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Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags, 5 Count

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Quick, easy way to sterilize!
I am an exclusive pumper, so every day I pump 6x (and clean the parts every time) and also have to sterilize bottles. It was getting to be a hassle setting up a pot of boiling water every time I wanted to clean pump parts and bottle nipples!! I saw these in the stores and was a little skeptical (also thought they seemed a little pricey) but decided to give them a shot. And I was so happy I did! A little water, two minutes in the microwave, and I have sparkling clean pump parts and bottles. A set of five bags gives you 100 times in the microwave. My son is three months old and I am still on the first set of bags that I bought! Looking back, I feel like I definitely got my money's worth. I would recommend this product for sure.

You still have to clean the parts first...
Which I don't think is a problem, but some people I've talked to and some reviews make it seem like you can just throw the dirty pump parts in and they come out clean. Steam doesn't clean, it just sterilizes. So you do have to first wash with soap and water (or Medela's Quick Clean wipes) and then these bags are very handy for sterilizing. I use these at work because I use two sets of pump parts several times a day and while I do wash them with soap and water, I don't do as good of a job as I would at home. By steam-sterilizing the parts once a day, I feel better at my sub-par washing and the bag folds up nicely in my pump bag to take along. A great product...though I'm a little curious as to what happens after 20 uses. Do they self destruct? Will they start leaching chemicals out? They're just a heavy duty plastic bag and don't seem like they'll fall apart that fast. I wish the manufacturer said WHY not to use them more than 20 times, as I'd be more likely to not just use one until it falls apart.
Edited to say that seven months later, I am still using the same bag at work which is WELL past 20 uses (probably over 100 uses) and the original bag is still holding up fine. It has no leaks, still keeps steam inside while using, and is doing great! I don't know if I just got a really well-manufactured one, but I'd say you can definitely use these more than 20 uses.

The MOST useful item in my Mommy Bag!
Hands down, a terrific time-saving useful item that WORKS! The hospital threw one in w/ the pump we purchased. It took a few days after being home to discover it in our goodie bag, and I wish we had on Day 1. Improved my whole day/night!! Beforehand, I'd stand at the sink, run the water till it got hot (thereby WASTING water), scrub everything by hand with a soapy towel, dry everything off - what a huge hassle that took 20 mins or more!! Why struggle with something like this when there are so many other things to figure out, especially as a new mom?

With these bags, just quickly rinse items to get the milk off, put your bottles, nipples, pump access. or whatever into the bag, dump in 2oz of water and nuke for 1-1/2 min or so (there is a chart on the bag to tell you how long for what wattage microwave - longest is 3 minutes). You CAN'T mess it up! Each bag is good for 20 uses, and there's even a checkbox area to mark each time you've used the bag to help you keep track. Though, I'm guilty of sometimes using one more than 20 times, so far no problems.

1. Takes A LOT less water to clean items, helps conserve.
2. Works quickly & better than washing by hand.
3. Useful for more than pump accessories - nipples, bottles, caps, etc.
4. Items tend to dry faster, air-dry within a minute or so.
5. Leaves you more time to do other things - (enjoy your baby)

These are CHEAP!! Give them a try - if you don't like them, no biggie - but you WILL!

[I would've loved to have gotten these as a shower or new baby gift!]

These bags are fantastic!
We were given a few of these bags at the hospital to try and they are fantastic!!! So easy to use and everything dries really fast. All you have to do is wash the pumping/bottle parts in hot soapy water, rinse and put in bag, add 2oz water, seal bag and put in microwave for 2 mins, then put sterilized items out to dry.

Each bag can be used 20 times and there's space to mark off each use on the bag. You can fit a lot in each bag too. The only down side is the continued cost. We ended up buying an Avent Microwave Sterilizer to save money, but it's definitely not as good as these bags. Not sure why as I would have thought a sterilizer is a sterilizer, but for some reason the parts dry quicker using the Medela micro-steam bags. If we weren't trying to save money I would definitely use these over the Avent sterilizer.

Very convenient
Yep, I was boiling water and waiting forever to get everything done, plus trying to keep an eye on the baby and an eye on the stove. One of my friends told me about it and I don't regret it.

- Saves time
- Can be used for pacifiers as well

With so many things to take care of, I found these bags convenient and time saver. Worth buying.

One edit - I also used these bags to sterilize baby bottles - I have been using the Born Free bottles - since I am breastfeeding I don't use the bottles as often, so this could be a better alternative than some pricey sterilizers out there, but again it depends how often you use the bottles.

Great for getting rid of thrush
My son and I developed thrush (yeast infection), due to a large dose of antibiotics I was given after surgery. I got thrush and due to breastfeeding, I passed it onto my son, who got it in his mouth. It is hard to get rid of thrush, a fungus, because it survives almost everything! These Medela steam bags killed the fungus, and helped us break the cycle of passing it back and forth. I put my breast pump parts, pacifiers, and bottles components in the bag and killed everything! I used three bags at a time, I washed everything in the sink, filled one bag, put it in the microwave and filled another, then put it in the microwave after I took the first bag out and then filled the third bag while the second was in the microwave and the first was cooling down, it was a great system. We got rid of the thrush and my son's pediatrician said that under normal circumstances boiling and sterilizing are not necessary, so I discontinued to use the bags, but once in a while I throw his pacifiers in the bag and nuke the germs!

I nursed my now 4-year-old daughter for almost a year and pumped daily. I hated always having to boil the pump for 20 minutes, which was also tough on the pump's plastic parts, which would yellow until I replaced them. Now I am nursing my 3-month-old son. I was thrilled to find these micro-steam bags! I use them not only to sterilize the pump after each use, but also for bottles. (Though I pump daily, I only occasionally use bottles, so always boiled them, too - this is sooooooo much easier!) I am so glad they came out with this product - it just makes things a lot easier! And it's so inexpensive, too!

love these bags
The micro-steam bags are wonderful. I use them at work and when travelling and they make cleaning/sterilizing so much easier and faster. I use them on my pump parts, bottles, nipples, pacifiers... anything that can be microwaved. Definitely worth the very small price.

Makes life easier for a Mother of Twins
I have newborn twins and bottle feed both of them. I originally bought a Philips Avent 3-in-1 sterilizer, but after one month, it turned the nipples brown, the heat tray started to rust, and it broke (it wouldn't turn on anymore). The Medela Steam Sterilizer bags are quick and easy. I don't have to worry about rinsing and drying the inside or individual parts after each use (like the Philips Avent Sterlizer requires you to do).

After each feeding, I rinse and wash each bottle (I use Dr. Brown's and it has a lot of accessories attached to it), toss them in the bag with 2 oz of tap water, and microwave for 1.5 mins. I then take the bottle and accessories out and put them on my drying rack. It takes less than 5 minutes, and waking up every 3 hours to feed two newborns, I need all the "spare time" I can get. After I take all the bottles/accessories out of the steam bag, I put it upside down in the dishwasher to dry out for the next use.

These bags are also great for traveling. You don't have to lug around the sterilizing machine. And you can always find a microwave somewhere - especially in a hotel or airport.

Easy to teach others to use (like grandma and my husband).

Much more affordable than an expensive sterilizing machine (I bought the Philips Avent for $90). You get much more out of your money using these steam bags.

You can clean bottles/accessories "on demand" instead of waiting to fill up the sterilizing machine or the dishwasher. You minimize the water bill by not using the dishwasher as much.

I have more countertop space (I have very little to begin with) in the kitchen by using these bags and taking away the sterilizing machine.

Excellent product!
These bags are everything they claim to be -- extremely convenient and very effective. I consider them a "must-have" item. I've been pumping twice a day at work for 5+ months and these make it so much easier, not having to scrub all the parts when I'm done -- just rinse, put them in the bag with the required amount of water, microwave for 3 minutes, pour out the water, and it's all ready for the next use. I can leave my pump and parts at work all week, and then just bring it all home on weekends to hand-wash everything. The bags last a long time, too; I've been able to get 20 uses out of each bag, just like they say. My only very minor complaint (actually not so much a complaint, more like a detail to watch out for) is that the steam vent/pour spout is just big enough for a valve membrane to fit through. I found this out when I shook the bag a little to get the excess water out, and a membrane slipped out and landed in the sink, so I had to clean it all over again. But like I said, this is minor compared to the time-saving convenience of this product.


  • Thoroughly disinfects most breast pump accessories, bottles, nipples, pacifiers and cups
  • Steam cleaning eliminates 99.9% of most common bacteria and germs
  • Requires just a microwave and water
  • Each bag can be used up to 20 times
  • Ideal for storing pump parts between pumping sessions


Disinfect your breast pump Breast Shields, accessories, breast milk bottles, nipples, pacifiers and more in about 3 minutes. Steam cleaning eliminates 99.9% of most common bacteria and germs. Part of the quick clean family of products and are great for work, travel and end of day cleaning. Made without BPA safe for mom and baby. All medela breast milk bottles and products that come in contact with breast milk are and always have been made without BPA. 

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