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Over the Sink Cutting Board with Collapsible Colander by Good Cooking

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Beautiful! Our new favorite thing!
It was a combination of the beautiful design of the curved screen along with the outstanding picture quality that drew us to this TV.

The TV speaker sound quality is really good, especially considering there is so little space for speakers in this extremely thin TV, but for the best sound you really need to have a surround sound system. If you don't have one, you don't know what you're missing - it adds so much to the whole experience.

It was very easy to set up and has a lot of features - most of which we will probably never use. The "Smart TV" options are not something important to us, but it seems like all the "high-end" TVs include some sort of smart features. If you want a quality TV, you get all those extras along with it.

We do really like the 3D features, however, we were disappointed with the lack of 3D movies available to buy. This is something I've never been interested in...until I watched Gravity in 3D on this TV. It's pretty awesome and looks great. The 3D glasses it comes with are quite comfortable and the quality is fantastic.

The voice-activated features are cool, but somewhat of a novelty. I doubt we will use them a lot. One of the voice commands I was excited about using is "what movies are on right now." It displays a list of all movies, but unfortunately, it includes channels we don't subscribe to. We edited the guide in the TV to remove those channels, but it still shows us channels we don't have. If this feature worked, I would use it regularly, but as it is, it's not worth much. It's possible there may be a delay and after the guide updates it could work correctly.

We like the IR remote for quickly accessing menu items (it also comes with a standard remote), but we actually prefer our Sony universal remote to both of these.

I recommend getting the Disney WOW DVD for help with setting up the picture options. The out-of-the box settings are way off (IMHO) and this DVD makes it easy.

We've only had the TV for a couple of weeks, so we are still experimenting with the different settings and so far we love it.

Outstanding and Amazing
If you are willing to spend big on a television, this is what you should buy.

Why I like it -
1. This is eligible for concierge service for free if you buy from OnlineShopDealer. Un-boxing and installing was extremely easy and took less than 5
minutes. Everything was done by the concierge service.
2. This television is actually smart and programs itself accordingly based on how you use it.
3. Picture quality is amazing. I was amazed to see how good Netflix and OnlineShopDealer prime instant video was
4. You get two remotes with it. One is the big, standard remote with lots of buttons. The other is a small remote that fits into your hand it is
really good for browsing.
5. Amazing 3D viewing. Too bad my internet wasn't fast enough to stream 3D movies from Netflix without buffering.
6. The curved panel is something i haven't seen before and it is really cool. It also helps in side angle viewing
7. I have both a PS and a XBOX 360. I connected my PS3 with an HDMI cable and the picture quality was amazing. XBOX 360 was not too
bad compared to the PS3 and that is probably because I connected it with a component cable rather than HDMI.
8. Sound quality is pretty good. Though, in my opinion, one should get a BOSE home theater system with this if they are willing to spend that
kind of money.
9. Some of the things that I have not tried yet - Connect smart devices through an app, share a folder from a laptop, play media from a usb
device etc.

Issues: So far I have seen only one.
1. This happens with Netflix only. Sometimes if you are having internet problems or you have logged into Netflix from too many devices, then
when you click on the Netflix icon, the screen will go dark and you will not be able to navigate to any other screens. You will then have to
turn the television off and on again to see the smart hub screen again. Most likely this is a problem with the samsung smart hub software. It
would have been nice if I could just quit out of the program if it isn't responding.

Bottom line: This television is worth its price. The picture quality is no less than 4K. Also there are not much 4K content and it will take years before it is widely available. Besides, who knows, 4K might be taken over by some other technology in the next few years. Right now, this is probably the best television that is out there.

Setting up the Samsung Curve TV
My husband had little or no problems in setting up the TV even at his age of 93.
Complaints from others seem unfounded, my husband says! The TV picture is fantastic,
our only fear is that the TV may be smarter than we are....

All that it should be--easy to setup--amazing picture
I waited two weeks to write this review, I wanted to be sure, and helpful to others. Buy it! Curved screen is awesome. Picture has depth and 3D look when it is not 3D. Very little side fade--hard to notice any. I can't imagine needing more from a viewing experience--you feel like you are watching in a theater. Sound is good and has surround feel and audio. TV weighs about 30 pounds unboxed (48 inch). Lifted it and set it up with no help (I am over 70). stand was easy to install.
Easy setup and good directions for quick start guide and setup. Basically connects to the internet automatically if you are using a wireless network--finds it in 2 seconds or less and asks for your security code or PIN---enter it, and you are connected, and, all features are working on new TV. Then you choose your preferances, it guides you through a personal setup menu geared to your habits. Setup took about 15 minutes being careful and methodical.
Great new kind of remote is included, and is great if you Game, Facebook, Tweet or use your TV for social media interacting--I don't, but like the remote.
I have DirecTV and I like the remote with the Genie DVR so I programmed the Directv remote to operate everything and saved the new remote for just in case.---DIRECTV REMOTE PROGRAM CODE FOR THIS SAMSUNG THAT WORKED FOR ME ---10814

You will get a choice of 4 pre-set picture types or qualities in setup--- the one that is the most realistic is ----MOVIE--select it---then you can adjust contrast and brightness on all 4 easily--MOVIE was perfect with no adjustments for all types of programs---the other modes are STANDARD---or---DYNAMIC --or---? (can't remember 4th one) It is easy to go to setup menu at anytime and change the setting.

Has 4 pair of nice 3D glasses with batteries that are activitated and paired with the TV easily. You turn on the glasses and TV pairs with them.

OnlineShopDealer special delivery was very good, was delivered by special van exactly as scheduled, they unboxed, checked to make sure screen was not damaged and hooked up to power to make sure that was OK. offered to take the box and packing, but I kept for a few days in case of return. Delivery people were polite and helpful, wanted to make sure I was totally satisfied before they left. Very pleased---Love shopping and buying at AMAZON--my store for everything.

Pricey But Worth Every Penny!
This television is amazing! I wanted to upgrade my old Samsung LED to this years model and I can't believe the picture quality and what I was missing. Do yourself a favor and buy this television you wont regret it.

Great View
I work in the cable business. All I do is see different televisions all day long. I currently own a 59 inch plasma tv. If I could go back I would purchase this one right here. The view makes you feel like you are in the movies. It doesn't matter what you are watching from sports to movies the picture quality is awesome.

View and Read this Review for More Information.

Length:: 0:54 Mins

I brought this TV and I must say I love it. The standard setting sucks so I have an Apple TV and I download THX tune-up to calibrate my TV and it looks amazing. The 65 is huge but it does look good. When using Vevo App I do find that I have problems turning up and down the volume. Also when using apps such as Netflix, OnlineShopDealer Instant, M-Go, Youtube and etc I have connections issues with the wireless internet. I currently have Comcast and I have tested my internet speed and I am paying for 105mpbs but I get around 175mpbs. There are times when the TV when say that my internet connection is lost but I believe there is a problem with Samsung wifi in the TV. I also brought the camera to use motion control and voice control. The Motion control does not work always sometime it will recognize my hand and at times when i'm watching TV it will recognize my hand when I do not want to use motion control. The TV comes with 2 remotes I personal like the bigger remote better the smaller remote has a sensor on the front of it that you can point at the TV put it does not work property. The 3D is amazing on this TV I have use Netflix and Comcast ondeamd and the image is amazing. This TV does have a few bugs but I figure that Samsung will get them worked out soon. The TV sound is awesome you don't need another speaker or sound bar this TV has great sound with bass and highs. I also have a Samsung LCD touch screen washer and dryer and the TV notifies me when the cycle is done. I like that feature. It's a good TV I would recommend this tv to anyone who is checking it out.

Simply Elegant
Ive waited years before buying a new tv.. I had my eye on this one and and Vizio new line up since CES earlier this year... But since Vizio didn't have a release date for their premiere line up I went with this model after seeing it live at my local Fry's Store..
Basically It's detail is amazing. But that's assuming you have HD materials like Xboxone or PS4 or blue ray. I use my Directv on it and it looks great but like many TVs this size, it starts getting pixelly I would say.. That's why it looks best with a console base materials.. The sound I would say is above average for a slim TV. But don't expect to be blown away. But if you get a TV like this you should have a surround sound system to truly sell it.. Well anyway, the screen is super bright without making the image look super contrast like other tis when you turn the bright nest. The interface is super fast. it's wifi enabled, Comes with tons of apps.
On another note: I didn't go with the 4K version because there is not that much entertainment for it.. And since it would take 4 bluerays in order to make just one 4k version. I can't imagine they will have this format up and running anytime in the near future. Also I'm a big gamer and there's a slight lag when tv's have to up convert the 1080p signal to 4k. I notice a 1/4 of a sec lag, but it was noticeable to me.. But then again to each his/her own. So anyway.. basically this TV will spoil you rotten when you go here then you go check out the others at friends house or even in the other rooms. It really is that sweet.

Beautiful picture! I love the curved screen, it does draw you in. The TV is sleek, lightweight, modern, and sexy. Pricey yes but well worth it.

I love it!
The TV is great. It has lot of advanced features. I like that it has full web browsing capability and you can stream video directly to the TV instead of through a laptop or a tablet.

The curved surface looks cool and unique. The clarity of the picture and the contrast is perfect.

OnlineShopDealer's white glove service without any extra charge is awesome.

I recommend this TV for anyone who is in the market for a big screen TV and care for great picture clarity


Technical data

  • Expandable cutting board fits over most kitchen sinks, saving counter space
  • Includes removable silicone colander with stainless steel rim- chop and rinse
  • Colander collapses so it is easy to store and stainless rim holds it firmly in place
  • Made of food grade silicone and food grade polypropylene- 100% BPA and Phthalate free
  • Easy to clean- dishwasher safe


Product Description

Over the Sink Cutting Board with Collapsible Colander by Good cooking: This convenient cutting board expands to fit over most kitchen sinks, saving you valuable counter space. Includes removable silicone colander that collapses for easy storage. Simply chop your food and rinse. Silicone coating on handles prevents slipping. Made of food grade silicone and food grade polypropylene- 100% BPA and Phthalate free. Easy to clean, dishwasher safe. Measures 19.25 x 10.5

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