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Wilton Christmas Cookie Shapes Pan

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Quick & Easy - My new way to make cookies!
I was having the same issues as some other users...outsides were cooking longer and the middle sunk in. Then i tried the sugar cookie recipe that came with the cookie sheet and it worked like a charm. Cookies came out evenly cooked and super easy to make. It saves soooo much time rather than doing it with the cutters and they come out perfectly kids loved it! I will def. be getting more of these pans for the other holidays.

Worked perfect for crayons
I didn't buy this for cookies, I bought this to melt down crayons inside to use as stocking stuffers. Each well holds 4 crayons, at 225 for 10 mins, they melt down, and within 10 minutes pop right out. They are detailed and very cute.

Great cookies
I have no idea how anyone can give this pan a bad review. The cookie recipe is amazing and the cookies come out light and chewy every time. I have the christmas and Halloween pan and have never had a problem with either. It's not hard to press the dough into the pan and as long as you spray with cooking spray, the cookies come right out.

Christmas shapes cookie pans
BUY THESE COOKIE SHEETS!!!! Truly takes all the work out of making decorative Christmas cookies. You know how each Christmas season you plan to make dozens and dozens of home made sugar cookies with elaborate decorations. Also you know how every Christmas season you run out of time to dig out the big mixing bowl, the cookie cutters, the rolling pin, etc. With this Wilton Christmas shape cookie pan, you mere mix up the ingredients in a big bowl and grab a handful of batter, smush the batter into the shaped holes in the pan, and bake. You can sprinkle sugars in the empty cavities first and then the cookies are already decorated when they come out of the oven. Or, leave off the sugars and ice the cookies later. It's just a really easy way to make bunches of beautiful, tasty Christmas cookies to brighten that wonderful season! The recipe that comes with the pans is outstanding! I've used it with my cookie cutters even and its very delicious.

easiest pan ever !
Bought 2 pans I just buy premade dough that's precut into 24 split in half and cut baking time to 7 minutes and woolah ! Perfect cookies . I also spray with Pam let sit for a few minutes after baking turn over on wax paper add a few hard taps and they pop right out! For those who don't enjoy baking but want something quick with little kids this is perfect.. best of all no mess and the kids are so excited because you can't mess these up . No more broken cookies ( whoopie pie pans make perfect round cookies )

Love, Love, Love this pan!
My kids are allergic to milk and eggs. In order to make sugar cookies and roll out a vegan cookie dough is always a challenge. I followed the recipe on the back of this pan substituting with vegan margarine and egg replacer. I sprayed the pan lightly with PAM. The cookies came out perfect! They didn't stick and came out of the pan with ease. I am hoping Wilton makes this pan for every occasion!

Great holiday cookie pan!
Great holiday cookie pan! I used Baker's Joy Nonstick Spray before each baking run. That made cookies release easily. My four year old and I had a wonderful time decorating each cookie!

Great pan!
This cookie pan is outstanding! The shapes are great for Christmas cookie giving!! Always looking for something different for gift giving to the neighbors as well as friends.

Great Christmas Cookies!
We made the sugar cookies (recipe on wrapper) and I have to say, they are absolutely delicious! We planned on decorating these, but my entire family agreed they are amazing by themselves. They were such a big hit I had to make an additional batch, and they were my personal favorite for the holidays. Two tips: spray the tray between each batch with cooking spray, wipe off excess. Make sure you aren't filling these too much, when they are done they will still be semi-soft but should fall out right away if you flip the pan over another tray and tap. I bought a second pan and despite them being "Christmas" shapes, I will probably make these year round for myself!

I love this pan
I received the Cookie Shapes pab as a gift and had a paper cover on it showing how cookies could be decorated and there was recipe for sugar cookies on back. That is recipe I use and it works great. I bake these cookies a lot and take to friends houses and they ask for more. Last night I used a choc cookie recipe that was for drop cookies and was for cookies to flatten with greased glass so thought it would work good as I would just be pushing the round portion into the shapes with fingers instead of using a glass. And they turned out amazing. I plan to order one for Christmas shapes and also have one sent to my daughter who bakes a lot. Great gift.


Technical data

  • Includes 12 classic shapes for single-serving holiday cookies and molded desserts
  • 12 cavities, each approximately 2-3/4 by 2-1/4 by -1/4 inch deep


Product Description

So versatile! Includes 12 classic shapes for your single-serving holiday cookies and molded desserts. Easy-release non-stick steel delivers great detail. 12 cavities, each approximately 2¾ x 2¼ x ½ in. deep.

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