolers are about 4-1/4 inches tall and hold a standard 12 ounce can. These are not only beautiful they actually do help keep beverages cool. The are black and white and both use a cute heart instead of a period. You get both the Mr. And Mrs. Coolers with this listing. Give a present everyone is sure to remember.

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