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EZOPower Desktop Charging Station with 3 AC Surge Protected Outlets, 3 USB Charging Ports and Built-in Slot Holder - White

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Customer Reviews

Product Reviews

Charger performed well, outlets are well spaced out

Length:: 0:36 Mins

The EZO charging station combines three well spaced AC outlets and three USB ports. This charging station has a 71.5" cord and its size is 5" x 5" x 1.25". In the center of the charging station there is a slot which can be used to hold a tablet or phone. As you can see in my video, it is wide enough to hold my Galaxy tablet with a leather cover on. The AC outlets are spaced out well enough to put two battery chargers next to each other, it can also fit one charger and two regular sized plugs.

To compare how well this charging station chargers devices relative to other chargers I use the same test on all chargers. My methodology is to charge each mobile device on each port of the unit for 10 minutes and measuring how much each unit was charge in that 10 minute period. In addition I tested charging two mobile devices at the same time. Each line in the table below represents a separate 10 minute test.

I use Battery App by Elvison to determine how each device recognized the charging source. 'AC' status means the charging is at full charging rate. 'USB' status indicates charging at a lower charging rate. 'Discharging' status means that the charging rate is below the power that the device is consuming so it slows down the discharge rate but does not re-charge.

➨ Test Results Summary:
The charging station worked with both with iPad Mini and Samsung Galaxy 7.7 tablet. It charged iPad Mini exceptionally fast, and the speed of charging Galaxy Tab was average.

➨ Test Result Details:
✔ Samsung Galaxy 7.7 tablet
Port 1: ~~ AC ~~~~~~ 2% change in charge in 10 minutes
Port 2: ~~ AC ~~~~~~ 2% change in charge in 10 minutes
Port 3: ~~ AC ~~~~~~ 2% change in charge in 10 minutes

✔ iPad Mini tablet
Port 1: ~~ AC ~~~~~~ 6% change in charge in 10 minutes
Port 2: ~~ AC ~~~~~~ 6% change in charge in 10 minutes
Port 3: ~~ AC ~~~~~~ 6% change in charge in 10 minutes

✔ iPad Mini tablet and Samsung Galaxy 7.7 tablet together
Port 2: ~~ AC ~~~~~~ 2% change in charge in 10 minutes (Galaxy Tab)
Port 3: ~~ AC ~~~~~~ 5% change in charge in 10 minutes (iPad Mini)

I received this charging station for testing and review from Ezo. Using the same set of tests on various chargers give me the numbers to compare them in an unbiased way. In addition to good performance, I liked the shape and spacing of the outlets of this charging station.

Ali Julia review

Love this!
I keep mine on the night stand. It takes up very little space and is a great way to keep my iPhone, iPad and Kindle all charged!

Great Charging Station.
Great compact charging station. Easily accessible and can handle charging several electronic items at once without taking up a lot of space.

Really cleans up my desktop
Bought this as a "homer gift" for my wife this Christmas to help clean up all the wires we have on our kitchen desk. We charge one I-pod, one I-pad, two I-phones, a Bluetooth keyboard for the P-pad and a alarm system monitor, a phone and an answering machine. We had a mass of wires and now things are a lot more organized. Bought some cord rollers at Batteries plus and shortened the cords which also helped. All six plugs seem to work with the Apple stuff and we can stand our two I-phones in the big slot and makes the desk even neater. Nice product and excellent service from OnlineShopDealer Prime.

Love It.
I love it. With all the things by my bed, this helps so much. I leave the phone and kindle cords there all the time. My laptop can easily be plugged in when I'm using it there.

Better yet, I gave one to my daughter and her roommates love it too. THey'll probably get one for themselves.

Love this power charger
Perfect for my night stand to charge my phone and ipad. I can also plug lamp into it. Love it!!

Great way to keep things organized while charging.
Just perfect. Nice long power cord. Charges our phones and my Surface too. Not going to run out of outlets. No more having to unplug one of the phones to charge a tablet. The Surface even fits in the slot for phones. Everything on the counter and out of the way.

Perfect clutter solution!
This is a great product.

I was a little hesitant to buy this product after reading a review about the unit making a hum, however that is not true. Unlike my LG cell phone charger this unit is quite.

I saved a little more space on my nightstand and got a cell phone stand also. Less clutter what is there not to like.

After purchasing one the wife liked mine so much had to buy another.

I can think of a few things to better this great product like a built in NFC tag and maybe a adjustable depth for the holder. However both easy fixes, just need to adhere a tag to the device and put something in the slot to higher up the device.

Not taking anything away, this great unit.

practical to use for all electronics
This is great! I use this hub in my office where I keep tablet, phone, and earphones charged but also have the 3 outlets available for laptop and printers, this is great to have up on the desktop right at hand rather than under the desk you have to curl under to use. The 3 usb chargers are not in the way of the outlets you need to power other devices.

Charging Station
This charging station performs exactly as described and I am very pleased with it. I used velcro to attach it to the back of my kitchen cabinet to create a hidden charging space. It easily accommodates multiple phones, a nook, iPad, camera battery chargers, and even a charger for re-chargable batteries. Delivery was fast too.


Technical data

  • EZOPower 3 outlet sockets allow you to plug in minimum 3 devices simultaneously.
  • 3 extra USB port provides additional charging option
  • Built-in slot holds your iPad or tablet at a comfortable reading angle.
  • AC Input: 120V, 12A, 60Hz. Output - 120VAC, 12A, 60Hz, 1440W (Total)
  • UL safety standard certified.


Product Description

The versatile EZOPower desktop space-saving charging station is the perfect solution for charging 6 devices simultaneously via 3 AC sockets and 3 USB ports. Unique design allows charging multiple devices at a single location to avoid clutter. Slot holder designed for hands-free viewing while charging. LED indicators ensure that your devices are grounded and protected while charging. This charging station is ideal for home, office or a professional workstation, you now have additional power with added security of surge protection.

-Charge devices simultaneously through three available AC outlets
-Extra USB ports provides three additional charging options
-Input - 120VAC / 12A / 60Hz
-Output - 120VAC / 12A / 60Hz / 1440W (Total)
-3 USB ports: 2.1A(Total) / 5Vdc
-Built-in slot holder: Length: 5.25inch / Width: .75inch
-Grounded and protected light indicators
-5.50ft three prong power cord
-Dimensions: 5.00in x 5.00in x 1.25in
-Voltage Protection Rating: L-N 400V, L-G 4000V, N-G 400V
-UL safety standard certified.

Compatibility: Cellphones, Smartphones, Tablets, eBook Readers and more

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