Image for White LIQUID CHALK Marker Pens 4-PACK, 6mm Chisel Tip. Perfect for non-porous Chalkboards, Blackboard, Windows, Signs, Glass, Scrapbooking etc.

Buy White LIQUID CHALK Marker Pens 4-PACK, 6mm Chisel Tip. Perfect for non-porous Chalkboards, Blackboard, Windows, Signs, Glass, Scrapbooking etc.

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White LIQUID CHALK Marker Pens 4-PACK, 6mm Chisel Tip. Perfect for non-porous Chalkboards, Blackboard, Windows, Signs, Glass, Scrapbooking etc.

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Customer Reviews

Great for a home theater. Wireless connections good for presentations, as well.
I currently have the Epson EX7220 mounted from my ceiling (using VideoSecu LCD/DLP Projector Vaulted Ceiling Mount Bracket with 22.4-Inch Extension Pole - Black PJ2B 1C9 ), playing a Blu-ray Disc and projecting on my wall, which is painted eggshell white. Even without the proper screen, this looks gorgeous! The 3000 lumen color makes a difference in your viewing pleasure, for sure. This is replacing another Epson projector that, while very nice, was less than 3000 lumen, and the difference is noticeable.

I generally watch in Eco mode. It's quieter than Normal mode, and while the picture is a little less bright, it's good enough for my home entertainment purposes.

The keystone on this one is a little easier to work with than the Powerlite 1761W, in my opinion, though it doesn't seem as sophisticated. The focus is easy enough to handle manually, too.

On the back there are some nice connectors. I do find it a little strange that the WiFi dongle is mounted outside the projector, while on the Powerlite 1761W it's actually docked inside the projector-- It seems that inside would make more sense for this larger model-- but it's no big deal. The EX7220 is going to live on my ceiling, anyway, and it's not being transported around. The dongle should remain solidly in place with their screw-in locking mechanism.

I plan to go to the fabric store soon to pick up some blackout cloth so I can make a proper screen. This is a far cheaper route than buying one pre-made, and it looks fine as long as you stretch the material tightly.

The WiFi took a little work to set up, but now that I've got it working, it's REALLY cool. I can send pictures, documents, web surfing wirelessly from my iPad (with a free iProjection App). I can do everything short of playing a game or watching a video with the wireless connection from my PC, and if I do want to watch a video or play a game, connecting is easy enough via HDMI or VGA.

Speaking of video games, GTA V looks pretty cool when it's taking up an entire wall. I recommend projectors for gaming, my friends, if you want to be immersed in the activity.

The speaker on the EX7220 is way better (and louder) than the one on the Powerlite series, but I never use it, anyway, as I have this connected to my surround-sound system.

Pretty much anything that outputs HDMI, Component, S-Video, or VGA can be connected to this projector for a great experience. Windows 8 plays nice with it. It doesn't make a lot of noise when running in Eco mode, and the noise isn't bad in Normal mode. The color is brilliant, the controls are easy to learn, the remote control is very responsive and well laid-out, and there's really nothing to complain about here except that some day I'll need to buy a new bulb, but I suspect a new bulb will be cheaper than a new TV would be.

Epson hit this one out of the park. I'd almost say this projector is overkill for presentations and office use. As a home entertainment device, it's brilliant, and I love it.

If you have not bought a projector in the last few years, there does seem to have been some advances. The Epson Ex7220 Wireless projector is brighter and is instant on and off. It hooks up easily and runs with wires, too. I could make the wireless work to show my macbook screen, but it took a while. It comes with a simple protective case, which is a nice bonus. I found the picture quality to be very bright and excellent colors. Even running it on an angle, I could easily adjust to a good image. It is a nice machine.

A good portable solution for presentations, not the best for home theaters.
The Epson EX7220 comes with a carrying bag and a remote with presentation controls (such as page up/down for Powerpoints). It has a max resolution of 1440x900 Pixels (1280x800 native), and the HDTV specs are 720p and 1080i (notice, no 1080p). The aspect ratio is 16:10. There is no vertical or horizontal Lens Shift, but since this is a multimedia (portable) projector, that's not a problem. Lens Shift is really only important when you are installing the projector in one place (typically the ceiling), and don't have a lot of leeway with positioning. There are ceiling mounting holes on the Epson EX7220, but that's not the intended use. In most cases, you'd be setting this up on a desk or a table in a conference room (I've set up many in my corporate office days).

The Throw Distance is 3.6-29.5 feet, and Image Size is 32.7-321.1 inches. To give you an example of the Throw Distance, if you have the projector set up 10' away from the projected wall/screen, your image will be 85" wide and 53" high (100" diagonal, which most TVs are measure by).

The lamp life is between 5000 and 6000 hours (depending on power consumption mode). Speaking of which, I found the unit to be really loud in the normal mode. But when set to ECO, it's much quieter. The only drawback with using ECO is the brightness dims a bit, but not by much. I'd rather have it slightly darker than to be speaking above the noise. The replacement bulb / lamp retails for $99, which isn't bad at all. My old projector (Hitachi PJ-TX100) was $300 and lasted for half as long.

The Color Brightness is amazing. Way better than my BenQ W1070 (which I compared with side by side on a white screen). This is good, especially if you are demonstrating designs that need to look precise. To me, this is the Epson's biggest strength.

The unit comes with a USB cable, Wireless LAN adapter, and VGA cable. Keep in mind that, modern laptops don't have VGA ports anymore, so you'll need to purchase a separate HDMI cable if you are using a newer machine. Also keep in mind that there's only one HDMI port, so if you do intend to use this as a home setup, you won't be able to connect more than one thing at a time (one game system or one DVD/Blu-ray player or one Chromecast / Roku box . . . etc).

Overall, this is a great solution for businesses looking to do presentations on the road. Great price for the amount of brightness and features. If you are looking for a home theater projector, I recommend looking at a unit specifically made for that; you'll be a lot better off in the end.

Great little projector
If you are looking for a decent presentation focused projector, the EX7220 is a pretty good bet.

If you are looking for the best picture for your home theater, while this will be a decent choice, the lack of true 1080p output (WXGA is 1280x800 and the projector's NATIVE resolution, to which all incputs are scaled, up or down, to. So this is closer to 720p) might steer you to another projector.

If your first requirement is a projector for presentations, but you would like to have some movie capability, then this is a great choice.

This may not be the best choice for a travel companion, as it weighs in at just under 9 lbs.


Well, this is easy or as hard as you want to make it. If you just want to put the projector on a table, albeit one closer to the screen than usual, it's bang on simple. If you need to mount it, well, that's a different animal as well and that's the hard part. The projector uses industry standard mounting holes, so you can mount however you would like.

To get this to work, simply plug in the included power cord, plug in your video output of choice (HDMI, S-Video, and VGA connections are available). Set your computer to project mode, and away you go. If you are using this with something other than a computer, I highly recommend the HDMI connection. The analog connections work and look OK, but you get a much clearer picture from HDMI.

Video Quality:

On an 80 inch screen, everything was easily legible and not blurry at all at the native resolution. Scaling up or down via HDMI and the text appears to retain its legibility.

I ran Pacific Rim on Blu Ray through the projector as well. The PS3 reports that the projector can handle 1080p, so I ran the film at 720p first, then 1080p (which the project scales down to native resolutions). It's quite clear and the color brightness is top quality.

Audio quality:

In a word, not good. I mean, for a single speaker solution on a projector, the sound is OK, but probably not enough to really fill a conference room. Definitely not something you'll use in a home theater.

Things to keep in mind:

The projector WXGA native. Other resolutions look OK, but anything other than this is scaled within the projector to that resolution.

There is noise from the projector. If it's not close to you, it's fairly quiet. If you are sitting on top of it, it can be fairly loud. You won't want to put this next to a speaker fun unless you hate the person on the other end of the line.

As a Vine Reviewer, I received a piece of paper in the box that says "check out this website to understand a new industry standard." The new standard is COLOR brightness. Apparently some projectors only rate the white brightness (the normal XXXX lumen). I compared this to an on-hand Dell projector (capable of 720p) and it seems accurate - white on that projector is really bright, everything else? Not so much. It seems like all of the colors coming from this projector are rated to reach the same brightness, and in an A/B test you can really tell the difference. If you have an older projector, it might be time to upgrade.

Final Thoughts:

Great picture. Poor sound. Great color brightness. Overall, for a presentation focused projector, definitely a good choice.

Awesome projector for the price!
Very bright! Great resolution! The wireless on it is great. Fan is quiet. Very flexible how I can just plug a USB drive into it with pictures and it does slideshow itsself. Best projector I've owned yet

Travel Projector - So far so good
I recently ordered this project for Traveling for our training department. Its lightweight and has really good picture quaility. It is typically interfaced with a Dell laptop running windows 7 via HDMI cable. So far so good. Will update after more testing!

but the color and brightness are great. Getting connected from my laptop via USB for ...
I got this to do projection sales in my photo studio. I've just got it set up, but the color and brightness are great. Getting connected from my laptop via USB for images and sound was absolutely easy. It took a little while to figure out the wireless connection, but after a quick call to a very helpful Epson person, it's now working well wirelessly, both for images and sound. The reaction time has a tiny lag from showing on the laptop screen to on the projection screen, but it's very brief and the clients will never know. I'm doing my first sales session later this week, and hope to sell some large prints!

Great projector!
As I don't have a big screen TV, I wanted to get this projector to use with my TV and with my computer to enlarge the picture. I had no idea how incredibly clear and sharp the picture would be with this Epson!! I project onto a wall in my living room, close the curtains, and it is like being in a movie theater for me. I actually enlisted a more tech savvy younger relative to help set it up, but instructions were very clear and complete...I'm a stickler for that. Now my brother wants to borrow it for business meetings! Very happy with this projector, and I seem to be having more visitors lately.....

This projector in my opinion is probably the best name brand projector for the money. It is not 1080p but you can hardly tell the difference unless you sit close to the screen. I use it in my living room and have about a 9 foot diagonal screen with a ps4 and computer hooked up and it is great for movies and games. It is very bright and even looks good with the blinds open during the day

Bright bright bright and colorful
This is a great projector. I am a film producer in Los Angeles and for the price you will not find a better projector anywhere. It works wirelessly and comes with a remote. I bought three of them for a conference and delighted that I did. It's also small and portable.


  • Premium Commercial Chalk Ink for MAXIMUM COVERAGE, Clean Smudge Proof Lines, 6MM Chisel Tip
  • Our White Liquid Chalk Markers are acclaimed for their bold VIBRANT COLOR, our inks REMOVE EASILY, Simply Wet & Wipe. NOT recommended for Chalk Painted Surfaces
  • Our White Chalk Marker pens are perfect for any Non-Porous surface: WINDOWS, blackboard, GLASS, slate CHALKBOARD, whiteboards, MIRRORS etc.
  • Completely Dust Free, our chalk paint markers are ideal for the Office, Café Message Boards, Signs, the Classroom, home crafts - Scrapbooking, your kids crafts & art supplies, organizing and decorating.
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Chalk Art At It's Best!  Whether you're inspiring your Classroom, creating interest in your Cafe Message Boards, Brainstorming ideas in your Workplace, or looking for great art supplies for your home, you'll love this product.


✔ The Professional Series White liquid Chalk marker pens are of the Highest Quality, ensuring Maximum Coverage

✔ 6mm Chisel Tip delivers clean Smudge Proof Lines

✔ Shelf life of 6-12mths - no more one use wonders!

✔ No Dust, no mess, ideal for Allergy & Asthma sufferers and use around computers!

✔ Non-toxic, Odour free, Eco-Friendly & Kids Safe

✔ Erased Easily from non-porous surfaces, (Windows, Glass, Chalkboard, Mirrors...) simply wet & wipe

Why Inspired By Craft's Liquid Chalk? Too often Liquid Chalk markers are watery, translucent in color and can be a nightmare to remove, well no longer! Our Professional Series offers a New Premium Formula ideal for commercial use that has launched Chalk Ink technology to the next level and overcome these problems!

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✔ These chalk paint markers are so awesomely bright, perfect for scrapbooking!!

✔ They're the must have item in the classroom

✔ I can highly recommend these chalkboard markers - we use them in our office for brainstorming on our glass wall, and they are great!

Always test a small area first to ensure your surface is non-porous

*NOT recommended for CHALK PAINTED Surfaces*

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