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Tech Armor Samsung Galaxy Note 4 High Defintion (HD) Clear Screen Protectors -- Maximum Clarity and Touchscreen Accuracy [3-Pack] Lifetime Warranty

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Product Reviews

Best Screen Protectors, Easy Install, Best Warranty, Hassle Free Experience
Screen protectors from Tech Armor are the best quality. Easy to install and are bubble free. I still get bubbles here and there but they are easy to smooth out and are problem free. They have the best warranty for the price as well. Go to a store that sells phone accessories and screen protectors and you are paying more than double the price of these just for 1 screen protector and installation. Plus those stores get more money by getting you to go over there for their lifetime warranty of the protector to reinstall it. Tech Armor makes it easy for anyone to install these perfectly. Very clear and easy to understand instructions.
I have also had hassle free experience with the Tech Armor C.S. for replacement and they are the best for the cost. High quality as well.

REALLY like these protectors and they were easy to install
REALLY like these protectors and they were easy to install. Just do it in a dust free area because one tiny little hair of spec of dust can cause it to bubble but they are easy to install, good packaging, come with a scraper for bubbles, a couple pieces of tape to remove last minute screen dust and easy to read english instructions. After install you can't tell it's on the screen and they are surprisingly VERY clear and my Note 4 S-Pen has absolutely NO issues writing over it and doesn't scratch it either. Will buy again and recommend you do buy them.

Wasted 2 of the protectors trying to get a perfect ...
Wasted 2 of the protectors trying to get a perfect fit with no dust/lint on the screen but got it perfect on the third try... I guess thats why you have 3 lol.

This is the type of protector that is crystal clear, not the one where you get an orange peel effect. The screen protector only covers the true "screen" which means the little area of bezel around the screen is not covered (on the sides). The top and bottom coverage area is adequately covered with cut outs that do not cover any of the essentials.

As for my personal far so good. I wish the protector was a little wider to cover more of the phones glass area but it gets the job done. With a case you will not have much exposed screen area. I would recommend this if you decided to get a case with out a screen protector built in.

Overall, this is a great screen protector
I bought one of this for my Galaxy Note 4 and one also for my boyfriend's iPhone 6 and we both love our new screen protector. I love the fact that it is very smooth at your touch and also that it fits the phones well and is scratch resistant. This is a great screen protector for every day use but the only thing is that you can see the finger prints after each use. However, you can easily get rid of that by just wiping the screen. Overall, it's a great screen protector.

Super clear screen protector!
This is one of the easiest installations ever!! You don't have to fight the bubbles that occur with some other screen protectors. Plus it has a Lifetime Product Replacement Warranty and an installation video as well as step by step instructions for installation. It is so clear, you don't have any distortion. In fact, you don't even realize it is there!!

That being said I like it this screen cover for that specific purpose
FYI be aware the screen protector covers just that...the screen! You will have to center it very well and need a steady hand.
That being said I like it this screen cover for that specific purpose, I bought a Bumper Case and I will not have to worry about the screen cover edge coming off.

Really great product, Installed easily with no bubbles
Really great product, Installed easily with no bubbles. comes as described above no issues whatsoever. I have some experience installing screen protectors correctly the first time. the sheet itself is barely noticeable on the note 4. Can't go wrong with this product. would buy again

Another great version from Tech Armor.
Fitness nicely, does not take away from the display - very clear. I always recommend Tech Armor, I have used them for years (on 3 of our S3, my S4, and Note 3), great product and outstanding customer service.

It works!
Pretty good Screen protector I guess. Screen still looks vibrant and touch sensitivity is still good. Included tools for installation were helpful.. installed mine with zero dust specs and no bubbles.

The best screen protector ive used ever
The best screen protector ive used ever! !! I messed up the first try but i took it off and re-adjusted it and no air bubbles appeared....amazing !!!!


Technical data

  • Compatible Model(s): Galaxy Note 4 by Samsung
  • Tech Armor is the #1 trusted online resource for screen protection with the industry leading NO-HASSLE LIFETIME WARRANTY.
  • Preserve your resale value- Protect your Galaxy Note 4 screen from scratches, dust and daily wear and tear.
  • Tech Armor TruTouch Flawless Touchscreen Accuracy, made from the highest quality Japanese PET film available.
  • Bubble-free, easy install, and perfect fit- Guaranteed by the Tech Armor No-Hassle Lifetime Replacement Warranty.


Product Description


DID YOU KNOW - A screen full of scratches will lower your resale value!

PRESERVE YOUR INVESTMENT AND MAXIMIZE RESALE VALUE - The Tech Armor HD Clear screen protector pays for itself as your first line of line of defense against scratches that reduce the resale value of your Galaxy Note 4!

No detail has been overlooked with this Best-In-Class product from Tech Armor - industry leader in screen protection.

If you only accept the BEST for your Galaxy Note 4, look no further:

BEST Protection from Scratches

BEST Way to Maximize Resale Value

BEST Bubble Free Installation

BEST Touchscreen Accuracy

BEST Hassle-Free Lifetime Warranty

You may be able to pay for an entire upgrade fee and get a new phone just by keeping your screen in its original, flawless condition with a Tech Armor HD Clear screen protector.

HD Clear will compliment the visuals of your Samsung Amoled display and TruTouch technology provides 99.99% touch accuracy.

COMPATIBILITY: Samsung Galaxy Note 4, All Carriers, All Models

The TECH ARMOR HD Clear Screen Protector Kit Includes:

- Three (3) Screen Protectors

- Installation Instructions

- Smoothing Card

- Microfiber Cloth

- Dust Removal Tape

- Retail Packaging

- Tech Armor Lifetime Replacement Warranty

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