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RAVPower® Samsung Galaxy S4 Charger / S IV i9500 Desktop Charging Cradle & Sync Dock (Spare S4 Battery Charger, Detachable Case Plate, Compatible without or with a Slim-Fit Case,Black)

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Works great and can do more than it is intended!
I've had this for around half a year now and it is still going great! Still giving the same quality just like when it came out of the box.

The S4 Dock was pretty Amazing, I mostly used it attached to my desktop tower to charge and transfer data to and from my desktop to phone.
The rubberized back was a very nice touch as it made it feel really nice in the hands. The glossy front gave it a professional look to it.
The extra insert was easily removed and allowed other phones to fit in and charge as well. The dual ports became useful when I needed that extra power but not enough time to charge one battery at a time.
Rubber leggings held the phone stable on my desk. The transfer rate from desktop to pc was fairly fast as well.

My friend was using his Galaxy Nexus and it charged and transfered just fine as well. I expect that any phone that is less wide than the S4 and has a micro usb at the bottom will fit on this dock as well.
It was great that it came with it's own usb wall charger in case I needed an extra to lose on trips. It charged my S4 quite decently fast.

The positioning of the case provides a great view of the phone in case you need to check something real quick. The LED on the dock is quite nice as it indicated if the dock was functioning properly.

With the price and efficiency it provides, it is worth it.

Hope this helps!

Works very well without a case....

Length:: 3:36 Mins

As I said in the video, this charging cradle is made of very nice materials, and it works well when your Galaxy S4 doesn't have a case. There is a piece you can remove in order to be able to fit your cased phone into the cradle, but it is extremely difficult to remove.

After talking with RAVPower support, they told me that you just pull the tab forward to make room for a case. I was trying to pull upwards, but pulling forwards removes the insert very easily.

Can't beat this cradle. Great for Samsung Galaxy S4
I was provided a free sample of this product for my honest review. THIS IS THE TICKET for your Samsung Galaxy S4. Not only will this charging cradle charge your phone but it also has a slot in back to charge an extra battery at the same time. Then not that it is finished it allows you to also at the same time sync your files and media from your phone to your computer via the included usb cord. This truly is a must have if you need extra time to charge your battery, need to sync your files and media easily to your computer, or just need a cradle that will allow you to read and look at your phone comfortably. NOTE: It will only work if you have a slim case on your phone and will not work with an extended battery. I am very impressed with this product and love the ability to do all 3 things at once with this cradle. It takes the worry out of having too many files and media on my phone, and charges the phone and an extra battery at the same time. Love it. Thanks RAVPower.

Great, Handy and Frustration Free
The Samsung Galaxy dock is a great device to have. I tend to check my personal email account on my phone versus being signed into my account on my computer due to the push notification and having the dock just makes things so much easier. The phone is right there and at an angle that is easily viewable, no more having to fumble around to check what new email I got. The other great benefit to having this dock is the ease of synching your phone. The dock is always connected to your computer and comes with everything that is needed to set it up without borrowing any cables and adapters that came with your phone. Just plug your phone into the dock (with the case for your phone or without) and that's it.

Noteable Features:
- Includes the Cradle, USB Cable and AC Adapter
- Great transfer speeds
- Ability to dock your phone with case on
- LEDs to indicate status of dock
- Non Skid pads on the base of the dock
- Keeps phone securely attached when plugged into the dock
- Hard price to beat
- Charging times sames as when using phone supplied adapter

Overall, this is a great device. If you can use this dock with your phone I would suggest looking into getting it. The dock charges your phone, ability to sync your phone and as well as a slot to charge a spare battery if you have one. Just because the convience of it, I give it 5 stars.

Note: One thing to be aware of is the case thickness limitations. If your case is more than 2mm thick then your phone with the case on won't fit in the slot for the dock. This should affect only a handful of cases.

I was supplied a sample for test and evaluation, for free to keep, and I promised that my review is fair and honest.

Sleek design, quick charging, great product!
I got this doc for my S4, and love it. It charges fast, and has a relatively small footprint on my desk. The additional battery charging feature is also very convenient! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a charging station.
The only cons I have for it would be the length of the cord that comes with it, as it is kind of short. However, that is an easy problem to remedy! The other con is that I have to take my case off to fit it into the charger, as I have a thicker case than this one allows for (though I anticipated that problem before purchasing). Otherwise, I am very happy with it!

Great product if your charger cords keeps not working BUY THIS!!!!
I got this a couple months ago after going through tones of charger cords because they all kept bending and fraying and not charging my phone, after looking on line for awhile I saw this and bought it and I Love it makes it so much easier to charger my Galaxy S4, it charges fast and able to use it in the car with just a little velcro strip and it holds the phone still to use navigation or just us the mp3 player.

Looks nice, charges fast
Just what I needed for my new S4. Looks nice, charges fast, and arrived on time. A little tricky getting the S4 stock battery to charge in the back slot, it has to be tilted just right for everything to align, but the extra OEM batteries I bought from Rav fit and charged perfectly. A must-have for your office desk.

Keeps the S4 charged and within easy reach
At my company, we have several Android and iOS devices to test our mobile applications and websites. Keeping multiple devices like this charged can be a hassle, but this RAVPower Desktop Charger at least allows us to charge the Samsung Galaxy S4 in style.

The charger looks great on the desk and keeps the phone at a comfortable position for viewing the screen and any incoming notifications. The included AC charger is appreciated as an open USB port on the computer is hard to come by these days. There is an extra slot to charge a second battery, but unfortunately, I did not have a chance to test this yet.

+ Modern design looks great on the desk.
+ The included AC adapter seems to charge the phone just as fast as the regular charger

- The case we have on the S4 does not seem to fit in the dock, so we must remove the case first.

Overall, this is a great cradle for charging the S4. I hope RAVPower comes out with an iPhone version next! I was provided a sample unit by the manufacturer in exchange for my honest review.

Great for the power user, and very well built for the money!
Ok, so this type of item might not be for everybody, but if you are a power user and like to have your phone displayed nicely while charging then this is an awesome solution!

The build quality is very nice, with a combination of soft touch and glossy plastics. There is space for an extra battery to charge at the same time your phone is charging and indicator LEDs to let you know what's going on.

There is also a sleeve that while in place only allows the "naked" phone to be charged. However, if you remove that sleeve you can charge your phone with a case on it! Now, don't expect this to work with an Otterbox Armor case, but for most slimmer cases you will be fine.

Overall I'd say this is a great solution for someone wanting to be able to charge two batteries at once and have their phone displayed nicely at the same time!

Great addition for my Samsung S4
This is a great addition for my Samsung Galaxy S4. It is multi functional and does not take up a lot of space on my counter.

Its very convenient since you can charge your phone and have a extra slot to charge a extra battery in the rear slot. Also great for syncing data to other devices.

Has a led light that shows when cradle is plugged in(blue), when phone is charging(red) and when phone is fully charged(green) also if you do not insert your phone correctly its lets you know with a flashing light.....

Glossy black finish looks great with any décor...Great price for a duel charging cradle.


Technical data

  • Compatible: Samsung Galaxy S IV / S4 GT-i9500 Android Cell Phone (All Carrier Version, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, Global Unlocked)
  • 3-in-1 Feature: USB Sync and Charge Cradle Desktop Charger with 2nd Battery Charging Slot
  • First slot: Sync and charge phone. Second slot: Charge 2nd battery.
  • Case Compatible design cradle; Sync & Charge either enclosed in a protective case or without
  • Package include Cradle, USB Cable, AC Adapter.Phone & battery not included.


Product Description

RAVPower®- Reliable • Affordable • Value

3-In-1 Features:
Charge phone, synchronize files and media, and charge a 2nd Battery all at the same time.

Charging Slot:

Light will turn blue when corresponding to the AC power supply.
Red light indicates that battery is charging.
Green light indicates battery is fully charged.
Flash Red light indicates battery is not connected well.

Compatible Models:

- Global Version Samsung Galaxy S4/ i9500

- Does not work with the extended battery.
- Not compatible with the protective case over 2mm thick with detachable case plate off. (Otterbox etc.)
- If you unplug the battery from the battery charging slot when the battery is over 80% charged, but less than 100%, you will not be able to re-charge to 100%. But, if you unplug the battery when the battery capacity is not up to 80%, and plug it again it will still charge the battery to the full 100% capacity. This is to prevent the battery from over charging and damaging the battery.
- We recommend you to use the charger over 1A if you would like to charge Battery and Phone at the same time.
- Phone & battery not included.

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