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Cateye CC-RD300W Strada Wireless Bicycle Computer (Black)

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Very Accurate, Very Easy
I am new to cycling over the last year and I needed to get a cycle computer to track speed and distance on longer training rides. After much research I settled on this device. For purposes of this review I ride a 2008 Specialized Allez Elite.

Very easy. The magnet attaches to a spoke on the front tire by simply twisting a tightening screw. It has not moved in over 200 miles of riding. The sensor for the magnet attaches to the front fork using included zip ties. I have vibration dampening inserts in the area where I needed to attach it and still had no problem doing so. It was very easy to position the sensor within the required distance of the passing magnet. I have never needed to adjust its position. The receiver / display unit attached to the stem easily

I read through the instructions once, followed along doing what it told me, and after the third time it was intuitive and straight forward. Yes, it is a bit different, but not difficult by any means.

If you have the correct tire size set, this device is DEAD ON down to the hundreth of a mile on 30+ mile rides. I mapped a ride this weekend that was 31.45 according to GMAP Pedometer. My cue sheet was 100% accurate for the entire ride, and my final mileage was 31.46 (a difference of 0.01 miles.) TIP: Sit on the bike with the rear tire's valve stem at the lowest point and make a mark on the ground with chalk. Roll forward in a straight line with your weight on the bike until the valve stem finishes one full rotation and is again at the lowest point, marking this spot on the pavement with chalk. Measure the distance between the two spots in milimeters and this is the number you should have entered into the device. Their included chart is good, but this method is the best.

Easy to navigate while riding (one touch scrolling) and highly visible. The entire device acts as a button when sitting in the cradle, so tapping it firmly anywhere will toggle through the display-- a great design.

Nice and easy
Very nice product, little and compact, very easy to read it and to scroll from differents screens just one click of the "screen" (Hide button.)

The installation is in minutes, no tools you'll need, only common sense and the instruction sheet.
The batteries are very easy to find them and cheap to.

It comes with all the features you need in a ride.

Don't waste your time looking for an other cyclocomputer, this is a very good choice.

I love this computer and gave it 5 stars. I went with this computer after much debate between it and a wired version due to the fact that I was worried the wireless function wouldnt work well on a mountain bike but it hasnt failed me yet.

Installing the devise was easy, the directions are easy to follow and understand and actual setup was a snap. The only thing I was concerned about was the size, it is quite small after looking at the larger images of the thing then taking it out of the box was a shocker.

In use, it is a great design and very easy to use, you can actually use the entire computer with one finger. When the computer is in the bracket, simply pushing down on the bottom section of the computer cycles through the menu's. I like the fact that the current speed is the bigger display no matter what sub menu your on, making it easy to read and understand. Sub menu's include: Time, Time of ride, Distance Ridden, Distance2(Dual Distance), Average Speed, Max Speed, Odo. The one feature it doesnt have which might have been nice is cadence but Im not a roadie so it is kinda minor.

Another nice aspect is the fact that it is water proof, important because last summer I got caught in pouring rain 3 or 4 times, I also landed in puddles of water and mud a couple of times as well :-) The computer fits in the cradle very securely so there is almost no chance of it falling off the bike in a spill, (tried and tested).

I highly recommend this computer if your looking for a computer that is easy to use

Great item
This product is all they say. The best part is when I called the mailer
for some help, as the product wasn't working at first. I actually spoke with a human!! The advise was right on the money. I couldn't install it on the right upper fork, so I put it on the bottom instead. The sensor is very senative when aligning it with the magnet. I love it so much, I'm thinking about purchasing another for my husband.

Installation suggestion - for safety.
I like this bicycle computer a lot. It is very easy to use all features. HOWEVER I have two installation suggestions both related to the possibility of the sensor loosening on the fork. See photographs with yellow text. SUGGESTION 1: The instruction manual shows the sensor being installed to the REAR of the right fork. I installed the sensor to the FRONT. Why? If the sensor loosens on the fork, it could come in contact with the magnet or a spoke. If the sensor is installed toward the REAR, the sensor could be pulled INTO the spokes. If the sensor is installed toward the FRONT, the sensor would be pushed AWAY from the spokes. SUGGESTION 2: The diameter of the fork narrows toward the end. If the sensor slides down a bit, it will loosen on the fork. To prevent this possiblity, I built up the fork diameter for the lower tie with duct tape.

great product
This is my second cateye. The first was five years old and still works I just wanted to switch. This model is great because the button to change screens is on the bottom so when attached to the bike you just push anywhere on the computer and it engages the button. The info this computer provides (clock, time, distance, mph, odometer, average speed) is enough for all riders except professionals that desire more data. It does NOT have a backlight. Which might be a problem for some.

Cateye has GREAT customer service, and great products. I've bought one for my girlfriend and my cousin has outfitted her family with Cateye. You won't be disappointed.

Nice Computer
I'm very pleased with my purchase of the Cateye cc-rd300w. This is my first wireless computer and it has worked perfectly. The fork mounted sensor attaches very solidly and has not moved a bit - I was a little worried about how well the zip ties would work on a mountain bike suspension fork. The cradle for the computer itself is a very well engineered and also mounts firmly to the handlebar. It was very easy to install. The comuter is so easy to use. There are no buttons on the front, you just push down on the lower part of it and it toggles from view to view. Hold for about 3 seconds and it reset. It has a nice big readout for MPH and the various readout option are easy to see at the bottom of the screen. I would highly recommend this product.

Parada for Strada
Good product, only problem I had since installing was it stopped working.
This was because the mount for some reason did not align. I made the necessary adjustment and since then there has been no problem.
I keep acturate records for my rides and the Strada meets my demands. I am glad I purchased this product and may buy the kit so I can use it also on my second bike.

Nice Package! Good choice.
I just installed the Cateye RD-300W computer, but have only used it on one ride to date (too much snow here in Chicago still!!), so check back later for an update to this survey.

I researched many, many different types and makes, but am very happy with the RD-300W so far.

I really like the overall looks as well as the features. The jet black finish and slim design are sleek, plus larger display charachters make it easier to see. The simple action of pressing the bottom portion of the computer base to change modes, instead of fumbling around trying to press a different button for different modes, makes mode changing simple. Installation was a breeze...tool Free!!!

I ordered additional magnets for my other wheelsets because the older magnets I had would not work with the new Cateye wireless pickup. That actually worked out to my benefit because all my wheels now have this new magnet. The magnets do not need a tool to install/deinstall. An aluminum thumbwheel replaces the typical screw or clamp.

****09/08/2010 Here is a follow-up to my original review. I still have the RD-300W on one of my bikes and I could not have made a better choice. It's on the second battery now. It is extremely easy to change viewing modes with the tip feature. Tom

Cateye Strada cycling computer
Product as described. Easy installation and good functionality. Particular advantage is dual tire size setting to switch from mountain to road bike. Nice big numbers on display. Reasonable price.


Technical data

  • Sleek, lightweight 8-function wireless bicycle computer with universal handlebar and sensor mounts
  • Displays speed, max speed, average speed, trip distance, 2nd trip distance, total distance, elapsed time, clock
  • Pressing bottom of screen toggles through modes for easy use on rough terrain
  • Up/down arrow compares current speed to average speed
  • Two CR1620 batteries included


Product Description

The Strada Series redefines cycle computer design with slim sizes, larger screens and font sizes with tons of functions.
  • ClickTec button interface
  • Programmable odometer
  • Measurements in km or miles
  • Front fork speed sensor
  • Transmission distance up to 70cm - 27 inches
  • Batteries: CR2032 x 2 (1 each for head unit and sensor)
  • Features the largest screen and numbers in its class
  • ClickTec interface switches through seven modes by simply pressing the bottom of the computer face
  • FlexTight mounting brackets for Bar/Stem and fork
  • Functions: Current Speed - Average speed - Maximum speed - Odometer - Trip distance 1 & 2 - Elapsed time - Clock
  • Tool free mounting
  • Auto start/stop
  • Pace arrow
  • Dual tire size
  • Auto power save mode
  • Handlebar or stem size: 22-31.8mm
  • Fork mount size: 11-55mm
Item Specifications
Heart RateNo
GPS EnabledNo

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