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Mr. Coffee BVMC-KG5-001 Single Serve Coffee Brewer Powered by Keurig Brewing Technology, Black

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Really nice, not quite Keurig
I bought this for my wife for her birthday so that she could enjoy quick, easy coffee in the morning and on weekends. It is every bit as good as a Keurig as far as brewing quality and works with the Keurig My K-Cup accessory. The only criticism I have is the official Keruig brewers that I have used heat the water as soon as you power them on and then reheat the next batch of water as soon as the current cup has finished brewing so that there is very little if any lag between one cup and the next one. This brewer heats the water when you start brewing so there is a few minute wait between pushing the button to brew a cup and actually getting the cup. This is pretty small, but we do miss the immediacy in brewing of the Keurig-branded machines.

I would also like to comment on others' notes that the reservoir for the water is smaller than similarly-sized k-cup brewers so it is very important that you remember to keep it full. I just fill my mug with water and pour that water in before starting the brewing, doesn't bother me at all.

TL;DR This is an excellent product that we are very happy with, the Keurig brewers are nicer but cost considerably more.

Great coffee maker at a great price
Bought this for my husband for Christmas and he loves it - except for the fact that the whole family uses it now. We have used it now for over 3 weeks and no problems whatsoever. We have brewed both coffee and hot cocoa. It is easy to use - even our 10 year old can use it to make hot cocoa. Very easy to fill the water reservoir (we don't remove the reservior but instead fill a cup with water and poor it in). Love that it has two serving sizes although the smaller serving size really does only pour out ONE cup of coffee (about half of our travel size mugs). We usually use the larger serving size. Heats the water FAST and it is HOT - be careful!

It is great for our family because we don't have to brew an entire pot and everyone can have exactly what they want - regular coffee, flavored coffee or hot cocoa. I think the singe serve cups that you use for these machines are over priced but much less than going to Starbucks or your local coffee house for a coffee.

UPDATE: If you are having problems with the coffee maker not making a full cup when you choose the larger size - I have a solution. We were having similar problems where our maker would sometimes brew a full cup but more times than not when we chose the larger size, we would only get 4 ounces of coffee. I called the company who then replaced it as it was under warranty. When I received the new machine and unpacked it, I opened up the brew head handle and looked inside the assembly housing (where you place the k-cups). There is a needle at the bottom where the brewed coffee will dispense from the coffee maker. There was a small piece of rubber surrounding the needle. I wondered how coffee could be dispensed properly with this piece of rubber so I removed it. Curious, I opened up the old maker that we were returning, and sure enough, there was a piece of rubber on that needle, however, it was pushed down because we had been attempting to use the coffee maker. Check the assemply housing where you place the k-cups - this part can be removed for cleaning and make sure there isn't a rubber piece around the needle blocking the coffee from coming out. Remove the piece of rubber and the coffee maker should work beautifully. We have brewed FULL cups of coffee with no leaking or problems since we removed this piece of rubber. Hope this helps.

Great little K-cup machine
I've had this Mr Coffee for about a month now and LOVE it. Being a past-life barista, I'm a bit of a snob about coffee, and thought K-cups were the worst idea ever.

However, after pot after pot being dumped because we weren't drinking it all and realizing that I really only need one cup a day to get me going, I caved and bought a single cup machine. And I'm really glad I did! I bought it from a local store when it was on sale ($79) and had a coupon, so the price just could not be beat.

At first I thought it was weird to only have 8 and 10 ounce sizes, and was a little perturbed, how was I going to fill my 16 oz cup? Well, duh, run two 8oz cycles. But, actually, I've found that I like the 10oz better, it leaves me more than enough room for my flavored creamer and I found I wasn't drinking all of the 16oz anyway!

I brew one while I'm putting on my shoes and gathering my lunch before I head out the door each morning for work. It only takes 2-3 minutes and my son even starts me a cup once in a while when he knows I'm running late (good kid!)

It is a bit louder than I expected (but not horrendous), so if you have company sleeping on the family room couch, you probably won't want to run this until they're up, unless you want them up and out of your house of course, then by all means.

One of my sons likes different coffee flavors than I do, so it's nice for each of us to pick/choose what we are in the mood for and I've now got a chrome carousel next to it which looks sharp and clean and is super duper handy. Again, I thought the carousel was a dumb idea, why not keep the boxes right next to the coffee maker, but when a sale came around at my local store and I had TWO coupons, how could I resist? And now, I dont' know what I was thinking before. Apparently, I'm a slow learner... ;)

One thing we did discover is that it is ridiculously expensive for hot cocoa and tea, so that is a no-brainer for us to continue with the packets and teabags. We had a free box of the Swiss Miss hot cocoa and my sugar-fiend son said it was horrible and dumped it. It must have been REALLY bad for him to not drink it. We discovered it is a different product than the packets and I believe uses artificial sweetners, so bye-bye to that box of cocoa.

I've actually been pleasantly suprised with how much I use the machine and how much I like it. Honestly, I was prepared to hate it and return it, but I just HAD to be like everyone else and give it a try. And I'm very glad I did.

I've even contemplated buying one for the office too, but then I figured I might be too hopped up on caffeine and better save myself before I get in trouble.

Overall impressions:

Clean lines/looks nice
Smaller footprint than expected
Heats quickly
Easy to keep clean
Love the variety of available coffees
Easy for my teenagers to use

Bottomline... it's easy and convenient and saves me money (no more trips to the coffee shop for lattes for me!)

I would recommend this to anyone who wants a cup or two a day. If you are a full-pot drinker then I would stick to a standard coffee maker/pot.

This would be a great gift for a college student or young married couple, or anyone really.

Finally good coffee...
I purchased the first one at Walmart, returned home, tried it and it did not work! Returned it with no problem, and debated before trying the one more left in the store. I purchased it along with the K-Cup and it all works fine! I love the price of it and the fact it has all the features as the more expensive Keurig coffee makers, but still uses all the Keurig accessories. In the past I have used all kinds of coffeemakers, recently the "Old Fashioned" percolater, stainless steel etc,, but still not great coffee. Now I can enjoy delicious coffee, and am anxious to try the teas, cocoas and other specialty pods. Cindi

I have only had this brewer for one week. But I wanted to write how pleased I am with the brewer so far.

Obviously it is much less expensive than the Keurig brand itself, but seems to do the same job and have the same specifications as the Keurig Mini Brewer. I am planning to purchase the reusable k-cup


Size - fits perfectly on my small apartment counter

Ease of use - Quickly brews a cup of coffee.-- (Someone mentioned putting this on before going into the shower in the morning; I would never do that because the coffee would be cold.

Clean up-- no stained carafe to deal with, no basket that needs scrubbing within the grooves to get it clean

Variety of flavors available

Cons -
temperature - I add half and half or milk to my coffee and it cools off rather quickly

Brew strength - I like my coffee weaker than most but I have solved that by brewing two cups using the same k-cup and combining them.

I checked out the more expensive Keurig brewers and this was hands down the best for the money. I would have liked some of the additional features (like being able to have larger cup sizes for iced beverages) but I can transfer the coffee to a large glass.

I would strongly recommend picking up one of the variety packs of K-cups offered by OnlineShopDealer so that you can decide which flavors you really like the best; you can't really tell from the name of the flavor.

UPDATE: July 24, 2012 - Now that the newness has worn off I still love this coffee maker and wouldn't consider going back to the old brew method. I find if I use the coupons for some of my local stores I can get the k-cups at the best deals and because I don't waste as much coffee I think it is actually more economical.

Love it!
I have been a loyal Keurig user for many years. When my last brewer quit working in less than a year's time and they wouldn't replace it, I told them I'd never buy their brewer again. Found this online and it is truly wonderful! Easier to use than the Keurig and I absolutely love it!

Great Coffee Machine!
I don't drink coffee, but I do occasionally entertain guests who like coffee or tea. With our old coffeemaker, I couldn't offer them anything, because I couldn't figure out how to work the stupid thing. It ground its own beans and did all kinds of complicated stuff. I wanted something simple and easy to use--and this fits the bill perfectly!

There are no coffee filters. There is no mess. You don't have to clean up soggy coffee grounds. You don't have to measure out your coffee. You don't have to do anything, except add water and press a button. How easy is that? Instead of bags of coffee beans, you buy a pack of K-Cups, which are these small plastic cups lined with their own tiny filters and filled with ground coffee inside. They come in a hundred varieties and flavors, and best of all--they aren't limited to coffee! You can buy tea, hot chocolate, apple cider, cappuccino, etc. The process is so simple, you don't even have to open the K-Cups. You just pop it in the machine and it does everything for you.

Quick Directions:

1. Add water.
2. Add K-Cup.
3. Press "brew" button and put your mug in place.
4. Enjoy hot coffee!

Detailed Directions & Tips:

1. Plug the coffeemaker in.

2. Fill the reservoir with filtered water, replace the lid, and fit it back onto the rear of the coffeemaker. It's important that you replace the lid BEFORE trying to put the reservoir back or water will spill everywhere. (Ask me how I know this. . . .) You can make two to four cups with the amount the reservoir holds, so you don't have to refill it for each and every cup of coffee.

3. If it's your first time using the machine, run a rinse cycle to clean the coffeemaker out. Do this by simply brewing the water without a K-Cup in place. (Place a mug under the dispenser to catch the hot water.) You should also run a rinse cycle if you're making tea, hot chocolate, or cider after you've made coffee, just to clear out any remnants of coffee that might taint your drink.

4. Open the lid and pop a K-Cup of your choice into the holder. (For best results, shake the K-Cup first.) There is a sharp needle inside, so don't go poking your fingers inside the machine! When you close the lid securely, the needle will puncture the K-Cup top and bottom.

5. Select which size cup you want. The smallest one is meant for regular coffee mugs, but it only fills it about 3/4 of the way. This works perfectly for me, since I add milk to my hot chocolate. If you want a stronger drink, or plan to add milk, choose the smaller cup size. If you want more diluted coffee, or are using a larger mug, choose the larger cup size.

6. Press the brew button. It takes a minute for the water to boil. You'll hear it bubbling as it heats up and a few seconds later it will start streaming into your coffee mug. The hot water flows through the K-Cup, dissolving the powdered coffee/tea/cocoa/cider. Once it stops flowing, air will blow through the K-Cup, drying it out.

7. To clean up, simply remove your empty K-Cup and throw it away. There's no mess or dripping.

I can only think of two disadvantages to this coffeemaker: First, you're limited to the amount of coffee or tea that's pre-measured in the K-Cup, so if you want an extra-strong drink, you would have to achieve that by using less water, as there is no way to add extra coffee. Second, you can only make one cup of coffee at a time. There is no brew pot. It dispenses individual serving sizes directly into your mug. If you have a lot of coffee to make, it's going to take awhile. (Each cup takes a minute or two to brew, since it heats the water up for each mug individually.)

This type of coffeemaker certainly isn't for everyone. I can see how some folks would rather have more control, be able to make more cups at a time, and so forth. But for me, it's perfect! I only use it for making hot chocolate for myself. If I have guests, I'll make them coffee or tea, but I rarely have more than two people over at a time, so I have no need to make large amounts of coffee. It's very easy to use, and there is no clean up afterwards, so it's really wonderful.

Five stars and highly recommended.

Pleasant Surpise
I was so excited when this went on sale during OnlineShopDealer's Lighting Deals, because I wanted a Keurig machine at home. I had heard that the lowest tier Keurig machine wasn't very good, so I figured I'd take my chances on this K-Cup coffee machine. It works wonderfully and it doesn't make a lot of noise, and I've been making tea and hot cocoa at a rate of about three to four 10 ounce cups a day! I would say my only compliant is that the reservoir doesn't hold more water, because I can't stop using this awesome machine!

Great little coffeemaker!
I was a little skeptical at first after having read some of the reviews but I am LOVING this machine! This is a great coffeemaker for those who can't afford a Keurig. Brews quickly, makes hot coffee, and it didn't cost an arm and a leg. and I've had no problems with it so far.

Very nice for the price
Nice item and not too big a footprint.. we also have the other big name one which we love but this worked very well .. it does use the same type of process.. I found it was great for tea, cider, cocoa .. other beverages besides coffee!! It would also make a great gift for anyone with a small space (dorms?) I would recommend it highly


Technical data

  • Powered by Keurig Brewed technology for coffeehouse quality at home
  • Uses Keurig K-Cup packs
  • Removable 24-ounce water reservoir for multiple brews without refilling
  • 2 brew-size options (6-ouce or 10-ounce)
  • Removable drip tray for larger cups or travel mugs


Product Description

Includes five K-Cups Mr. Coffee Single Serve Brewing System

Bring the coffeehouse experience home with the Mr. Coffee Single Serve Coffee Brewer. Featuring keurig Brewed technology, you can make gourmet coffee, tea, hot cocoa and more with over 200 K-Cup packs to choose from. This single serve brewer also features a 24-ounce removable water reservoir. The serving size selector lets you choose between a 6-ounce serving, perfect for iced coffee or stronger brews, and a 10-ounce serving, perfect for larger cups or travel mugs. The drip tray is removable, allowing for larger cups and travel mugs up to 7 in height.

Ready to Use

The Mr. Coffee Single Serve Brewer also comes with a variety of five K-Cups, making it ready for use immediately after opening. Discover a variety of flavors to help you decide which is your favorite. This brewer also works with the Keurig My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter (not included) for brewing your own gourmet coffee.

Keurig Brewed Technology

Flavor in. Oxygen Out. An air tight seal ensures coffee remains fresh and delicious.

Always fresh. The finest beans selected, roasted, ground and measured to exacting specifications.

The flavor you love. The ideal brewing environment inside. Oxygen free, the perfect grind, advanced filtration and water at the optimum pressure and temperature.

Your perfect cup. With over 200 varieties from which to choose, your perfect cup is seconds away.

Coffee Brewed in Minutes

In just a few simple steps, you can brew and enjoy coffeehouse style gourmet coffee, tea or hot cocoa at home or on the go.

1. Remove the lid and fill the reservoir with water to the fill line. Do not use distilled or reverse osmosis water as this may cause overfilling in the drip tray. 2. Replace lid and carefully place reservoir back on the unit 3. Lift up on the handle and insert a K-Cup 4. Close the brew head by pressing down firmly to secure 5. Choose your desired serving size - remove the drip tray for larger cups 6. Press the brew button to begin the brewing process Cleaning Tips

Clean up is easy with the Mr. Coffee Single Serve Brewer. After your beverage has finished brewing, the unit will run a cooling cycle for up to 90 seconds that will dry the K-Cup for easy removal without the mess. The water reservoir and base tray are dishwasher-safe, top rack only. Before storing, ensure all water is removed from the unit. Press and hold the Brew button to drain all water from the internal tank. Should coffee or cocoa mix get clogged in the exit needle, simply clean with a paperclip or similar tool.

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