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Salad Maker - Electronic Shredder, Slicer, Chopper, & Shooter By Good Cooking

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Customer Reviews

Product Reviews

This dehydrator really is a must nowadays. I love dried fruit but it seems like any kind of dried fruit has sugar added to it these days. So, I decided that I'm going to make my own.

This dehydrator comes with 4 trays so there is plenty of room to dry all sorts of fruits and vegetables at the same time. Each of the trays are quite large and they stack over each other. You fill them all or as many as you want, stack them and turn the machine on. This machine comes with instructions on how long to run it for each different kind of fruit, vegetable, herb, etc. You simply set it to the recommended time and you wait (obviously, if you're making different kinds of dried products at the same time, you need to use ones that have similar drying time to allow the machine to work properly). As it's running, it does make a constant humming noise that I noticed at first. However, since the machine needs to be on around 13-20 hours for most things, you get used to it after a while--at least I did. And if you don't get used to it, just move it to a different room, no problem.

Once it's done, you have delicious dried fruits, vegetables and herbs exactly like you like them. If you want to add sugar or any kind of spice, you can. If you don't want to, you don't have to. You get exactly what you want out of this dehydrator.

The trays are very easy to remove and clean as well.

Overall, this is a great dehydrator and I highly recommend it.

I received a sample for review.

Gadget for healthy life style
Over the last year I begun the quest to life and eat healthier. I found this gadget to cut the candy out of my diet. It delivers delicious goodies that are great for snacking anytime, day or night. It is simply to use. I can create invigorating bites ranging from dried cinnamon apple slices to personal favorite sliced apricots. The Good Cooking Dehydrator was my perfect solution to create edible treats that work to help maintain a physically fit lifestyle, plus it economical (no wasted fruit). I love it!

The Best!
I love to make homemade jerky, I also dehydrate strawberries, apples, peaches and herbs from my garden. This dehydrator works and even makes my house smell great when I am using it. If you're into more healthier and fresher dried food than what's available at the store then this product is a must have. It is easy to use and the food is head and shoulders above anything from a store! I highly recommend this

Awesome Product For Rich Dry Food Experience
I got this stunning product ‘Electric Quick Dry Food Dehydrator with Four Trays by Good Cooking’ from one of my office colleague as a gift on my first Anniversary. Believe me with a few days of using, my wife has fallen into in love with this product so much that it seems I am losing my value little bit before her. Well folks, its jokes apart anyway the main thing is that my overall experience with this product is just awesome. Well, we love to make homemade jerky and I used to dehydrate strawberries, peaches, herbs, nuts etc that I used to collect from my uncle’s farmhouse on every weekend.

Oh, one thing I forget to mention here are that you can also make beef jerky, which is the favorite dish of my wife, and hope yours too. Further, this product comes with some stunning features like four large drying trays for easy storage, adjustable temperature with time control, and curved base for better airflow and faster drying. Therefore, in one word, this product is just fantastic and both of us are simply enjoying this product while making fresh and healthy dry fruits. I highly recommend this product.

My first experience with a dehydrator but so far it ...
My first experience with a dehydrator but so far it has been a pleasant one. It seems to be quicker than those of my friends who have a Nesco--I hope that is spelled right. Time will tell how durable it is.

Five Stars
Great product !! Very pleased with this purchase. This works perfect for making chicken jerky for my dog.

better result than oven dried jerky
I have used it several times now and it works great! I prefer my jerky from this dehydrator more than it being dried in the oven. Can't comment on longevity of product now, but will update at another time. Works well, easy to clean. What else can you ask for? I highly recommend it.

I really like it. Right now
I received the dehydrator on time and used it the same day. I really like it. Right now, I have fresh raspberries from our garden and I am trying bananas, too. The book is a little sketchy on time and there is nothing on temperature, so I've had to guess on what I am doing. But, so far, I really like it. It's easy to clean and it's quiet when it's running. It's just the right size for my husband and I. I would buy this item again. Good value.

Five Stars
Excellent product, much faster than most dehydraters

love it. have used it five or six times
love it. have used it five or six times already


Technical data

  • 5 cone attachments allow you to slice, shred, grate, or grind
  • Perfect for vegetables, fruits, nuts, cheese, chocolate, and more
  • Choose to finely grate, slice, or shred
  • Easy to operate one-touch button control
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe


Product Description

salad Maker - electronic Shredder/Slicer/Chopper Shooter By Good cooking: Salads are a healthy meal but chopping all the ingredients takes time you don't need to spend. Prepackaged vegetables and lettuce are expensive and rarely fresh. The Salad Maker by Good Cooking eliminates the hassle of chopping and grating. It cuts your food prep down to seconds. Attach the cone that's the right cut for your ingredients. Turn on the machine, drop your ingredient down the chute, and you have perfect slices. Clean up is just as simple, the chute, and blades detach so just put them in your dishwasher for instant clean up.

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